Glimpse of Your Future (Personal Transition Series, Vol. 1)


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Date of Publication: 1989-07-01

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In an easy-to-understand style, A Glimpse of Your Future describes why you feel a need for something more or something different and how those needs will evolve as we move into the New Age. You will learn...
  • Why you are bombarded by problems.
  • How to work through your subconscious fears.
  • What changes you can expect in the next twenty years.
  • The role of Baby Boomers in the New Age transition.
  • How to access love, joy and pleasure...and why it's important to do so.
  • Why the corporate world, the medical world and the church are undergoing unexpected changes.
  • What the world will be like in the year 4000.




Author Information

An intuitive since birth, Brenda formalized her channeling skills with her internationally noted book, A Glimpse of Your Future. This prophetic classic describes your role in this transition, as well as answers questions such as why baby boomers were instrumental in introducing the New Age and what earth will be like in the year 4000.


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