A Call to Greatness


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Date of Publication: 2009-11-14

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The Exciting, Joyous Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take

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A Call to Greatness, the Exciting, Joyous Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take, is a call for you to step into your own greatness, to let yourself shine out with all the light that is in you, illuminating not only your own life with joy and love, but that of those around you. It is a call for you to be the love that lives within you, for you to go far beyond the definition of success you were taught and into the deep core of love and light that you truly are, to become the full expression of your life's highest purpose, of your soul's deepest passion and intention. Carrie Hart has been sharing her spiritual journey on-line with thousands of readers since 1999. Now she has finally written it all down in this inspirational book, where she guides you step by step into finding the life of joy, love, peace and greatness that you truly deserve. She shares her personal odyssey from non-believer to spiritualist, the wisdom she gained from her experiences as a spiritual messenger to Quado, as an apprentice shaman to Running Wolf, as a Reiki master and as a mystical adventurer. She invites you into the deep, personal relationship she has formed with Jesus. She shares everything she has learned about spirit that she absolutely knows to be true. And foremost among those things is this: "I know, absolutely, that you have within you, right now, exactly as you are, the seeds of true greatness. You have a soul of beauty, love and greatness and the power to truly transform the world."




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I was raised in a non-religious family and for the majority of my life, had no particular interest in spiritual exploration.  Yet spirit came to me, unbidden.


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