Power of Contagious Thinking


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Date of Publication: 2011-05-01

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Wouldn't it be great if instead of catching a nasty cold, we could catch our friend's good mood, or our colleague's healthy habits? You don't need to be on the Internet to be connected. We are all part of interconnected networks, whether we're aware of it or not. Everything you think, say and do can be felt by people on the other side of the world. "The Contagious Power of Thinking" provides astonishing scientific evidence to show how habits, attitudes, emotions and even kindness spread rapidly outwards from person to person through personal contact. Learn the fascinating facts behind: how infants feel their mother's emotions; how more than 25 per cent of your happiness is due to the happiness of your friends; how your brain reads the emotions of others and reproduces the feeling in you; and, how your best friend's sister's hairdresser can make you fat! In this book, David Hamilton explores the amazing implications of this phenomenon and suggests that a small group of committed people really can change the world.




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David R. Hamilton PhD is the bestselling author of 6 books that fuse science, the mind, and spiritual wisdom.


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