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Date of Publication: 1999-10

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Bringing Sacred Shrines into Your Everyday Life

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"The creation of an altar is a sacred act, an act of power and grace. For a few timeless minutes you enter a dimension beyond ordinary reality, where light, sound, and energy merge into an exquisite state of being."

The human urge to create physical sacred centers for our lives is so deep that we often create them unconsciously. Photos on the dresser, personal objects on our desk or around the computer are tangible tokens of our longing for balance and wholeness--and of our attempts to strengthen connections between our loved ones, nature and community, and other great sources of spiritual power.

The internationally acclaimed author of Sacred Space, Denise Linn, speaks directly to this primal need for hallowed and holy places. In Altars, she demonstrates in photos and text how you can further enrich the areas around us at home or in the office by creating unique shrines for personal devotions, intimate centers for healing and contemplation. Beautifully illustrated and thoroughly practical, Altars shows how to

- Create personal altars for prayer and devotion, stillness and listening, loss and mourning, relationships and love, and connecting with the life energy
- Find the right place to install a home shrine, according to the points of the compass and the ancient and honored principles of feng shui
- Select altar objects that are particularly suited to your special needs
- Purify yourself and your altars with incense, prayers, drumming, and chanting
- And much more!

Everyone who yearns to draw near the mysterious and wondrous, to infuse ordinary moments with sacred meaning, will find a great wealth of beauty, inspiration, and wisdom in this unique book.This beautifully written book offers instruction and inspiration to those who want to integrate altars into their daily lives. Author Denise Linn (Sacred Space, Quest, Sacred Legacies) helps readers become more conscious of what they are already unconsciously doing: creating altars in the kitchen corners, on shelves, and in other everyday spaces in their homes. "The urge to create sacred spaces is so deep in the human psyche that, even when there is no formalized intent to make an altar, we often create them subconsciously by the way we gather our photos on a piano, or by the way we carefully arrange objects on a desk or around a computer," Linn writes.

Linn suggests how to create altars with specific events or agendas in mind (i.e., holiday, vacation, or birthday altars filled with symbols of hope for the coming year). She also offers ideas for creating altars that honor new relationships, births, deaths, and other rites of passage. Exquisite color photographs make this a stunning resource for your home and spirit. --Gail Hudson




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