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Date of Publication: 1999-01-09

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A Guide for Creating Your Own Vision Quest

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"Going on a Quest is a powerful way to reclaim a sense of wonder and connection to the earth. It can take the form of a journey into nature for introspection that encourages answers to personal questions that rise from within . . . [or] be as simple as a day of solitude indoors in a specially prepared room."

For centuries, ancient cultures embarked on rites of passage to gain entrance to the spiritual realms and attain self-knowledge. Now international lecturer and healer Denise Linn draws on her Native American roots, as well as the teachings of other cultures, to create a carefully crafted spiritual program for anyone wishing to venture on a retreat or create a uniquely personal Quest of his or her own. This practical, engaging book will show you how to

- Discover your life's purpose
- Find mystery at the core of your life
- Release limiting beliefs about yourself
- Call for a vision
- Harness the power of the Sacred Circle
- Confront and free yourself from fears
- Heal emotional wounds
- Develop peace of mind

This guidebook gives you the necessary tools to prepare for a Vision Quest  that will take you to the center of your soul.Chief Crazy Horse said in 1850, "A very good vision is needed for life, and the man who has it must follow it--as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky." There are times in life when we all need help seeing the "deepest blue," especially in times of crisis or major transitions. In these times of uncertainty, many of us seek the guidance of a higher power. In some Native American cultures this spiritual seeking is known as a "vision quest." Author Denise Linn draws upon her Native American roots, as well as the teachings from other cultures, to offer this practical guide on creating your own vision quest. You are taught how to construct an elaborate journey into nature or how to simply put aside an afternoon of focused solitude. Linn also helps you identify the visions, which may be overlooked by the untrained eye.




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