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Date of Publication: 2005-10-01

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The myth and magic of the Atlantean world has fascinated people for millennia. The spiritually evolved inhabitants of Golden Atlantis revered and honored every aspect of the natural world, recognizing that everyone and everything is part of Source. From this respectful position, they led lives full of grace, compassion, and love for one another.

The positive vibrations of the Atlantean times are captured magnificently and put to use in this new card set from Diana Cooper. They provide insights and inspiration for life and for the spiritual path, highlighting individual strengths and offering encouragement and help for working with weaknesses in the most positive ways.




Author Information

Diana Cooper received an angel visitation during a time of personal crisis, which changed her life. Author of 17 books in over 20 languages, she has inspired thousands of people to fulfil their spiritual potential.  Well known for her work with angels, ascension and the wisdom of Atlantis, she was asked by the unicorns to write her new book The Wonder of Unicorns.


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