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Date of Publication: 2005-08-01

When Doreen Virtue visited Santorini Island in Greece recently, she was contacted by a powerful group of angels calling themselves the "angels of Atlantis." Doreen was then taken on an amazing spiritual adventure, where she uncovered the ancient secrets of the healing temples of the lost civilizations of Atlantis. Doreen found that her previous healing work with the angels, as well as the thousands of case studies of angelic healing that she?d amassed over the years, dovetailed perfectly with the messages from the angels of Atlantis.

Part spiritual adventure story and part reference book, Angel Medicine is a three-part work that relates the exciting story of Doreen?s recovery of memories of Atlantean healing methods along with messages from the Egyptian and Greek prophet and deity Hermes and the angels. The second and third parts of the book reveal the scientific studies, case studies, methods, and charts supporting the importance of love and light in healing.

Whether you want to heal yourself or someone else, you?re sure to gain additional faith and understanding from reading Angel Medicine.



Mariù 14th November 2008 8:14 am

This book is fantastic! Doreen's adventure story through places and atlantean memories is fascinating and I simply couldn't put the book down! I loved following her on these trips in Greece, England etc...I couldn't stop dreaming of those places myself. I especially appreciated all the references to Roman and Greek cultures that were the subjects of my studies for a long time.

In the book, Doreen also provides many healing tools and talks about the healing properties of light, crystal and special foods. Wonderful book! Highly recommended :thumbs:


Author Information

International best-selling author Doreen Virtue is a doctor of psychology and lifelong clairvoyant who has written extensively about angels, psychic development, and mind-body-spirit topics.


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