Awaken Your Indigo Power

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Date of Publication: 2016-11-15

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Harness Your Passion, Fulfill Your Purpose, and Activate Your Innate Spiritual Gifts

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The generation of Indigos—the bright, intuitive, strong-willed children born from the mid-1970s on—are now adults, and they have fresh healing information to teach! Doreen Virtue and her Indigo son Charles Virtue (co-authors of the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards) explain the Indigos’ group purpose of bringing truth and integrity to our planet, and show how this new energy is beneficial to us all.

     You will learn how to:
·         Harness the Indigo intensity for positive healing purposes
·         Overcome fears related to leadership and being authentic
·         Superpower your life by hearing, speaking, and living your inner truth

Doreen and Charles discuss how the new energy that the Indigos have brought to our planet enables all of us to heal physically and emotionally at a faster rate. Whether you’re an Indigo yourself or a parent or caretaker of one, this book will usher into your life new levels of understanding, peace, and purpose.




Author Information

International best-selling author Doreen Virtue is a doctor of psychology and lifelong clairvoyant who has written extensively about angels, psychic development, and mind-body-spirit topics.


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