The Gregg Braden Audio Collection


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Date of Publication: 2004-03-01

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Awakening the Power of Spiritual Technology

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The Gregg Braden Audio Collection brings together for the first time his revolutionary works ? including a bonus CD with all new teachings, available nowhere else. Boxed set includes: ? Beyond Zero Point ? Introduces Gregg Braden's pioneering theory that hidden within the earliest prophecies of the Essenes, Hopis, Egyptians, and others lies a universal and sacred sect of technologies with the capacity to alter the future of civilization. ? The Isaiah Effect ? Bridging new insights into the physics of time with ancient wisdom from the Dead Sea Scrolls, Braden reveals how to harness the awesome potential of both prayer and prophecy to create ?the Isaiah Effect? ? a transformative tool for healing the planet and ourselves. ? The Lost Mode of Prayer ? Through freshly translated texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Braden exposes the inner workings of a potent force for creating profound changes in ourselves and those around us. ? Plus an all-new 60-minute CD on the practice of prayer.




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Gregg Braden, Jonathan Goldman
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Gregg Braden


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