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Date of Publication: 1997

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The Science of Compassion

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Ancient calendars indicate that we are living the completion of a grand cycle of human experience. Within the last years of this cycle, we have been asked to accommodate greater change in less time than at any other point in recorded human history. Our bodies, immune systems and emotions have been challenged to unprecedented levels. At the same time, science is witnessing phenomenon for which there are no reference points of comparison.

Two thousand year old texts remind us that compassion is an accessible state of awareness determining the quality of our well being. Are we witnessing the birth of a new species of human genetically shifting to accommodate this time of change? Recent data demonstrates that compassionate emotion may be our forgotten switch to turn "ON" powerful codes of genetic options.

Following his best selling book, Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation, Gregg Braden explores these and other possibilities in his latest work marrying science, relationships and the ancient messages of compassion.

Presented for the first time:

A step by step guide to the ancient sciences of compassion and blessing

The Essene mysteries of relationship illustrated with case histories and true life accounts

The latest research confirming the role of emotion in our immune response and life giving relationships

The opportunity to redefine hate, fear, separation and the role that they play in your life!

Could our greatest challenges of health, relationship and survival be our way of redefining accepted at some point biological limits in our ancient Memory?




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