Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather


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Date of Publication: 1995-04-01

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Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather is a novel about a young girl, Sara, who learns about life through a wise owl named Solomon.

Readers will understand how they, too, can become the magnificent creators they were born to be and that all really is in divine order ... all really is well.

When Sara comes to this knowing, she asks her wise mentor, Solomon, how ever will I ever explain this to anybody? How will I ever make them understand? And Solomon speaks to all of us as he answers, Sara that is not your work. It is enough, Sweet Girl, that you understand.




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Jerry and Esther Hicks began, in 1986, disclosing their Abraham experience to a handful of close business associates. Then, recognizing the practical results being received by those persons who began plying Abraham with meaningful personal questions regarding their finances, bodily conditions, and relationships, the Hickses made a conscious decision to allow Abraham's teachings to become available to an ever-widening circle of seekers.


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