The Ecstasy of Letting Go


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Date of Publication: 2016-01-01

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Surrender Practices to Empower Your Life
We think "surrender" means defeat-yet Dr. Judith Orloff has learned that surrender is the key to a powerful, effective, joyous way of being. "Surrender allows us to let go of our compulsion to over-think, doubt ourselves, and hold back from our complete experience of living," teaches Dr. Orloff. With The Ecstasy of Letting Go, she presents a practice-based audio to help us apply the insights of her breakthrough bestseller The Ecstasy of Surrender (Random House, 2014) to our everyday lives. Here Dr. Orloff offers essential insights, affirmations, and guided practices to help you learn the art of reading people, attract and surrender to a soul mate, explore the body's divinity through sexuality and the natural world, and ultimately embrace ecstasy.





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