Becoming an Intuitive Healer


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Date of Publication: 2007-03-01

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A Professional Development Course for Health Practitioners

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Doctors, nurses, bodyworkers, and therapists have all felt it at least once--the uncanny "gut instinct" about what's ailing a patient or client. But what if there were a way to consciously tap this intuitive skill and make it a regular part of diagnosis and treatment? For over twenty years, Dr. Judith Orloff has pioneered the use of intuition in health care. With Becoming an Intuitive Healer, she now presents a full-length audio curriculum on the indispensable role of intuition in healing. When Judith Orloff opened her own psychiatric practice in 1983, she had every intention of keeping it traditional. Raised in a family of twenty-five rational-minded physicians and trained in orthodox medicine, she was taught that "visions were for crazy people"--even though she herself frequently had prescient dreams she didn't dare confess. It wasn't until she ignored an intuitive message about a patient's possible suicide attempt and nearly lost her from an overdose that Dr. Orloff determined that her practice was incomplete without the integration of intuition. Here is the culmination of Dr. Orloff's life's work: a complete program of practices to help us cultivate and offer our own intuitive abilities in the service of others. Designed for health-care professionals but accessible to anyone interested in this powerful healing art, this seven-hour course explores ways to tap into the body's subtle energy, intuitive empathy and deep listening, how to protect yourself from the negative energy of others, and much more.