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Date of Publication: 2006-11-06

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Life in the Higher Realms Series - Book Two (Life in the Higher Realms Series)

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There can be no denying that we are in a monumental and exciting spiritual evolutionary process that is rapidly unfolding right before our eyes. With big shake-ups occurring within and without, it can be a challenging task to stay in alignment with our inner and outer worlds. At times it can feel that just when we get comfortable in a very new space, it is again time to move into something new!

We are most certainly "tuning up," but tuning up for what? Staying In Alignment will provide you with a clear snapshot of where we are heading, how we will get there, and what we can do to stay in alignment during this process that at times can create upheavals in our lives.

With sections about Staying In Alignment with self, others, community, the earth, and the cosmos, you will be given the tools and explanations to keep yourself centered, healthy, calm, and in the flow of what these new and higher ways are guiding us into. When we know where we are heading and why we are changing so rapidly, we can then more consciously strive to "fit" into these new and exciting spaces, and therefore, be in alignment with new and higher ways of being.

Karen Bishop, renowned author of the Life in the Higher Realms book series, and a recognized authority on our on-going spiritual evolutionary process, continues to bring you more of the new and higher ways of being and living through Book Two, Staying In Alignment.




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A spiritual writer for over ten years, I have written hundreds of articles about our spiritual evolutionary process, along with ten books about the ascension process, how it unfolded, and how each and every one of us was affected. As a guest on various radio programs, along with my writings, I was been blessed to have thousands of readers worldwide.


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