The Ascension Companion


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Date of Publication: 2006-06-20

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A Book of Comfort for Challenging Times

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Has your life been confusing of late, with many ups and downs? Are things happening for you that don?t seem to make much sense? Do you feel all alone, just hanging out there with no sense of direction? Are you experiencing strange and bizarre feelings, emotions and health situations, for no apparent reason? Do you wonder what everything is really all about?

The Ascension Companion contains within its pages, answers to these questions. Open the book to any page at random, and you will receive a message intended just for you and your current situation. With 33 messages and explanations of what may be occurring for you, you will know that you are right where you need to be and in perfect alignment with your ascension process. Each of the 33 messages contains:

* A detailed description and explanation of a scenario relating to the ascension process.

* An explanation of a higher level way of being that this scenario is supporting you in becoming.

* Suggestions for aligning with the higher energies and the higher realms, supporting you in having a more comfortable ascension experience.




Author Information

A spiritual writer for over ten years, I have written hundreds of articles about our spiritual evolutionary process, along with ten books about the ascension process, how it unfolded, and how each and every one of us was affected. As a guest on various radio programs, along with my writings, I was been blessed to have thousands of readers worldwide.


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