The Ascension Primer


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Date of Publication: 2006-05-08

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Have you been experiencing strange and unidentifiable physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms that leave you wondering if your sanity is intact? Have you found yourself going through rapid transitions with your career, personal relationships, and living situations? Have you experienced an unusual amount of loss of late?

Beginning in the year 2000, we began an intense and rapid process of human and planetary evolution called ascension. Every inhabitant of the planet Earth is now or will shortly be going through this process of raising our human and planetary consciousness, as we begin to arrive in the higher realms, or in a more highly vibrating reality.

The first of the Life In The Higher Realms book series, The Ascension Primer

, clearly explains this process and how it is affecting us. You will learn:

* What ascension is, how and why it began, and what it is creating in our inner and outer worlds. * An explanation of the process and its regular patterns. * How each and every one of us is being affected through a list of 40 ascension symptoms and life changing patterns. * How you can ease the discomforts that ascension creates through a list of tools for comfort. * Indications of reaching the higher realms or a very new reality and way of being that may seem confusing and very different. * What the New World will look like and how you can stay connected during these times when you may feel very alone.

Through the pages of The Ascension Primer

, you will come to know that you are not "losing it," that you are not alone, and that what you are experiencing is a complete and natural process of the divine.



enjoy 11th March 2009 9:44 pm

Absolutely fantastic!
Really validated my experience of ascension.
A great support for ascension.


Author Information

A spiritual writer for over ten years, I have written hundreds of articles about our spiritual evolutionary process, along with ten books about the ascension process, how it unfolded, and how each and every one of us was affected. As a guest on various radio programs, along with my writings, I was been blessed to have thousands of readers worldwide.


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