Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years


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Date of Publication: 2011-05-27

A Direct Path to Enlightened Living

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The Earth is at a precipice; there is a sense of urgency about the world and our place in it. In Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years, author Selacia answers universal questions that are being asked about the future and our role. She addresses these times of great change, prophecies, our future, and the vital role of divine changemakers. Providing a big-picture view, Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years helps you accomplish the following: • Comprehend what the paradigm shift really means for you and everyone on Earth • Understand why this is the most important time you could be alive • Gain a new appreciation of Earth's pivotal years with your own take-action guide • Recognize the new, more heart-centered world in the making • Learn about those known as divine changemakers Through this process of discovery, you will find a new source of inspiration and courage for taking the next steps. Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years communicates practical tools for navigating change and advancing spiritually and describes specific options for powerfully creating a more light-filled world.



musingsofapixie 20th June 2011 7:25 pm

Earth's Pivotal Years is the perfect book for those who are on the spiritual path and those who simply feel there is something different about these times. Selacia's wisdom is clear, direct, and to the point. I have read many books on spirituality, the crash of the financial markets, and books relating to these unusual times on the planet. However, in my experience I have yet to find anything that matches this book. The clarity, specific tools for monitoring personal growth, and the detailed changes in relation to the big picture of evolution on our planet are just a few of the points that make this read extremely unique and powerful.

RoLopez 20th June 2011 9:02 pm

If you are a student of metaphysics, or a person who has never heard that word before, you will want to read Selacia's book, Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years.

Are you worried about the future and wondering why the world is in chaos? Are you concerned about your children? Do you have trouble dealing with the stress in your life? Are you wondering why we have a failing economy? If you want answers to these and other questions in your life, now, Selacia's book is must reading.

Selacia not only helps us understand the chaos of these times, she assists us in navigating today's chaos with less fear. She gives us processes to work with throughout the book, and shows us how to take an active role in making our lives better. Selacia asks us to call on our own intuitive reasoning and to look for that divine spark that resides within all of us to help us out of the chaos in our world.

Is the world coming to an end in 2012? Or does everything we're reading about 2012 simply mean the end of the old-paradigm world and the beginning of a newly enlightened existence?

Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years answers these questions, but also goes way beyond the confines of 2012. Selacia talks about how we can tap into our own divine power, that authentic power that is free of ego, fear, and the need to control.

Aren't you tired of being manipulated and controlled in a world that appears to be going crazy? Selacia explains how we can be connected with our inner spiritual self and learn how to express our own light in the world. I read Selacia's book and I am ready to become a divine changemaker today.

Starrtalk 16th February 2012 4:34 pm

Selecia IS the Earth plane's spiritual guide - gifted with the unique capability of writing this book for a "sliding scale of people." Whether your an "old soul" or newly awakening to the spiritual world and the changes happening on this earth plane, Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years is a wonderful table side book to keep you informed and enlightened.
This manual of enlightenment can provide readers with EXACTLY what they need at any given moment. Just pick up the book and flip to a page and I promise you will be pleasantly surprised and gently comforted by her guidance/support during our transition. Congratulations to Selacia on this wonderful contribution to assisting humanity with spiritual advancement at one of the most transformational times in our evolution.
Love and Light, Leslye
My Little French Friend (Pals Around the World)

kamiyoga 7th August 2012 10:58 am

Earth's Pivotal Years is a comprehensive, step by step guide to our rapidly changing times. Selacia wisely explains how to make the necessary inner changes to create a more positive and loving world, and even how to incorporate the force of spirit into everyday life. All bases are covered here for a healthy and loving evolution. Every chapter is a wealth of information, including the comprehensive glossary.
Are you a Divine Changemaker? Is your priority to live as fully and consciously as you can? Are you taking steps to help create the changes needed? Are you doing the inner work to release old energies?
These, and more questions and concepts will be answered as you read on. This book is a resource book, an exciting read, and a definite keeper!
I strongly and lovingly recommend it for you!

Kamila Schertel, teacher, healer, artist.


Author Information

Selacia is a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers.


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