The Gabriel Messages


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Date of Publication: 2008-08-25

Practical Support for Daily Life from the Archangel Gabriel
Angels can be a paradigm for the process of mind. The Gabriel Messages are an eloquent journey into spirit and a beautiful way to see the world of spirit as it applies to your life. --Lynn Andrews, Best Selling Author of The Medicine Woman series



missvindigo 3rd January 2010 5:45 pm

I love this book! I highly recommend it! It is one of my favorites! :smitten:


Author Information

Shanta Gabriel is a gifted author, teacher and healer.Inspired by her many years study of ancient forms of healing, as well as energy transference received from her master teachers, Shanta's gift is the transmission of divine inspiration into everyday life. She is also the author of The Gabriel Messages. A book of inspired communication from Archangel Gabriel, it ignites the spark of hope in the heart of those seeking peace in their lives provides practical suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance.


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