The Simplicity of Love Meditation


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Date of Publication: 2013-05-20

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Heartfelt Daily Practices for Everyone

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Inside this beautiful and uplifting book, previously published as ‘Awaken the Infinite Breath,’ you will discover:

• 12 Love Meditations
• 3 Ancient Mantras
• Mystical Poetry by Sant Kabir
• The Article "Spirituality in Everyday Life"
• Unique Resources to Motivate your Spiritual Practice

You will also learn about Universalism’s belief that love resides in the soul of everyone regardless of religion or background.

These meditations, mantras and invaluable resources provide remarkable tools for powerful transformation, and, when put into practice regularly, will show clearly their significance within their simplicity.

Inside this book Tony Samara encourages everyone to:

• Make spiritual practice an easy habit,
• Listen for the sacred sound of Love inside of themselves,
• Free ego control by letting go of the struggle,
• Bring more harmony into their inner and outer worlds,
• Move beyond limiting and sabotaging conditioned beliefs,
• Appreciate the beautiful and sometimes surprising gifts that life offers,
• Deepen and enliven their meditation and spiritual practice,
• Be truly loving and joyous.

Whether you are at a crossroads, facing a personal challenge or wishing for fulfillment in every aspect of your life, Tony Samara’s simple advice and guidance will provide you with a lifetime of new practical tools!




Author Information

Tony Samara is a spiritual master and author born in the UK. He teaches with humour, humility and with infinite patience, empowering the individual with courage, trust and inner strength to continue on this journey back into wholeness, a path that leads towards real freedom.


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