Say YES to Love


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Date of Publication: 2003-08

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God Leads Humanity Toward Christ Consciousness

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The Say "Yes" to Love Series of the Messages from God represent the progressive opening of the heart of humanity as documented by Yaël Powell through her thirty year daily communion with God. In GOD LEADS HUMANITY TOWARD CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, we experience the remembrance of our Love for God, and the assurance that our "minds are the incubation chamber of a new consciousness." "You will have no idea how you ever survived life in the old."

These powerful Messages vastly expand our perceptions, leading us to a completely different view of the world in which we live. We now see that everything before us has presented itself in duality, in either/or, in good/bad, in Love and anti-Love. God shifts our consciousness to know that only Love is Real and that duality is an illusion, the creation of our little minds or egos. God is the only cause of anything. Love is the only substance.




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Yael Powell began meditating as part of her ministerial training many years ago. For over thirty years she has had a daily communion with God that she has faithfully recorded. She stands in the tradition of Hildegard von Bingen and other mystics who found God's loving voice through experiences of great suffering transformed into Love.


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