Are You in Nowhere Land?

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel as if you do not belong anywhere. Nothing excites you or brings a sparkle to your being. Everything seems just below the surface of joy and nothing a part of your being. You are adjusting to new you.

We informed you months ago that you would be an observer of your 3D world instead of the participant or participant observer you once were. So it is you are becoming an observer for you no longer feel like participating in most activities – as if the future has not yet arrived and the past is over. You are in nowhere land.

Just as we predicted you would become an observer without any or limited participation in 3D activities, we are predicting you will flower into your new being within days or hours.

Your void is temporary.

Even though you might have new feelings and interests, they do not seem applicable to your current life. So it is you are noting your concerns, even fears. You are in a nowhere land that no one can understand – least of all you.

It feels frightening because there is nothing for you to latch onto with thoughts of, “If I do this, all will be right in my life.” For most of you do not yet know what will make your life right for you.

Such is not true for all. Some of you have moved through this piece to your new comfort zone. Yet, others of you feel as if you will never be comfortable again. For that which once created your comfort zone does no longer and those pieces within you which will create your new comfort zone have not yet materialized.

You feel left out, a slow learner, a 5D failure. Much as you felt in puberty when you did not develop as rapidly as some of your peers. “Will my voice ever deepen? Will my breasts develop?” And on and on as you lost sleep and confidence even though you had no physical control over who you would grow into.

Such is true now. Your physical being is catching up with your NEW reality. For you are now combining several earth lifetimes in one in less time and more direct ways than you or we thought possible.

What you are experiencing now did not seem possible in one lifetime. We of the ethers and you believed such experiences would be developed over several earth lifetimes or in other frequencies.

Even though you were to leave earth before this evolution point, both you and earth shifted more rapidly than any being thought possible before your earth entry in this lifetime.

So you have had to scramble a bit to add new discoveries and paths to your personal development. Unlike what you planned before this life, you, en masse, recently demanded to experience New Earth instead of merely building the bridge for future generations.

Which should not be a surprise to most given that you Baby Boomers have always been belligerent dreaming of and then creating the impossible. So it is you are again remembering your initial 3D vision of changing the world you neglected or forgot for a few decades. The best way to describe new you is “I’m back!!”

Such a statement is not to negate the generations that have come after you Baby Boomers, but instead to give those generations accolades for reigniting the light within the Baby Boomers.

So it is you Baby Boomers are joining forces with other generations to ignite earth, and it’s inhabitants to a new field of love.

Such is not to say that if the Baby Boomers had stopped at building the bridge to the New Age, so would have all New Earth development. But instead, that Baby Boomers are adding to the new light of earth in ways not thought possible before their entrance to earth in this lifetime.

Instead of ending their earth existence or resisting New Earth and all that means as was part of their first assignment, Baby Boomers have decided to cross the New Earth bridge and add their voices and joy to those of following generations.

As a result, you Baby Boomers are likely experiencing a longer void than others, not because you are slow learners, but that you are rapidly creating a new lesson plan for yourself that you did not believe would come to fruition in this lifetime.

As for those of you, not Baby Boomers or not of the void even if you are a Baby Boomer, allow those floundering a bit in this new energy to find their footing – which they will shortly.

For those floundering are combining various life goals at the same time they are adjusting to new energies. A somewhat difficult, but not impossible task as many of you discovers hourly.

Such statements or predictions are not to encourage fright, but instead to allow you to develop at your pace. For those of you not quite within your new being – especially Baby Boomers – have had to rapidly return to your personal drawing board to fold in the expectations of future earth or other dimensional lives with your current life.

Yes, somewhat like baking a chocolate cake to which you decided to add additional flavors or elements. So you purchase more ingredients and determine how much of each of the new ingredients are required to ensure the cake tastes better than would have been true if the cake were pure chocolate.

You are adding to your current being in ways you cannot now imagine for you are likely in the Universal grocery store discovering elements compatible with your current being and adding dimensions you did not expect to add in this lifetime.

Do not fret. All is well with your being and your life despite your fears. There is nothing wrong with you or the earth. Your daring to add new, unexpected dimensions to your being is allowing earth and other beings to evolve at even a faster pace than thought possible by us and you at the end of your 2017 calendar year.

For those of you worrying that your light cannot shine as long as you are adding ingredients/dimensions to your being, we beg to differ. The more ingredients you add, the brighter your light – like the light display of a 40-watt in comparison to a 100-watt bulb.

Even though you might be in a void, that void is right and true for you. So be it. Amen


Sautee 26th March 2018 9:30 am


Sautee 26th March 2018 9:29 am

Thanks for this! I was sitting in a church service yesterday for Palm Sunday, and although I was enjoying the orchestra and the choir, I was thinking, "Man, I just really don't belong here". My next thought was, " I don't belong anywhere!" I had attended a homeowners meeting the day before, which was filled with contentious energy and drama.......I definitely don't belong here. SO, as you can see, your message is spot on for me and gives me courage! I don't know what is holding me back. But, I am so ready for this chapter to end!

Barbara Jean So... 26th March 2018 10:03 am

Hello Dear Brenda and Greetings to you as well, Sautee! Thank you for this message; once again you are stating my exact feelings at this time; wondering what the heck is the matter with me when supposedly all this wonderful Light Energy is influxing to lift us high! I feel low, I feel exactly like you stated above, so thank you for the reassurance. It is still very uncomfortable and not fun or joyful at all right now the last few days or more....I am pleading with my Higher Self to reveal my path to me in a more expanded, knowing way...I don't sense it yet, so am keeping on with daily in-front-of-me to do work. Looking forward is more hopeful than mundane blah feeling of the present!
** Namaste, Blessings and Gratitude **

spiritdiver 26th March 2018 7:20 pm

Hi Brenda,

Thank you!... Sooooo true, all. And just coming out of the eclipse, the energy blast felt last week hit me hard immedately with a heavy 3 day immovable flu called to release and receive these intense light downloads.

Being patient, learning to receive, while as you say ...catching up with your NEW reality, is something I have felt for quite awhile.

So many potentials, so many elements, ingredients/dimensions i know capable of and keep adding too. Somehow it will all come together.

All I know is trust my soul's purpose and plan.

Continue to focus there, instead of on quick fix directions which just burns my energy out.

Stay in acceptance of myself and others (cause they may be going through the same, and also in awareness knowing not their responsibility to solve or rescue me even though at times easy to hope for that).

Finally, this is beyond, way bigger and more dynamic than we could ever imagine, or hope!

When the energy opens to direction, it's super easy flow. When in void, trying to create with push simply just does not feel good, nor works.

kitegirlcoach 26th March 2018 7:33 pm

Me too! I'm definitely pottering around like a zombie. Nothing to say, no opinion though the occasional gripe bubbles up and floats away on the breeze. I know the life path will be really clear when it arrives. Maybe the job hasn't been invented yet? Meanwhile, I've given up being stressed and simply stay curious. Here's a typical 3D question though... how much longer? I feel like I've been in Nowhere land for a long time now.

There has been much discussion on other parts of the internet of a large scale solar flare "Event" on its way which will upgrade earth and humanity, providing clearer sight. Brenda, has your channel mentioned anything about this? It all seems very vague yet, when I was doing all those interviews with a channeller a few years back he only mentioned two things about it. 1) Don't be afraid. 2) My children will take a while to recognise the new me.

curiouser and curiouser...

spiritdiver 26th March 2018 7:57 pm

Please Note: I just realized, Venus is passing through the Uranus-Eris conjunction. A once in 90 year or so occurance I read. Nowhere Land??

In short: Personal Planet Venus (to harmonise) in Aries (energetic and urgent) passing these two huge objects, Uranus (Expansion/ Awaken!), Eris may feel (Disruptive) this aspect could be consciously, intensly felt.

In other words, just as Brenda's generous reading suggests: EarthAngels, "Flounderings OK".

Brenda Hoffman 27th March 2018 5:30 pm

Hi Sautee,
The message is spot on for me also. Interesting times indeed as we prepare our new lesson plans and for me, learning better how to be instead of do.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 27th March 2018 5:33 pm

Hi Barbara Jean,
This too shall pass. Like you, I'm waiting for the shift that will arrive - I'm guessing sooner rather than later. It's kind of odd to become an observer instead of continuing our 3D drama and to remember how to be instead of do - at least for me. But again, this too shall pass just as all our other phases have come and gone.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 27th March 2018 5:35 pm

Dear Spiritdiver,
Amen to your comments especially trying to push our way into another phase.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 27th March 2018 5:41 pm

Dear Annabelle,
I've learned through the years that soon (in channel time) can mean just about anything. So, like you, as much as possible, "I've given up being stressed and simply stay curious." We've moved through the big pieces in record time and with flying colors meaning the same will be true for this piece. We're of the Universes and stars of the Universes. Not too shabby to remember when it feels as if we're not moving forward or even sideways.

I've been reading some pieces about the event also, but haven't received any information about it. It would seem logical though that some sort of breakthrough - like a Universal boil-over, fever-breaker, or something similar to a thunderstorm would clear many pieces for all of us. Time will tell.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 27th March 2018 5:44 pm

Dear Nikos,
I take the opposite view. Many are working through their 3D boogiemen under the bed as we did years or months ago. We, on the other hand, are in a different place, an observer position that does not require us to become enmeshed in the 3D drama as we light the way for those who wish to follow by creating their own path.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Energies,

Brenda Hoffman 5th April 2018 4:13 pm

Hi Spiritdiver,
I don't know enough about astrology to follow your conclusions, but they feel about right for me!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 5th April 2018 4:14 pm

Hi Nikos,
And so it is as we share with and care for one another.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,


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