Burst Into Bloom With This Solstice

Dear Ones,

Many of you feet battered and bruised. That which was a given just a few weeks ago is now in question. Others of you have felt little change in the past few energy bursts. That is to be expected. We wish to address those who have been emotionally traumatized by recent eclipses and energy bursts. Your concern is that this trauma, this chaos is your new you. Not at all. It is you becoming the new you.

Many channels have used the analogy of a seed sprouting from earth to explain why your life seems so chaotic at this time. That is an apt description – for you have no idea who you will be once you are the mature Lightworker you are striving to become. Some of you believe that since you have not experienced chaos recently you must be a better or more mature Lightworker than is true for those who are in the midst of it. Such is partially true.

Some of you are postponing your chaos until you feel more comfortable doing so. Others of you may never experience it. Not because you are better or more rapid learners than other Lightworkers, but because you have decided to plant your being where you are physically, emotionally and spiritually OR you have not yet felt the need to move through your heaviest issues.

It is perfectly correct to plant your being or to postpone your chaos. But the Lightworkers we are directing our message to today have done neither. They are in the midst of their storm. They are feeling the emotions of others, as well as exploring their deepest secrets. None of which is pleasant, but all of which needs to be explored before fully moving into the 5th dimension.

Some of you reading this blog are not that interested in moving beyond the 4th dimension, ascending or becoming part of the new earth. That is well and good. It is not that you are interested in remaining in the 3rd dimension, the old earth – but that you feel comfortable where you are.

For indeed, those of you who are not experiencing chaos at this time are comfortable where you are – you are in an ongoing respite. While those of you pushing yourselves beyond the 4th dimension, are probably not at all comfortable. You may have recently had hours and days that have a felt as a respite – but certainly not weeks.

Again, we are not stating that some of you are more advanced than others. You are all Lightworkers – just with different roles and interests. Those of you now in chaos will soon sense a feeling of peace and well-being.

Returning to the seed analogy, you will burst through the soil to find a loving sun and adequate nutrition to display your beautiful flower. You will stand tall and proud of all you have accomplished. And then you will nurture those hidden in the soil, too afraid to pop through – those in the midst of or contemplating their chaos.

The end product of your current chaos is to find your sun. This summer solstice will provide the push you need for your flower to display its beauty. For those of you concerned about the longevity of your flower – our plant analogy stops with your bloom. Consider yourself  an “endless bloom” not an “endless summer” bloom.

What will happen to your being in December of this year? There are so many shifts occurring between now and then that there is no need or space to outline all of them. Again, think in terms of a flower. Perhaps butterflies, worms, rodents, humans, bees all find a flower perfect. Each of which has different expectations with different results. All point to the flower’s importance, but different aspects of the flower at different times.

so it will be for you. Perhaps your big role will be to walk someone across the street only to realize you have saved their life. Or maybe to move to a neighborhood to uplift the spirits of your new neighbors or to become internationally famous. Of course, one person could perform all those functions and many will. For just like the flower, your being will represent many things to many entities – not the least of which will be your perspective about this chaotic time. You are the first to burst through the soil.

Do you not suppose that at some point in your earth history, a bee found a particular flower sweeter than others and directed the bees in its hives to that type of flower? And then did not the DNA shift within bees so future generations knew that such a flower was perfect for their needs?

So it is for you. You will perform your role perfectly by being you. Your chaos is temporary, but necessary to clear out latent, deep-seated Old Age beliefs and fears. Which is no different from a seed hiding in the dark soil for weeks before it pops through to the glorious sun and the role it was to perform for nature, humanity and the world. For indeed, one or two flowers missing from earth would not make much difference. But if all the flowers disappeared, your world would not be as beautiful or self-contained.

Each flower plays an important role, as does each Lightworker. Seeds do not necessarily know what role they are to play, they merely know their piece during the growth process. And so it is for many of you. Perhaps you feel as if you are buried so deeply in soil you will never bloom. We beg to differ. Allow the rays of this solstice to renew your being and encourage you to burst from the chaos into the sunlight.

So be it. Amen



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Brenda Hoffman

An intuitive since birth, Brenda formalized her channeling skills with her internationally noted book, A Glimpse of Your Future. This prophetic classic describes your role in this transition, as well as answers questions such as why baby boomers were instrumental in introducing the New Age and what earth will be like in the year 4000.

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