Chutes and Ladders

Dear Ones,

You want to be or do something new, but you do not yet know what that something is – so your days seem to drag, to be lifeless.

This feeling is similar to what you felt in early puberty before you were allowed to date or drive. You wanted to rush into adulthood before you were physically prepared to do so.

So it is now. Those feelings of, “I’m ready, what’s taking so long?” are becoming almost overwhelming. You test this or that new activity or philosophy, hoping against hope that doing so will move you into the Universal maturity for which you pine.

You are in one of those frustrating ‘wait and see’ phases – not necessarily enjoying your old life and not yet fully creating your new life.

You know love and joy are to come for you have seen them often in your mind’s eye, but neither seems to be a large part of your life now. Just as was true in early puberty stages when you yearned to experience the romantic love touted by your media.

You knew what you wanted in puberty, but not how to get there for your physicality could not yet connect the pieces. There were times during that early puberty stage when you were certain you would never experience anything but boredom, fear, and drudgery – much as you are likely feeling now.

Even though your early puberty required years of patience and frustration, the same is not true now for neither you nor the Universes wish to ponder, dream, fear, or agonize for years. All will shift in a flash.

You activated pieces within you that neither you nor we thought possible in one lifetime. So it is you will enjoy new you in New Earth in this lifetime. This early puberty new you stage will terminate in days or weeks instead of years.

You are evolving more rapidly than has been your pace until now. So do not fret if you have minor aches and pains. Or feel disinterested in life or new you. Or you are a bit edgy with those you love. You are evolving so rapidly that you are no longer, if you will, in control of your being. Which is little different from what was true throughout puberty, particularly the early stages when you displayed both child-like and adult characteristics – often within minutes.

In 3D, you were comfortable with the self-control you were trained to project and protect. Even though someone made you angry, you smiled and said the right thing. Or if you were sad or worried, you pretended you were not. You controlled your emotions for most of your 3D life – with the exception of early childhood – resulting in many of your 3D illnesses.

That control is rapidly falling away – which in itself is frightening for control is a key component of your 3D world. At the same time, your current inability to ‘curb your tongue’ or your actions are terrifying for you do not yet understand what personal freedom means. Even though that characteristic, that personal freedom, is moving you astray in your 3D world, it is encouraging you to be you in your new 5D or beyond world.

“Who are you?” is the question of the day, week, and the next few months. And so it is that you will try out several yous determining who new you is. Which is little different from infants and toddlers before they are trained to do and say the right thing.

You might blurt out something you had no idea you were going to say. Or decide not to participate in an activity you once loved. Or not feel like doing anything for everything seems uninteresting – and yet you are bored.

Again, this is a short-lived en masse forerunner phase. You are not alone, and you will not eliminate all previous ties. You will likely feel testy and perhaps sound and act the same, but not enough to isolate yourself until this phase passes.

Allow yourself this growth spurt for that is what it is. Not a life-threatening activity, but instead a life-growing activity. Something you will refer to with humor in the not-too-distant future, even though you might be a bit uncomfortable the next few days or weeks.

Perhaps you believe you know enough to ‘fake it’ through these next few days or weeks. Unfortunately, such is not true. For if you deny this new you, you will feel extremely uncomfortable maybe even to the point of a short-term disease like a cold or the flu.

Such is not in punishment from us, but instead a constant reminder to you that you are testing various forms of new you to discover the place or grouping that is most comfortable.

Think of this phase as similar to looking for a new dress or business suit. It is likely you would try numerous items before the right outfit was discovered. So it is for you now. You might say something that feels right today, but not tomorrow. Or you might agree to an activity today with great excitement that you dread tomorrow.

Allow yourself to flit in and out of activities, voices, and actions knowing you are selecting those parts most appropriate for new you and your role in New Earth. You will not be the same entity you were last month when you finalize the selection of the majority of your segments attributes. But then, you did not enter the earth in this lifetime to remain the 3D you that you were once so comfortable being.

You are going to stretch yourself as are all other forerunners. It is a time of personality shifts that you forerunners are modeling for all who follow. So be it. Amen.



spiritdiver 24th October 2017 12:51 pm

'.. . control of your being'. as you say Nope, that is not possible. And in my feelings it is the same. Right now they are bigger than me, and spring up in a moment and then strangely knowing they are there from the past to clear... They go down. Brenda I so agree with the timing and content of your message.

No time (to plan, for plans) staying in a state of Flux, yet constant changes in and all around me. I shift b/c i cannot keep up. No choice but to let go. From there.. So many potentials arise, new opportunities, I could never have planned for. No sense in trying to control, simply be! It's really quite an exciting ride. But a bit tiring at moments these big shifts too.

Today is one of those days. So much movement over the last (constant) that now aches and pains in full lie down to soak up mode. Cannot move at all today, but knowing that right on time, and all A-ok. :buck2:

Brenda Hoffman 24th October 2017 9:32 pm

Dear Spiritdiver,
I agree that the waves seem overwhelming at times. Sometimes I wonder how we manage to cope with the newness inside of us, as well as the chaos outside - until we do and then look forward to the next big wave. Courageous, outrageous, sparkling, expanding, loving beings that we are.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Self-love Sparkles,

kitegirlcoach 25th October 2017 12:34 am

I read your posts every week Brenda and this is the first in a while that perfectly matches where I am at. I joined a coaching group to find my motivation again, then find I sit there like I'm on Prozac or something (I am guessing what that's like) detached, disinterested, lacking emotion, slightly embarrassed I have nothing to contribute to the conversation. Feels like I've been in this phase for a few weeks now.

It's certainly better than being anxious about having no direction but, very hard not to get impatient. grr

Brenda Hoffman 25th October 2017 4:02 pm

Hi Annabelle,
Oh, that impatient feeling. We've all been there as we transition from one phase to another. I think of this time as one of those astrological voids of course - nothing seems to be happening and yet tons of activity is happening within.

My dreams are vivid, my tongue a bit sharp and my interest in interacting with a lot of people minimal, allowing me to acknowledge to myself that I'm in that early puberty stage and soon I'll be 'driving a car' or yet a better descriptor, dancing down my path of maturity.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Self-love, Self-acceptance Sparkles,

marthawilson710 28th November 2017 1:51 am

Thank you so much for this message. It's very comforting (as all your messages are!) Exactly what I needed to hear..


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