Flipped Power Pyramid

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you worry that you are not good enough. That even though others are transitioning, you cannot love enough to do so. 

Of course, such is not true, because you would not be reading these words or worrying about your transition if you were not transitioning – on time and in the most correct way for you.

Some claim to have your transition key. That if you follow their dictates, music, chants, or other activities, you will be saved or on the right path. Indicating if you do not follow their lead, your transition will take longer, be more difficult, or not possible. 

Nothing, absolutely nothing, could be further from your truth.

You are transitioning exactly as you wish and need to transition. Granted, there are a few pieces that you could adapt from others. But those pieces are so minimal as not to be of concern.

When following the lead of others, you are giving away your power to find and travel your unique path. Even though this transition is global – touching upon Universal – it is your personal transition. One that does not require 3D leadership from the top down – or in visual terms, a pyramid of leadership.

The new earth leadership – if it can be labeled leadership – has become an upside-down pyramid. A format in which individuality and uniqueness reign. 

Others can provide you with a broad direction for finding your unique path, but they cannot inform you of much more. Their input is that you have a path to find – not what that path is or how you will discover it.

Perhaps that last concept is a bit confusing, given you are most comfortable with a 3D someone telling you what to do and when to do it. ThreeD interactions no longer apply to you or anyone else.

If you are concerned that you are not skilled enough to discover your path, it is time for you to reassess new you in this new earth.

You are no longer a follower.

You can access information from others, but how you apply that information, is your passion, your role. There are a number of beings who insinuate that without their knowledge or implementing their ideas, you will not transition. That is absolutely not true.

The power pyramid has flipped, and anyone suggesting they are the leader of anything has not yet internalized that new truth.

You most certainly will share information, just as butterflies might share information about food sources. But butterflies do not interject knowledge of how to obtain nutrients from those food sources or what to do with those sources once they have been tapped. In essence, butterflies share source information without shoulds or have tos, just as you are learning to do now.

How will this topsy-turvy pyramid structure play out in the business world or the family? Such will happen with much initial confusion until comfort is achieved. So instead of an employer telling you how to complete a specific job step-by-intricate-step, that employer might give you an understanding of an acceptable end-product and allow you to determine how to achieve that end-product or something better. 

Even though that much personal freedom seems counter-productive now, such freedom was partially given to the lower classes before the industrial revolution. The upright pyramid was in place before the industrial revolution in Europe, but it was practiced in broader terms. The ruling gentry and religious leaders established the resources they expected to receive from those within their power, but how those crops were harvested, or fabric produced, etc., was the purview of those creating those resources.

So it is humans have successfully experienced a partial upside-down pyramid without dramatic changes to their world.

The difference now is those at the very top of the pyramid are losing control. No or extremely limited leadership is the new piece you are adapting to within new you and your new world. 

Even though you might accept advice, you are becoming averse to answers from others because they cannot feel what you feel, nor do they have similar needs.

You are gloriously your own unique entity with maybe a little help from your friends. Friends who do not dictate, but might provide unique ideas that help you create your best life. So be it. Amen.


Sally Jo 14th December 2022 1:56 pm

Merry Christmas Brenda.
Thank you for this message as we can see the youth bringing this new way in. Especially in the labor force.
Thanking you for your dedication in bringing messages to us in 2022. Your insight is a gift every week.
Blessings to you in 2023.

sharasende 21st February 2023 4:38 am

Thank you for bringing me this article with positive energy, I believe it will be a great source of subway surfers motivation for everyone.


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