Growing into Universal Adults

Dear Ones,

All is in upheaval. You are seemingly pulled this way and pushed another. Such is to be expected when you are at this transition point. For you are making decisions second by second how you wish to proceed.

When you were climbing your mountain of pain, your focus was clearing your fears. Even though rolling down your hill to joy was slowed with bumps, stops, and starts – you knew you were rolling to joy.

Now that you are of 5D, your focus is no longer one or even two goals. You wish to create your earth dream, live a peaceful life,  explore new frequencies, time travel and visit other dimensions – all at the same time.

Creating fears within that you have not done enough or are not skilled. A fear that has concerned you since your transition in this lifetime began. “What if I’m not powerful enough to follow through with my promise to myself and the Universes before birth in this lifetime?  If I flunk this test, am I a god/goddess or merely an earth being with dreams and wishes? What if I’m a fake as is this transition?”

Even though such fears are not true, those thoughts are your current stumbling blocks – that you cannot achieve your Universal dream of shifting earth and its beings from fear to love.

Indicators that you are failing abound – from your seeming inability to create your earth dream to happenings in the world that scream fear and anger instead of love.

You cannot see the big picture evident to those of us in other dimensions. In a sense, you cannot see the ‘forest for the trees.’

Have you ever planted seedlings that seemed to resist growth? Then one day, you awoke to discover those seedlings had become young plants. And given a bit more time, those young plants bore fruit or flowers. So it is for some of you now.

You are impatiently waiting to observe your seedlings growth. Others, for your young plants to grow. And still others, for your plants to bear fruit or flowers. But there is little you can do to speed up that growth – your plant requires time.

Your love seedlings are planted in good soil with adequate moisture and energy from the sun. It is merely a matter of waiting until your plants flower or bear fruit. But as is true for many teenagers, the time required to reveal that fruit or flower is almost unbearable. You are young Universal adults so you want it NOW.

Such is not to be for many of you for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is that the earth and its inhabitants are not quite ready for that type of instant growth right now.

You, of the earth, are progressing more rapidly than expected. Just as in puberty, some of you developed more rapidly than your parents expected. But that rapid development in puberty did not necessarily shift your ability to live without parental/adult direction. Do you remember the times as a teenager you gambled with your life by being a passenger in automobiles driven by intoxicated, distracted or daredevil drivers – something you would not tolerate now?

So it is you want everything NOW. You have suffered the pangs of removing your key fears. You have suffered not knowing why or where you were transitioning. And now you feel you deserve your reward(s).

And why were you prompted by us to believe your earth dream would be created by now?

Some of you created your earth dream. Others of you are just beginning. Still others are in the final stages. Allow yourself and earth to work in cooperation with this phase. For if every one of you created your earth dream at one time, would not others who do not yet understand the workings of this transition become jealous – perhaps even unruly?

Such is becoming more and more evident on the earth at this moment. The haves and have-nots are sharing their anger – only to have it dissipate in the near future as in your phrase, ‘Everything is coming to a head.’

That  explanation means little to you now. But it will. So it is those of you anxious about not yet creating your earth dream are discovering pieces of it here and there as you shift into that frequency. The energies of the past few and next few days are for those of you who wish to grasp extra energy to push you over the top.

For as more of you claim your new adulthood via your earth dream, you will discover a focus that has not been part of you the past few weeks. You most likely focused on your earth dream UNTIL the energies of this new year pushed you hither and yon.

A bit like being in a candy store and having difficulties deciding which candy would give you the most pleasure. That indecision of wanting it all will continue for a bit of time for you have expanded your knowingness beyond your earth dream.

If you had created your earth dream by or very near the end of 2015, you would have progressed to other phases easily and effortlessly. Those of you who have not yet done so are feeling as if you are taking a make-up test in addition to your heavy class load.

As usual, you Lightshifters have created a more difficult journey for yourselves than required. You mavericks have said to yourself, “I wonder if I can do this AND this? How fun to prove that I’m strong enough to do so.” Like driving in a snowstorm to prove that you are brave even though weather advisories indicate you should not be on that road.

You are a brave, courageous group that loves to take chances and live on the edge. So it is you have delayed your earth dream phase to determine if you are brave and strong enough to do it all at once.

And so it is you are being sent additional energies the next few days by your Universal assistants as they smile in glee at your bravery and foolhardiness. You are indeed a blessed group of beings who constantly amaze and amuse us as you grow into Universal adults within your earth environment. So be it. Amen.



debs go lightly 15th March 2016 4:34 pm

Hi Brenda :) "All is in upheaval" it sure is...! I don't remember asking for the "extra energy" but oh whoa it's a big download! My aches and pains have aches and pains, my hair hurts.. Big love to others who are searing through this too :) I like the puberty comparison, it's a crazy growth spurt and the dream thing went on hold, little 3D me panicked and BIG me had to yell out to the ethers for help - gratefully received, thank you my angelic partners in craziness.

We "are progressing more rapidly than expected" YAY!! This is a cause for celebration. Typically for wayshowers we bit off a really big chunk because we like a challenge, that's why we're wayshowers! We are crazy energy surfers and Universal bungee jumpers, cosmic ice skaters. So why do I panic and complain? silly me, don't forget who you are, who I AM.

Lots of love and golden sparkles from Debs (going to lie down now...) xx

Brenda Hoffman 15th March 2016 6:09 pm

Hi Debs,
I love your line, "My aches and pains have aches and pains, my hair hurts." We're 'Universal bungee jumpers' to the tenth degree for sure!!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,
PS Going to read one of those history books now!!!!!!!!

Liza Elliott 16th March 2016 8:59 am

"Some of you created your earth dream. Others of you are just beginning. Still others are in the final stages."

So true! and from our individual perspectives, we all see things uniquely and in the way that we need to in order to learn and grow. Each one of us is "correct" from where we stand. . . though where we stand in "our positions" will change as we continue to evolve.

"Patience is natural to those who trust." ~ A Course in Miracles

No matter how it looks on the surface, "All is well". :)

Brenda Hoffman 16th March 2016 4:09 pm

Hi Liza,
It's taking us awhile (how long ago was A Course in Miracles published??? but we're getting there - "Patience is natural to those who trust." More rapidly than we thought possible before birth and less rapidly than we would like now that we are of the earth.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

Liza Elliott 16th March 2016 7:19 pm

Hi Brenda,
A Course in Miracles was started in 1965, published in 1976 by the Foundation for Inner Peace, channelled Jesus, through Helen Schucman a highly academic atheist (you can imagine her surprise! LOL!). A very structured year-long program to reverse one's perceptions of the world from anger and fear to forgiveness and Love. So the energy was certainly different at the time it came out, as well as the audience. I think as with any way of perceiving reality, Truths are Truths and people who are drawn to it, are simply drawn to it, even today. (I have completed it 3 times which sort of implies to me that I am a slow learner! LOL!)
It's my orientation rather than a statement that all people should be patient and trust easily. As your channel said in essence, everyone is in a different place and there is an order and beauty to that. "Patience is natural to those who trust." makes sense to me from a source I know as Truth, to say that if you aren't feeling patient then you aren't trusting. It really is okay to trust.

Happily, sparkles make everything easier! And more fun!

Liza Elliott 17th March 2016 12:03 am

"How long ago was A Course in Miracles published???" That was a rhetorical question. . . wasn't it!?! :)

Enough said! LOL!

Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles!

Brenda Hoffman 17th March 2016 12:04 pm

Oh, Liza, you make me laugh. Yes, how long ago was it published????

I read A Course in Miracles the summer of 1990 plus Helen Shucman's bio. You're so correct in that patience isn't mandatory or even necessary - it just helps in these voids. And also, that Universal truth is Universal truth. Helen was most definitely among the first courageous Light Blazers.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

gretchendreisbach 18th March 2016 10:44 am



I know that WE have gone through this before, but I will STILL hold it down on My Place on the Crystal Grid,
where St. Paul meets Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., over My Beloved Mississippi River!

Jeshua Most Precious told us so long ago "Be Prepared to Be Amazed!", that it almost seems like a whisper


It is Universe's job to weave the tapestry, it was OUR job to be a Golden Thread, and WE DID OUR JOB WELL!

I would SO enjoy skipping over My Beloved River Friend with a Human Friend, but I AM Most Grateful for My Eagle Friends,
who have been enjoying these energies with GLEE!

Come Out Come Out where ever you are! IT IS TIME TO PLAY!


Gretchen Grace Dreisbach

Brenda Hoffman 18th March 2016 4:19 pm

Hi Gretchen,
Making play dates. Perfect for this month's energy bursts. As you said, "We've been here before." but this month feels pretty darn dramatic for many - including me. Play time is the perfect medicine. Thank you for the fun invite as we weave in and out of our new Universal tapestry with our golden threads!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

gretchendreisbach 20th March 2016 1:41 pm

Happy Equinox Everyone!

Even though we received the prompt an entire year ago, I do believe THAT THE DAWN HAS FINALLY BROKEN!

As the Essenes had Beloved Jeshua's back behind the scenes, WE have had The Entire Human Race's back behind the scenes,
and Family has had OUR back behind the scenes! (I believe)

There needs to be a new word created for MIRACLE, because what we HAVE accomplished is EVEN BIGGER THAN A MIRACLE!

Soon the dormant Pyramids will be turned on again I believe, and WE played a part in restoring that circuitry!


Thank you Most Precious Nikos for Your gift, You are such a Dear and Tender Soul, that where ever Your place may be in the World,
I know that it is illuminated with Your Light! :)

Love to us All on Our Most Sacred Journeys into Heaven on Earth Planet!


Brenda Hoffman 21st March 2016 12:33 pm

Hi Nikos,
The song and video remind me of the times and music of my 20s. Thank you for the wonderful memory reminder - and video.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 21st March 2016 2:31 pm

Hi Gretchen,
I agree - "There needs to be a new word created for MIRACLE, because what we HAVE accomplished is EVEN BIGGER THAN A MIRACLE!" And to quote the Carpenters, I think "we have just begun." That as we evolve, we'll discover that what we view with amazement now will be ho-hum in just months. "STANDING OVATION FOR US!!! Over and over and over again!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,


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