Happy Creation Holidays and Ever After to You!

Dear Ones,

Yet another amazing transformation is taking place throughout the land assisted by the feelings of goodwill and cheer common this time of year. You hope that your life has shifted so dramatically that anything is possible. Happy Holidays to you – anything is possible! Many of you reading this will think of a personal trauma or some earth chaos which surely indicates that such is not true. We will reiterate – anything is now possible.

What does such a thought mean for you? Whatever you wish. If you wish to remain in the muck of despair and disbelief, you will. If you wish to believe that you are your own genie in a bottle – you are. Anything is now possible. You merely have to direct your intentions and thoughts to that belief – the knowingness that you are your own genie – and your life will be so.

You have been “inching” towards this period for many years. You arrived on earth in this lifetime for this transition. The almost unbelievable truth that what you wish for can be yours. Your immediate question probably is, “How soon will your wonderous thoughts materialize into reality?” Again, we will state that you are your own genie in a bottle.

This time, this solstice/eclipse shift is of almost unbelievable proportions. We cannot stress enough how wonderous the rest of your time on earth could be. Please note, we did not say will be, but could be. For indeed, most of you reading these materials wish for it to be so, but have difficulties believing that it is so.

Your key “work” in the next few months as trail blazers and scout masters is to create the life you are dreaming of and to share that joy of creation with others. Now you understand what your role as trail blazer truly is. You are to create your dreams and thereby, give hope to the pioneers who wish to follow. But not everyone on earth will wish to do so. There will be a number who will wish to remain in the muck and mire.

You baby boomers were the bridge builders to the New Age, the bridge that your children will walk across and your grandchildren will blow up. Even though this transition is available now, not everyone will choose to access it in this lifetime. Each of you now on earth have a unique role to play in this transition. Those of you reading these materials are the trail blazers, scout masters and wagon train leaders of the New Age – you will cross the bridge you built.

Some of your friends and relatives will opt out of your new dream world. They will make fun of your belief in your ability to create what you wish, when you wish to create it. They will watch in wonder as it comes true. But their ongoing thought will be that you are lucky, not that you are a creator. They will be too frightened to test it out for themselves.

What if they find that they are not as powerful as you? What if they create something they do not like? What if they alienate themselves from those they love because of jealousy or shame? What if? What if? What if? All thoughts that will stop them from believing and therefore, creating. But then in all likelihood, they did not opt to even “see” the bridge in this lifetime.

You are all powerful creators and always have been. You have merely hidden that knowledge from yourself for eons. The shifts of the past few months have lifted the veils of that knowledge and have provided you with new and more powerful creation skills.

But these creation skills are only viable if you believe they are; and if you are not afraid of change, of a new life. Our holiday present to you is reminding you of your creation skills and encouraging you to test your abilities.

What do you want more than anything right now? Write it down with a date of completion. Then forget about it, other than it will occur. Which is no different from saving money to buy a new car and deciding when you will buy it. You believe that pieces of paper or a plastic card will purchase what you what, when you want it given (most times!) that you have saved the financial resources to do so.

Your new creation skills are no different. You have “banked” your creation skills for eons and received new ones in the last few months. Create that dream or those dreams with your creation skills.

Some of you may be a bit too frightened to test your new skills on a big object. That is fine. Create a new pencil or create a new home. The skills are the same. It is just a matter of belief – belief in yourself and your new and enhanced creation skills.

Happy Creation Holidays and ever after to you!

So be it. Amen



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Brenda Hoffman

An intuitive since birth, Brenda formalized her channeling skills with her internationally noted book, A Glimpse of Your Future. This prophetic classic describes your role in this transition, as well as answers questions such as why baby boomers were instrumental in introducing the New Age and what earth will be like in the year 4000.

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