Physically, the New Age Isn’t What You Imagine

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel as if you are in the center of a storm – not much is happening in your life, but the same is not true around you. Or perhaps you are the storm and those around you are calm. Both are expected. Some of you cleared issues. And others of you are just beginning your New Age journey.

The result of that journey is physically different from you now imagine. You are projecting Old Age images into your New Age life. Science fiction movies of the 1930?s are dated because their images are based in 1930?s lifestyles. So too is it for you now.

The New Age is not like your current physical world.

Homes will not be larger or smaller versions of the popular United States McMansions. Nor will they necessarily look like buildings of other countries in any period. The designs you create will blend with and enhance your environments.

The inventions you conceptualize will present solutions to difficulties you are not aware of. A bit like trying to explain to someone of the 1850?s the importance of Internet security.

The New Age is just that – the New Age. You cannot understand what it will look like for you have not yet experienced it.

Your inner-being will direct you to the systems, inventions, images and interactions that will fully display the beauty and joy of the New Age.

Perhaps you feel that some of your inner-being ideas are silly. Not only are those gentle reminders important, they will continue to be so for eons. Your inner-being is creating your New Age with other inner-beings of like mind.

We added “like mind” for indeed you are discovering your niche and therefore, your community. Unlike the past, uniqueness will be an important element. No longer will you travel the world seeing the same types of communities with the same stores and all wearing similar attire. This is the New Age.

Granted, those you resonate with will seem somewhat similar. But there is no longer an expected overall appearance, demeanor or activity. Some communities/entities will celebrate Christmas in December, some in Spring and some not at all.

No longer will there be one medical, academic or religious voice.

Perhaps you believe that such actions will create dissension among groups. The opposite is true. When all options including many new ones are allowed, no one will need to seem better, stronger, wealthier or wiser than another. Communities will form on common interests. As those interests shift, some or all will move to or create a new community.

The New Age is freedom and acceptance.

Some of you will live in communities built of human-made materials. Others will select different living experiences.

The world will be open to everyone. No longer will citizens (Citizen is an out-dated term.) need to apply to governments to live in a different part the world. The world will become more like the United States – with fewer limitations. Just as most United States citizens easily move from one state to another, so too will it be true for those who move from one continent to another. There will no longer be countries, but instead communities of interest.

We wish to broaden your beliefs of outcomes. Few of you advanced Lightworkers have given much thought to what global freedom means.

Some of you remain concerned about those parts of the world that now “control” finances or food supplies. Control markers will fade as you find your communities. Each of you will participate in the physical creation of the New Age as directed by your inner-being. Please remember that the New Age is a grand transition designed by you.

Now that many of you advanced Lightworkers wish to experience the New Age, we need to remind you of the great differences between the two Ages.

Your physical community transition will be as it was for you personally.

Your spiritual being first accepted the New Age. Then your emotional being cleared your fears so you could live comfortably in the New Age. Finally, your physical being started adapting accordingly.

So it is for you now. You have accepted joy and love as the dominant emotions of the New Age. Spiritually, you understand that even though you will be unique, your uniqueness will help create the beautiful, melodic harmony of the New Age. Now it is time for you to understand how your world is changing physically.

Uniqueness will indeed reign in the physical realms. And love will be the key in the choice of your home base – for however long it feels right – and your community of friends. Non-human entities will also attach themselves to those areas or communities that feel right.

As the earth and your vibrations shift, you will experience different aspects of your being than you have experienced before. The same is true for earth’s ecological systems.

Some people will opt to not have a pet. Others might choose to become attached to an entity you now find offensive such as a skunk. Or to entities you are not fully aware of yet such as faeries or leprechauns.

Does such a thought not make you laugh? There are no leprechauns…or are there? Who would want to befriend a skunk?

Do you now understand how limited your physical New Age images are?

It is time to accept and expect the New Age with all its physical, emotional and spiritual beauty. Set aside your beliefs of how it should look and be. And accept that the New Age is an age of all aspects of you and earth.

Follow your inner-being and you will find joy in whatever form you create. Maintain your Old Age images of what the New Age should look like and you will find yourself frustrated and limited.

Open your eyes, ears and all other senses – those known and those yet to be discovered – and you will move into the New Age with a giggle. Use your current five senses to explore the earth as it is now and you will limit your being to repeating what you have repeated for eons – one Old Age life after another. So be it. Amen.


Tzaddi 21st November 2012 10:10 am

Won't it be wonderful if you're right--that what was considered "unique" will not only be tolerated but accepted instead of judged as "too different"? That government-controlled boundaries will dissolve? Apparently, the contractor who recently built two houses on one lot next to me didn't understand the notion of "blending in" or harmony.

anje 21st November 2012 3:00 pm

The near future probably isn't going to be very much different from what we are already experiencing. Change that comes rapidly and reflecting the new needs of humanity have been around for a generation now; our kids already don't recognize things we grew up using like the wall phone, or an atlas. Probably the thing that will continue to develop to the surprise of everyone is tolerance and a penchant for equality and the inability to appreciate power struggles anymore. One day we'll just realize that this has been developing and the New Age began a long time ago.

Brenda Hoffman 21st November 2012 5:29 pm

Dear Tzaddi,
This was an interesting blog. I always request/intend new information created in love before I start channeling my blog or my 15-minute Internet show.

Monday, I channeled a blog similar to this one posted on Spirit Library - but thought the info wasn't that exciting (judgement obviously!) I started a new channel on Tuesday and received almost the same information. Guess it was time for this information to be shared. And so it is.

Don't you love no boundaries and acceptance?? That we both think it's a delightful idea, but don't know how it's possible probably means our beliefs need some polishing!!!

I love the piece about your next door neighbors. Bushes and trees are definitely called for!!!
Blessing and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 21st November 2012 5:36 pm

Dear Anje,
I feel the same as you. That the change will happen - but not overnight.

But wouldn't it be just absolutely wonderful if the shift happened much more rapidly?

The logical part of me (old belief patterns???) tells me that it will take a few generations to come to fruition. The sparkle, little girl part tells me that miracles are now part of my life. Time will tell if my logic or little girl is correct.

I'm voting for my little girl!!! I want to fully experience this New Age - not just predict it. I do sound like an impatient Baby Boomer don't I!
Blessings and Sparkles,


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