Relish Your Uniqueness – You’re a Master of the Universes

Dear Ones,

Are you worried that your loved ones are not progressing in this new earth transition as rapidly as you?

You do not want to leave them behind. Yet, you do not wish to slow down to help them better understand what you know. Maybe they helped you through many dark nights of your soul. Or maybe they just hold a very special place in your heart. They are of you and you do not wish them to leave – whether in an earth transition or a philosophical difference of opinion.

Should you slow down to maintain that bond? Should you ignore them and take care of yourself? Should you do neither? Or should you wait patiently in a part of your being for them knowing they will eventually be beside you? All and none.

There is no answer for how best to interact with those at different stages than you in this transition. Perhaps they will never transition. Perhaps they are transitioning as rapidly as you only you cannot sense that. Or perhaps they are transitioning in a different direction – a bit as if you are a staunch Roman Catholic and your spouse feels a strong pull to the Lutheran faith. Will that religious difference be enough to end your relationship? Only you know.

Maybe those thoughts make you fearful of separating from those loved ones not on the same new earth page as you. Do not fret, you will know if it is time to end a relationship. This is not an either/or transition. This encompassing transition allows and encourages unique individuals with unique roles.

All entities on and of earth will find their path to the same place you are now hungery for. It is just that some will take a different route than you believe is right – or will delay their journey for another earth lifetime. All will be reunited –  but not necessarily today or tomorrow.

Let us return to your concern that your loved one is falling behind or is not interested. Have you experienced classmates who “fooled around” in class only to receive the highest scores? Or have you known someone who asks silly questions only to discover they are extremely intelligent – or their phenomenal skills are in another area?

So is it for you now. You cannot know how much or how little anyone – other than you – accepts and understands this transition. This transition is not a classroom. No grades are given or displayed. No one is on an honor role and no one is of the slow learner class. All now of earth are masters of the Universes. Despite the seeming disparity between you and others, each one of you and all entities are of a master/god/goddess class.

Maybe this concept is difficult for you. Even though you are beginning – truly just beginning – to accept your importance in this transition, you have difficulties accepting that concept for those you believe are less than you. The street beggar. Those of a different culture. Those of a different gender. Those who cause you to quake with fear when you are in their vicinity despite your seeming acceptance of your new role.

Each of you is an extremely important piece of this transition and all are of a master class. There are no shirkers. There are no entities subconsciously negating or circumventing their role in this transition play

Some now of earth wish to retain their 3D life despite the hardships that life will present in the not-to-distant future. Do you understand their extreme courage in accepting that role? They selected the most difficult role possible. Even though they are likely of the ruling elite now – such will not be for long. But then, that is not the group we are addressing today.

We wish to address the group for whom you feel affinity even though they have given few indicators that they wish to be part of new earth. Perhaps they make fun of your efforts, yet you wish to be around them. Or they ignore anything of the new earth, yet their hearts are so loving you do not need them to address new earth philosophies.

Some of you will discover and relay specific new earth philosophies or actions. Others will merely operate from their heart with no labels, doctrines or shoulds. Those who operate purely from their heart may be as good or better at integrating new earth philosophies than those who show, tell or display the “correct” way to transition.

We are not berating those of you providing information. We are merely pointing out that those whom you continue to interact with comfortably despite their lack of interest in new earth philosophies are on a different path, but are moving in the same direction.

Those with whom you feel uncomfortable are more likely to be those brave souls who volunteered to play the devil’s advocate as you accept your master/god/goddess role. They are merely displaying the choice every earth entity has to remain in 3D – with a subconscious understanding that they are also on a path to new earth. They are delaying their movement into joy so you can better understand how far you traveled on your path.

Let us return to those who are of your heart but do not seem to understand or need to move through this transition at this time. Perhaps they are doing more within themselves than you realize. If they “feel” right and you can communicate with them about other topics, they too are of your new earth. They are just on a bit different route. You will know similar to knowing you are romantically in love. Romantic love feelings cannot be put into words – you just know. And so you will know now. So be it. Amen.



Tiff 18th July 2013 7:01 am

My 16 yr old daughter and I have had heated discussions about ascension. I'm so excited about this and so I express this to both her and my son but I think the subject confuses, threatens and scares her no matter how much I try to comfort her and let her know that her choice to live in more of a 3d state is perfectly fine.
So I've decided it's probably best not to talk much if at all about the topic of ascension to her, which saddens me because we're so close and can usually talk about anything.

Amazing timing, this post. Thank you, Brenda.

Brenda Hoffman 18th July 2013 8:45 am

Dear Tiff,
I've come to the same conclusion. When the time is right, they will ask you questions or do research on their own.

"Let it Be" was the title of one of my recent channels and thinking that applies to encouraging others to "find the light"

Maybe your daughter will never formalize her Lightworker role, but instead will continue to be a loving person who "just happens" to bring light and joy to others. Of course, that is also a Lightworker role but maybe she prefers to move into it without labels or titles. Time will tell but the fact that you're so close tends to make me think she will be "there" in some form in the not-to-distant future.
Blessings, Hugs and Sparkles,

rose day 18th July 2013 9:01 am

Brenda, it appears that much of the disparity relates to differences in how we individually process new concepts that challenge firmly-held core beliefs.

There is a valid distinction between embracing the philosophical 'trend du jour' and maintaining the 'steady on' making discernment, as you have shared, an absolute necessity.

Practicing discernment requires a sincere commitment that seems to mark that fine line between the uninterested, the dabbler and the true seeker.

An undeniable poignancy accompanies the solitary voyage into a new world and your loving insights are a wonderful

Brenda Hoffman 18th July 2013 9:11 am

Dear Rose,
Your message is a wonderful descriptor of the disparity in processing all that is happening.

We are individuals. Just accepting that piece is often difficult, much less allowing/encouraging others to move and transition in the way that feels most right for them.

Thank you for your wonderful input.
Blessings, Hugs and Sparkles,

Tiff 18th July 2013 1:27 pm

Thank you, Brenda...means a lot to me. :smitten:

Brenda Hoffman 18th July 2013 1:35 pm

Dear Tiff,
We're in this together - all finding our way in this new energy.
Blessings, Love and Hugs,

bluefeatheryone 18th July 2013 3:08 pm

Brenda, I am so very grateful & thankful for this message. Wow. <3 Before reading & learning more about the ascension process, I used to feel I needed to help my family 'get it.' Now, I realize those who will ascend will do so in their own way in their own time & some may choose not to ascend...none of it is any of my business. I am responsible for me & only for me and my spiritual path, while also being love to them. I grow/grew so much just by feeling loved. I think it is truly a great healer. My mom & daughters now ask me questions, but I no longer initiate conversations about spiritual matters...I merely answer their question, trying to come from love. My sister has even stopped trying to push her beliefs on me as she once did (although I created a lot of unnecessary disruption) & I find that as we meet in love, we don't have to discuss those things any no one is trying to push one to see the other spiritual truth. It seems through the pain of the past, we have learned how to accept one another in love, knowing having one another in our lives is more important than...

bluefeatheryone 18th July 2013 3:12 pm

...our individual beliefs. Of course, I say this as I haven't told them about my channeling & am still debating whether or not to do so. I don't wish to rock the boat; but, it's important for me to feel I'm living authentically. I do believe that in time, I will share. I've been told by my guides I won't have to choose...very much as you shared - not an either/or. Although it may be difficult for them to accept or understand initially, I do hope that love will once again conquer all & their love for me will be greater than anything I do or believe or wish for my life. :) Thank you so very much for sharing this message that really speaks to me atm. :smitten:

Sandra Smyre 18th July 2013 3:24 pm

:smitten: Thank you dear Brenda--powerful message. My mantra is "Live and let live". I used to get so frustrated with my partner because she could care less about metaphysical viewpoints. Then a dear Angel told me how far she is on her journey(if I had listened more closely I would have known, but I was too busy judging). Now I appreciate her journey and see how very different we approach it, but it's all the same. So much freedom to let everyone be where they are, since we're all going to end up at the same place anyhow. In LoveLight, Sandra :smitten:

Brenda Hoffman 18th July 2013 4:24 pm

Hi BlueFeatheryOne,
Not to worry. If and/or when your inner being needs to tell the ones you love that you channel, you will know. If you're still questioning, it's not time.

Maybe they already know - consciously or subconsciously. Maybe they never want to know. Tell them enough for you to feel comfortable, but not so much you have to feel bad, sad or angry. And remember to nurture yourself in the process.

Not everyone knows I channel - it just doesn't seem to be that important to tell everyone. Of course, you're talking about loved ones with whom you want to share who you are which is a different scenario.

Interestingly, I've told a number of people who don't seem to hear or elect to ignore the information. Almost as if they're protecting themselves from TOO much information. Strange times indeed!

Blessings, Hugs and Love,

Brenda Hoffman 18th July 2013 4:26 pm

Hey Sandra,
I've come to the same conclusion with my husband. He's where he needs to be and so am I. "Let it Be" works very well in this transition! Maybe to help us truly understand that there are not rules, shoulds or policies that all "good" Lightworkers need to follow!
Blessings, Hugs and Love,

Connie 51 19th July 2013 12:14 pm

Hello Brenda, Thank you as you spoke to my heart once more. The more awakened I've become the sadder I've felt for the pain an chaos of my family and dearest friends. I'm so happy now to know they are all fine and shall be fine. And I can love them and not worry are they going to be ok. Now I may soar. Blessings namaste

Brenda Hoffman 19th July 2013 2:16 pm

Dear Connie,
I've felt the same in the past.

It is time for us to soar - what a perfect line!
Blessings, Hugs and Love,

Lyrical1971 21st July 2013 1:17 pm

Thank you so much Brenda-- this was such a wonderful and comforting message. Namaste'

Brenda Hoffman 21st July 2013 6:15 pm

Dear Lyrical,
I'm so pleased. One of my great joys is sharing my channels with others. Another is providing information within those channels that allows/encourages us to move forward in joy and/or awe instead of fear!
Blessings, Hugs and Sparkles,


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