Saviors are SO Yesterday

Dear Ones,

It is likely you do not comprehend how much you are shifting the Universes. Even though you continue to believe yourself a very small piece of earth, your power far exceeds your beliefs.

Since it is likely that you view yourself as one cell or atom in the totality of all, it is time for you to understand how one cell, one atom can shift the Universes. Perhaps you, the cell, accept a cancer mutation into the totality of you. That one mutation attracts (like attracts like) other cells also wishing to experience a cancer mutation. Then those like-minded cells join together to create enough cancer energy for an illness within your totality.

So it is for you now. You are attracting like-minded beings or cells, if you wish, to the point that you are mutating earth beings, and thereby the Universes, away from fear and to love. Love has always been a Universal key.

3D earth was, in a sense, a cancerous cell that became much larger than anticipated by the Universes. The cancer of earth attracted more and more Universal beings who wished to experience the fun of fear – that is, until they became enmeshed in the denseness of that fear and forgot Universal love.

You, as a group, decided it was time for new earth lessons in joy and love.

Perhaps you believe that because it was time for such to happen, love would have become dominant on earth whether you were part of that group plan or not.

We beg to differ.

Earth became so densely enmeshed in fear that those who volunteered to shift thoughts, perceptions and actions were lost in the mire.

Indeed, even though individual saviors volunteered to shift earth to more of a fear/love balance, they were not successful. Not because their words and actions were not noted, but because their words and actions were twisted to fit within a world of fear.

You are among the Universal entities who decided this shift required a group effort. So it is that you are now of earth and accepting energy shift after shift – proud of your accomplishments individually, but not yet understanding or accepting how valuable your services are.

You believe that you must do or create something beyond what you have accomplished so far. That somehow you must make your mark in this transition.

You need do nothing else other than to light the way to help return earth entities to love.

Do you expect former cancer cells to perform a circus act if they remain within your being? Or are you so excited to have eradicated cancer that you expect nothing more of those cells than to remain cancer-free?

There are those among you who accepted a bit larger role to fulfill YOUR needs. The Universes require nothing more than shifting from the heaviness of earth fear to the lightness of love and joy.

But fear is not completely removed from your being or any being anymore than you can remove all cells from your physical body and replace them with new cells – at least not at this time in your history. Instead, your fear cells are surrounded by love cells that eradicate the effects of 3D earth denseness.

Your major new earth task is to just BE you in love. If you wish to volunteer or have volunteered for additional tasks, that is fine and good. But many of you believe that just being you is not quite enough. That you must save the world or proclaim new earth on a soapbox. Not at all.

Proclamations, promises, guarantees are Old Age. Do you not laugh at television commercials and those who promise you everything and produce nothing or the opposite of their promises?

For you to believe that you need to shift someone to new earth is of the Old Age.

New earth is living your dream and allowing others to view your dream fulfillment. That is all that is required of you. It is not about proclaiming your wisdom or verbalizing promises you may or may not keep.

Your dreams are shifting every moment of every day. As you heal from your cancer of fear, your dreams are becoming larger and more in tune with love and the Universes. What was important for you to proclaim as the answer yesterday, might seem boring or outdated today.

Nothing more is required of you than to be you. Free of the debilitating cancer of fear that has stalked your earth being for eons.

Granted you will retain some fear cells to round out your being, to retain a full palate of creation paint colors. But your fear cells are much less vibrant and active than was true six months ago – and will be less active six months hence.

Those of you who exited your cocoon are allowing your being to be cancer/fear free more every day. Granted, some days you wish to test your progress by returning to fear. But those days, those minutes are becoming less and less as you begin to trust and love new you. So be it. Amen.



Jo M 16th December 2014 8:54 am

"...the fun of fear..." ? — Oh, Brenda, you don't say?

"Granted you will retain some fear cells to round out your being, to retain a full palate of creation paint colors." — O RLY?

I always enjoy your messages, Brenda! Thanks a lot.

Brenda Hoffman 16th December 2014 2:31 pm

Hi Jo,
Just think of how much of our lives (however many on earth) we've spent in trauma, drama and chaos. Have you ever been around a drama king or queen. They really do seem to get jollies from the chaos!!

And yup, I've been channeliing for years that we won't be without fear, but it will be greatly dulled and minimized - just as joy was in the Old Age. So instead of thinking, "Something great happened to me - I wonder when the bad piece is going to fall?" - as we have for ages - it will be, "Something not so great happened to me, but it's only a small blip until joy returns."

Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 17th December 2014 9:36 am

Hi Barbara Jean,
Just being - like pushing the easy button. But after eons of fear, we often feel, as you said, we must do to become worthy.

Now we're learning a new - and sometimes difficult lesson, at least for me - that we don't need to do anything other than be ourselves. We're automatically love, worthy and beacons of light.

This transition is filled with easy, that we sometimes have to 'work at' to remember. And so we grow and expand!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Emma852013 17th December 2014 9:41 am

Thank you Brenda :)

Today I surely am testing myself but my inner being returns to peace, belief and love. Anything else just feels wrong, as if I tried to breathe under water for a moment when I know i just need to lift my head up and breathe air so easily, watching the glorious sun to know that all is truly well in my world. Just feeling immensely grateful for each and every day, going forth more and more into simply being.

Thank you for your loving truthful message

Blessings to all :smitten:


Brenda Hoffman 17th December 2014 4:09 pm

And thank you Emma for making my day. What a beautiful message.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,


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