Stop Your 3D Lessons

Dear Ones,

The past few months, you floated in and out of 5D while maintaining your 3D security and knowingness. A bit like moving from eighth grade to high school maintaining all that was wonderful in eighth grade. Such is not possible – nor is it possible any longer for you to maintain both a 3D and 5D life.

Many of you were upset by recent political activities – believing your concern was necessary. Those feelings are not required nor appropriate for who you have become.

You have not yet fully claimed your 5D being, so you jumped into the 3D fray, believing that without your assistance those with less knowledge than you could not possibly determine how to shift their 3D life. Such thoughts and actions are an extension of 3D caretaking.

For if you believe no one but you or those like you can solve 3D, 4D, 5D or beyond issues, you are proclaiming yourself a supreme being who must herd your disciples to the correct thoughts and actions. You are informing others that only you are wise enough to direct areas in which you are no longer that interested.

If such actions were joyful, you would not feel as shaken as many of you did following the latest political antics. Such difficulties are no longer part of your world. For the difficulties you tried to solve are of 3D.

Your role is to live in joy.

If the news of the past few days, provided you with joy then that is something you might wish to explore. But likely, instead of joy, the news created fear and anger – neither of which are of joy.

Your query is once again, “Who am I,” for if you are no longer of 3D, what role should you play? And our answer, as always, is the role that gives you joy.

Perhaps you believe we are speaking in riddles for you cannot foresee any present or future joy in your life. The truth is much different from what you currently feel for the joys of 5D are not 3D joys. Competition, fear, and rage are emphasized in 3D which merely creates minor spikes of rightness in the global community.

You of 5D are in a different action mode. For you are creating a new emotional/spiritual venue for all. A mode that encourages joy and negates fear.

You no longer have the time nor the energy to jump between 3D fears and 5D creations. So it is you are discovering your fears and rages are deeper than can be digested in one or more settings. As if joy will never be possible again. For you are discovering that feeling fear in 5D is much more uncomfortable than was true in 3D. And that joy is easier to tap into than was true in 3D.

Jumping between 3D fear and 5D joy is too difficult for you now that you have reached this point in your earth evolution.

If you were less sophisticated in 5D, you could easily jump between the two dimensions. And so you have for the past few months. Oh, perhaps you lost your train of thought or forgot what you were saying, but other than a couple of glitches such as we just described, you found it relatively easy to jump between the dimensions.

Now that you declared your 5D intention and shifted your cells and thought processes. Now that you welcomed many of your segments into your being, you no longer wish to play in 3D. You have conquered that realm, so it holds little interest. Instead, you are enthralled with 5D plus possibilities.

So it is you are ready to live in joy and tired of living in fear. The result is that fear has become as difficult for you as would digging a deep hole in clay-like soil. You have other pieces to explore and create.

That which was once bearable such as digging a hole because you needed the money is similar to winning a multi-million dollar lottery and continuing to dig that same hole.

There is no interest for you to battle others, or yourself for you have completed those lessons. The new lessons you cannot wait to initiate are about discovering joy.

Once you allow yourself to fully let go of 3D fear knowing that others are more interested in completing fear lessons than are you, then and only then will you allow yourself to bask in the golden light you have become.

You are not of 3D in any form. So it is time for you to gently push those 3D fears away as you explore your new lessons of love and joy. So be it. Amen.


Mary Anne Cegelski 9th October 2018 1:21 pm

Does this mean that we are not suppose to vote in the midterm elections?

Mary Anne Cegelski 9th October 2018 1:23 pm

Does this mean that we are not suppose to vote in the midterm elections? I guess they are saying that we should not vote and let things go the way they go.

eeliza 9th October 2018 2:38 pm

Thank you Mary Anne, your question is relevant and I wondered the same thing. The same holds true for knowing when to use our voices to activate change (politically, etc) and when to simply "stay in our own 5D lane" so to speak, holding light for the collective, focusing on things which bring us personal joy and allowing the outcomes to be what they may...trusting it is all for the highest benefit of humanity and our planet regardless of how things "appear" to be right now.
Brenda is always great about replying and I look forward to hearing her perspective with these questions.

LilyWillow 9th October 2018 9:07 pm

Mary Anne,

I am wondering a similar thing. What speaks to me is that one of the candidates running for governor in my state seems to be a hopeful option for my state, regardless of her party. I believe she wouldn’t have a party if it were possible to do so. She is not divisive, caught up in fear tactics or mudslinging. Instead, she focuses on a very positive and uplifting message. I think we can be of 5d and vote, and I believe it is possible because there are some very good and kind people running for office right now. I think it is good to be involved in changing things you want to see changed by voting, especially if it feels light to you.
I think politics is of 3D when it gets caught up in division, competition, fear, lack mentalities, and hatefulness. But I believe that everything in our world is shifting along with us, and I believe we will see a more 5D politics showing up. Politics does not have to mean division if we don’t want it to!
I am hopeful, and these are things I am thinking about too. Blessings to you!

Mary Anne Cegelski 10th October 2018 12:18 pm

Thank you all for your responses. I feel the same way and had already decided to vote anyway. I was a Republican for years until Presidents Obama. I am for all people, the enviroment, and freedom.

Thanks again.

bets 10th October 2018 12:32 pm

I see it as a form of personal expression. We're encouraged to follow our hearts and to be ourselves. I will vote because it's important to me to speak up in that way. I, too, hope for and look forward to a new level of politics, more aligned with heart. I see voting as a step in that direction.

MtSkier7 14th October 2018 12:08 pm

I agree with bets. However, remember you are ignoring all Veterans who have offered their lives so you can voice your personal opinion--if you choose "not to vote."


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