Surprise Yourself with Your New Sense of Humor!

Dear Ones,

How do you readjust your actions so you can play during these intense energy bursts? How do you play when you are concerned about your financial standing or fading relationships? We are fully aware that the Universes are asking the impossible of you. Yet, you continue to move forward at an amazing; sometimes even alarming pace.

Issues that would have forced you to contemplate and regroup for months or years in previous lifetimes on earth are processed in a few hours – and you move on. Two years ago, you could not have coped with the emotional/physical issues now happening to you daily.

Do you remember those psychological charts that displayed how depressed you should be given this or that change – loss of a job or relationship, a new home or any change that moved you from your knowingness into a new life – one small step at a time?

Your changes are no longer small. They are of gigantic proportions and occurring daily. Yet, you continue to move forward. Now we are asking, imploring you do so with a giggle in your being. Are we asking too much? We are today, but not tomorrow. Your next huge energy burst is designed to shift your perceptions about the beauty and joy of your life.

Maybe you will wake with a smile on your face. But it is more likely that you will care less about the “ills” of earth, your job, political movements or ecological shifts – and more about the beauty of a tree. You will smile at the toddler who has difficulties running as fast as he wishes. You will laugh as you note the silliness of something you have done such as misplacing something only to find it in the freezer.

The next few days are your giggle respite. It is a time to return joy to your inner-being. You have shifted many parts of your being. You have worked diligently to arrive at your current sense of knowingness. But by doing so, you have erased much of your joy.

You once were joyful about many things that no longer give you the same level of pleasure. You remember the joy you felt, but when you try to recreate that joy, your joy is flat – or nonexistent. You are a new person. You have wiped your slate clean of most of your fears and shoulds. But by doing so, you have also wiped your joy slate clean. It is time to revisit joy as the new you.

What gives you joy now? How can you shift your life so more of your new joy is part of it?

Six months ago, receiving a work promotion was perhaps an extremely joyful thought. That same promotion now means little. Not because you have tired of your job or company, but because you are a different person. Perhaps mentoring a new employee gives you more joy than your title. Perhaps returning home to prepare a delicious feast does. It does not matter what gives you joy, only that you know that your joy has shifted.

Many of you have been concerned that you were of the New Age, yet not experiencing the joy promised by channelers and writers. You had to become the “new you” before you could tap into your new joys. As a child, you found bathroom humor hysterical. At what age did your humor shift into finding sexual issues funny? And when did that humor shift into political, geographic and economic arenas?

Please understand that your being has evolved since birth on earth in this lifetime at all levels. It just seemed as if you were the same person throughout because your friends and family shifted with you. Your New Age shift is different in several ways; not the least of which is that you are trail blazers so you do not always understand why or how you are shifting.

Perhaps you point out something to a friend and they return your joyous comment or action with blank eyes. Perhaps the jokes you found amusing just a few months ago are lifeless to you now yet everyone, but you, is laughing. Such is what we are speaking of.

You are returning to your childlike zest for life. You have moved beyond the adult humor and joy of the Old Age – into the childlike joy of promise. The next few days will bring your childlike joy to your attention in so many ways. Do not be surprised if you literally jump for joy at the beauty of a moment.

Your friends and family might question you acting in such a fashion. Where is your decorum? Where is your filtering system? Why are you acting so silly? And you will not quite understand why they are not as excited or excitable as you. Will your friends and family shift their joy? Only if they move through the New Age processes you have completed.

You are the first level Lightworkers. You are the ones leading the way for other Lightworkers and pioneers who wish to follow. So your humor, your joy may not be understood by you or others in the immediate future. But, as is true of your changes in other areas of your life, you cannot return to the humor or joy of yesterday.

You are a new you – in all of your glory and joy. A joy that is about simple pleasures - not hoping others feel less than or controlled by you.

So be it. Amen



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Brenda Hoffman

An intuitive since birth, Brenda formalized her channeling skills with her internationally noted book, A Glimpse of Your Future. This prophetic classic describes your role in this transition, as well as answers questions such as why baby boomers were instrumental in introducing the New Age and what earth will be like in the year 4000.

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