Testing Your First Application

Dear Ones,

As your being shifts so do your interactions. Perhaps what was once funny is no longer. Or that which was sad is not now. Or maybe you cry more easily. All indicators that your being is shifting into another dimension.

Those noting sadness are mourning your 3D life – taking a last look as you would a house you love just before the moving truck arrives.Those feeling great joy are adapting to your new being – jumping for joy as would a child allowed to select whatever they wished in a toy store. And those of you feeling confused – moving from sadness to great joy and back again – are reviewing both parts of your being.

Will these odd emotional outbursts, similar to those of puberty, impact your relationships? How do you explain all will be well when interacting with those of 3D?

It does not matter. You are expressing those feelings for a reason. Perhaps you have a deeply hidden personal secret – a boil of anxiety – and your tears lance that boil. Will all Lightworkers be in tears? No, merely that  the next few days is a wonderful window of time to express whatever secret you have hidden from yourself.

These secrets are not life-threatening – just “eye-opening.” An emotion deep within you that does not distract you from your movement into joy. Not something that has to be addressed – but something that hangs over your being with a SLIGHT shade of gray.

You will know you addressed that piece by the unadulterated joy you feel about everything. Like a child waking up on a summer morning excited about playing in the sun with friends.

Perhaps you are at the in-between stage – you have lanced your piece, but do not feel the joy described. You will in hours. And those around you when you experienced your pain or extreme giddiness will quickly forget that such happened. Your ability to rewind 3D scenes and shift them to a joyful state is part of your new application (app) kit.

You are like an awkward teen who does not understand why you yell at your mother. Does your mother remember every time you yelled at her as a teen? Do you? Or do you both now know such is an expected part of puberty?

So it is for those of you who lance your 3D boil. It is part of this shift – neither good nor bad. It just is. And those you expressed your deepest fears or silliness to or near will forget the incident – once you apply this app.

Many of you are certain such is an untruth. That all will remember how awkward you were as you lanced your boil – or the giddiness of your childlike behavior. Pieces you wish you had experienced in privacy. Such is not the case for a number of reasons.

Even though this transition is from the inside out, you are not living in isolation. You have moved through most of your shifts as isolated as possible. Isolation is no longer an option. As more move into the Light, it is time to turn on the light globally. You cannot do so by only interacting with other Lightworkers or in isolation.

You probably have had emotional melt-downs around others in the past. You attributed those melt-downs to exhaustion, fear or whatever best explained your shift to 3D family and friends. The same is true for extreme giddiness. This time, you will not necessarily have a logical explanation – one adequate for the situation – or one you even understand.

You are testing your new apps. This is your first app tested in a 3D environment with 3D people. Accept that whatever interesting emotions you display are appropriate for you now. And know those involved will not remember the incident within a few hours. Your app will be the source of their memory loss or understanding shift – as if it never happened.

You will remember the incident for it is another keynote in your transition for several reasons. You are not only lancing an important emotional boil, but testing the app of being part of 3D, yet not impacting those of 3D needlessly as you move through your dimensional shifts. Do you not wonder how it is possible to be of new earth and yet interact with 3D entities? This is your fun lesson of the next few days.

You will or have experienced extremely deep emotions. You will probably be embarrassed by your reactions from deep and unexpected sadness to complete giddiness – both outside the range of expected 3D reactions. Test your new earth app by merely knowing that 3D parties will not remember the incident as you do.

Watch and sense the results. Within hours, your odd – but loving – behavior will be wiped from the memory slate of 3D persons. It is that easy.

As you move deeper into your new dimensional life while in an environment in which some maintain their 3D beliefs and perceptions, you will become very familiar with this app. Those of 3D will not remember your behaviors or actions as you build your new earth repertoire. So be it. Amen.


Emma852013 12th September 2013 6:28 am

Dear Brenda,
Thank you ever so much for your wonderful words :) . This is very true and has been for a few weeks in my case. People who I was drawn to Im no longer drawn too, and new wonderful people (I have to pinch myself sometimes) are appearing more and more. I am so grateful. I laugh and smile hugely and people who are firmly stuck in negativity can no longer affect me. this is one of the highest forms of blessing for me personally. I have always been sensitive to other people and easily been affected in negative ways but now i beam so bright that I simply am protected in light and I radiate it towards people who do not have it so that they perhaps can be reminded that they too can be this happy, there is hope, and naturally infinite love and blessings wherever we go. I have finally truly understood that I (and everyone) deserve Love, happiness and all the miracles of life.
I am so grateful to be a part of it all, to be myself in a way that I just months ago never would have thought was possible.

Much Love to you Brenda and to everyone :smitten:

Brenda Hoffman 12th September 2013 8:27 am

Hi Emma,
According to my channels and so many others, that's exactly what's going to happen..or has happened.

You are a beacon of light for all. Thank you for sharing with us.
Blessings, Hugs and Love,

happyme 12th September 2013 9:00 am

And so be it... <3

Brenda Hoffman 12th September 2013 10:07 am

Hi Happytime,
Your name is perfect!!!! It makes me smile just to see it. So be it indeed.
Blessings, Love and Hugs,

LauriLumby 12th September 2013 3:54 pm

Thank you for your beautiful and timely words! The past 36 hours have been a whirlwind of emotions complete with a head-on collision with my ex-husband who while boldly proclaiming his "Ascension" still resides in the "I'm right, you are wrong......just tell the kid to behave" 3D world. First I felt crushed, then angry, then hatred and then grief. I allowed the tears to come, to release and to heal.....and then I remembered "I'm not from here" and I used my "Superpowers" to look more deeply into his response and got the answer I needed....and the good news...I no longer doubt the answers that "Spirit" gives me..I trust them and in that I found peace.

All Love!

Lauri Lumby

Brenda Hoffman 12th September 2013 9:17 pm

Hi Lauri,
Thank you so much for a wonderful message! Kudos for daring to be you despite words that could have intimidated you.

Isn't it fascinating....and sometimes irritating how quickly we slip into 3D - until we remember? And don't you love messages from your inner-being/spirit? They just feel right.
Blessings, Love and Hugs,

bettina 14th September 2013 9:15 am

Brenda --I am immensely grateful to you & Spirit Library for providing insightful messages, at times of unknown territories.

I have to admit I teared, and quite easily, as I read your words of the in-between; which to me sometimes feel I am outside looking into huge fish tank world of activity, many varieties of fish, flora; feeling like an outsider wondering how I get in. At the same time realizing although attractive the ego wants so desperately to 'belong' even when the spirit knows I am not a part of any longer. Some lower/denser relationships, including family members have fallen away.I have grieved for what was,recognized the role for people to play--they no longer honor.So be it. I am somewhat isolated. No marriage (ever) or children, my home life is me & furbabies. I experience a mirroring of one dimension to another on Facebook. To those on the paths-I post most profound epiphanies that fall on those having no point of reference--or choose to think outside the box. Not to compare-just an awareness. I look forward to new like-minded interactions outside the virtual 'box'.

bettina 14th September 2013 9:20 am

Emma--I have had some incredible, wonderful, happy experiences with strangers smiling, nodding, waving. :)

A funny one: At the gas pump this morning I noticed a pretty black lady get out of her car and was admiring her shoes. She walked over to me, I said, ‘I like your shoes. Wish I could wear such high heels!” She thanked me, smiled & said ‘would you do me a favor?’ I said, “I’ll try”. She said ‘I live alone would you zip this up?” She turned, showed that she needed her dress zipped from between her shoulder blades to her neck. I obliged. She said, ‘I tried and tried and just couldn’t reach it’. After filling up the car, I went in the store to purchase a sweet for this tooth of mine (lol). After paying and leaving the counter I hear someone say, ‘Is that your female product on the floor?’ I turned to look and see the same woman smiling at me. I said ‘What?’ She repeated herself. I said ‘no’. We both laughed and she said. ‘Gee I’m asking all sorts of intimate questions.” I laughed and said back—“yeah—it’s like we’ve known each other our whole lives!” (and it truly felt that way)

Brenda Hoffman 14th September 2013 10:36 am

Dear Bettina,
There are so many endings now - and for me, endings are never easy. I'm married and have a number of friends but yearn for a larger community of friends/relatives to love. I wonder if that isn't part of our process - sending out love feelers to the world and finding new heart attachments as a result?

I read your note to Emma and loved it. I meet people so easily that way. I wonder why we don't feel a need to connect more closely to those people we meet briefly and acknowledge but who don't become part of our life?

So many questions that we don't yet - or at least I don't yet have answers for.
Blessings, Love and Hugs,

Luciapou 14th September 2013 3:23 pm

Well, this explains a few, very odd, things, people, and situations lately lol. I just thought I had finally lost my marbles. What a relief!

Brenda Hoffman 14th September 2013 5:40 pm

Hi Lucia,
We've either all "lost our marbles" - or gained them.

I contend we're like yogurt of the early 1960's. Yogurt was an extremely "odd" food that only a few people ate. Now it's packed in kids' lunch boxes.

We're ahead of the trend - and being out front means you feel a little odd or out-of-step. To the time when we're way trendy!!!!!!!
Blessings, Love and Hugs,


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