Think Big and Then BIGGER

Dear Ones,

Self-worth is key to transitioning to the new earth. Even though accepting and processing your joy is a major part of self-worth, there are other pieces we wish to examine.

Perhaps you feel your self-worth is remarkably strong as you survey those around you. Perhaps you are proud of your Old Age accomplishments and wonder what we are speaking of.

Please review your current life. Are you having financial or relationship issues? Or perhaps your physical body is not as healthy as you would like. Even though not all issues are related to your self-worth, we venture to guess many are.

In previous lives on earth – and perhaps other locations – you did what you needed to do to fit in, be a part of society. You made yourself small to appear similar to everyone else. The logic of that statement is that everyone now on earth addressing their self-worth did the same. Please break down the word worthless into worth and less and you will understand what we are addressing.

You have read, channeled and discussed how important you are to this transition. But have you internalized what that means in terms of your actions and reactions? Have you discovered or acknowledged your worth in every part of your being? Or do you continue to fit in, to be normal in whatever fashion feels most comfortable for you?

Fitting in is not something to be ashamed of. We are merely pointing out that many of you experience discomfort because you are continuing your Old Age earth habit of seeming powerless.

Let us give you an example. Perhaps in your younger days, you achieved a limited grade so those friends not as academically inclined would accept you. Or perhaps you over-achieved to display to others how magnificent you were – not because it felt right, but because that was a way of shining in the eyes of those you wished to put down. You may have also displayed such in athletics, music, dance or any venue including the business world.

Attempting to be better than others or putting a lid on your achievements merely reveals your need to be something other than who you are.

Many of you believe achievement is good. Such is true if that achievement gives you joy. But if that achievement is the result of your wish to be like someone or as good or better than someone, you are displaying feelings of worthlessness.

Perhaps you disagree – you believe fitting in is or was to your benefit.

Fitting in is another method of mass control. If those who are smart and those not quite as smart achieve similar rewards through either dumbing down or pushing up, control is possible. But it is an achievement bar created by someone outside of yourself – established to contain you and others in your society.

This concept of control is somewhat different from what we discussed previously – a concept not often addressed. Obvious mass controls include your society’s rights and wrongs, policies and rewards. A much more discrete form of control is that which you put upon yourself to fit within those policies and reward systems.

Part of you understands this concept. You created someone who fits comfortably within society – but that someone is not necessarily you. That creation is affecting your manifestation/creation skills. How often do you hear that someone with a great deal of money is not happy? Even though you laugh at that outdated belief, you barely manage to pay your bills.

It is time for you to cleanse your being of all vows, past decisions and creations that no longer serve you. Those pieces you created to be small.

You are not small. You are god and goddesses pretending you are small.

That last thought has made some of you angry for you believe you are quite ready for a financial windfall or physical miracle. We beg to differ. If you find yourself in a fearful place similar in any fashion to what you experienced a decade or even a year ago, you have not yet cleared previous vows from your being.

Some of you feel we are chiding or punishing you. Where is the love?

Indeed, where is your love for yourself? Self-love is what we are discussing today.

The New Age/new earth has arrived. You have downloaded your new earth software. You may have even tested some of that software to discover new images, thoughts and actions – yet you remain mired in financial obscurity or physical and emotional pain.

Where is your love for yourself?

Of course, you are now angry. What right do we have to tell you that you not only created the discomfort – you continue that discomfort to stay small, to fit within society. Such discomfort is no longer necessary or desirable.

It is time to be a new earth adult – claiming all your skills, all your passions, all your joys. Stop feeling the need to fit within society. You are a unique individual with tremendous manifestation/creation skills. It is time to manifest. It is time to create – who you are not who society says you should be.

We are declaring your freedom to be the gods/goddesses, large manifesters you are. Start doing so by going within yourself in whatever fashion is right for you and requesting that all vows, thoughts, beliefs and patterns that created the small you necessary to fit within Old Age society be brought to the surface for review and /or removal.

Think big. And then think BIGGER. Accept your joys. Follow your passions. And allow yourself to eradicate any pieces that negate the BIG you that you are. So be it. Amen.


zorro 10th July 2013 7:30 am

Good Morning, Brenda!!!

I say "Yes" to your powerful message!

Brenda Hoffman 10th July 2013 8:27 am

Hi Zorro!
So do I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings, Hugs and Sparkles,

anje 10th July 2013 9:59 am

It sounds so easy, really. However it is quite the hardest thing to do...there's just no map for this and I suspect it's also a different road for each individual so there's not much to compare to or advice to look for. It's really a go with the flow issue....some days good, others not very good but hopefully all leading to the same place described here.

bluefeatheryone 10th July 2013 11:34 am

Thank you so much for this message, Brenda. :smitten:

lcklvnlight 10th July 2013 12:36 pm

THANK YOU! This has helped me so clearly define what I’ve been working through. Yesterday I had the tremendous ah-ha insight that many of my “ick-ies” come from comparing “them” vs. “me”. My desire to fit in, feel approval etc. has made me over-compensate in so many ways but I never linked that to lack or self-worth until yesterday. And today your words have wrapped everything up with a sparkly shiny bow! I ended my journal yesterday with “I release the need to feel validated by others and the idea that my worth comes from what others think or expect of me. Any thoughts of lack in my life are created by looking outside, not within. I approve of myself and am worthy! Any thoughts to the contrary are quickly released as those beliefs no longer serve the new me. I AM an abundance of curiosity, prosperity, joy, love, light, gratitude & kindness. I AM perfectly where I need and want to be.” And I finally KNOW that! With hindsight, I see all the things I ever wanted were really already there; I just wasn't looking through my own eyes. Silly girl! Now I release, move on, and dream BIG!

Brenda Hoffman 10th July 2013 2:09 pm

Dear Anje,
Please don't feel as if you're the only one not getting this.

I also have good days and not so good days. My issue is often "Letting it Be." I'm not the most patient person - but trying.

You're right - no road maps. My joy in all of this is that I truly believe we're creating the road maps for those who follow. And some days of exploration are easy and others need a great deal of clearing before we move forward. But we are moving forward - both individually and en masse - sometimes in inches and others in miles.
Blessings, Love and Hugs,

Brenda Hoffman 10th July 2013 2:10 pm

Dear BlueFeatheryOne,
Thank you! You know how I love sharing my channeled messages.
Blessings, Love and Hugs,

Brenda Hoffman 10th July 2013 2:15 pm

Dear Icklvnight,
I love your journal entry/meditation!

I had a similar aha hours before I channeled this blog. And someone on another site wrote a comment to me about her self-worth shifting the day after but before I posted my blog.

Thinking that this particular aspect of self-worth is an important piece for many of us. And away we go!
Blessings, Hugs and Love,

Angelika Lina 11th July 2013 9:12 am

Hi Brenda,
this article touches big time on my own journey towards self-worth. In school I sometimes did play myself down as it didn't feel safe to get top grades, God knows why. I'm currently looking for a new job and when I see some advertised, I'm thinking, oh no, I couldn't do that, I wouldn't be good enough. It's so frustrating, because there is a part of me that knows, yes I can. I've got several positive reminders that help reminding me that I am better than I've so far allowed myself to be, I guess practice makes perfect...

Hi Icklvnlight,
like Brenda I loved your journal entry, thanks for sharing.

Brenda Hoffman 11th July 2013 1:08 pm

Dear Angelika,
Go ahead apply. What's the worst that can happen - the company doesn't hire you.

I laughed when I 'heard' the example of not earning top grades during this week's channel. That's exactly what I did in high school. My hometown rewarded sports and cheer leading. I wasn't good at either (never have learned how to turn cart-wheels!)But I wanted to be part of the 'in-group' so I purposely got Bs instead of As.

But once I entered the work world, I applied for everything that interested me. My first professional job was helping ex-offenders find jobs. I didn't even know anything about ex-offenders when I applied. I then earned a master's degree in sociology and ended up in corporate marketing even though previous work history was in social services - which included some PR.

Go for it!
Blessings, Love and Hugs,
PS I didn't get a number of jobs I thought I wanted - but most certainly did get the jobs I needed at the time.


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