Where Are My Rewards?

Dear Ones,

This channel is for those who feel stalled – as if nothing is happening within or without. Allow yourself time to move into your new being. You have shifted within. You are now shifting outside yourself.

You followed the rules of others in your 3D life. Now that you have cleared within, you are moving outside yourself with clear knowledge of who you are and what your boundaries have to be. Such is probably frightening for even though you are quite comfortable following others, you find it difficult to be yourself.

Know that you are one of the millions of unique entities breaking out of your subservient outer shell. You are becoming your own person in every sense of the word.

But when you act on your outer impulses, you find yourself in the minority. You even obtain “those” looks or “those” comments informing you that you must retreat to the 3D being you were supposed to be.

This radical new you is not receiving the accolades you hoped for when you first initiated your new being. Some of you even expected that others would bow at your feet proclaiming your rightness in this bright new world. Instead, you find new you is not yet fully accepted in the outside world.

Perhaps your friends confirm your thoughts, actions and beliefs. But those who have not shifted to actions generated by their inner-being proclaim you a bit odd.

Is your new being a hope or reality?

You are not noting many shifts throughout earth or in your world and such is frightening. What if New Earth is a sham? What if you never experience New Earth because it will happen eons after you transition from earth in this lifetime? Most of all, where are your rewards for your diligent transition work?

You are beginning to believe New Earth is not reality. Even though you labeled your earth dream, you have not yet created it, and those not of New Earth look at you with disdain when you voice that dream.

So it is you are doubting yourself, your dream and New Earth. You know you feel a bit different within your being. And you know you experienced different reactions throughout the years or months you processed the new you information. But are you merely dreaming of a New Earth or is it real?

Such thoughts are to be expected for you are at the forefront of this transition. You would not be interested in these channels if you were not. But because you have not yet noted a shift happening throughout the globe, you doubt yourself and others.

You are creating your earth dream to reaffirm New Earth reality to yourself as much as for those wishing to follow you.

You have worked – and that is the correct word in this instance – for a very long time with few rewards other than those you feel within your being. You have climbed mountains, swam upstream and negated friends, co-workers and relatives only to note minimum change in your outer world.

“Where are my rewards?” is the refrain that keeps rolling around your being.

Just as was true for your inner joy, creating your earth dream is a process. The first step was the September energies – far beyond what you were accustomed to – sent to earth from the Universes. The only piece you need to be concerned about now is clarifying your dream. For most of you have several dreams – one large and seemingly impossible dream countered by several smaller and seemingly more obtainable dreams. Please review what has transpired in your life the past few days or weeks that indicate some of your minor dreams have come to pass.

That is not to say that some dreams are more easily attained than others, but that you think they are more easily attained. So it is you are creating your earth dream(s) as a process instead of instantaneously. And so it is you will create you major dream by or near the end of this year.

Do not assume that all is a mirage. That you must somehow become a “good” member of society again – as if you can do so. For if you try to return or “fit” into 3D society, you will discover that such is not possible. You know too much. A bit like the naivety of someone before they discover 3D love or sex. Once love or sex has been experienced, you cannot return to a life of wondering what those pieces feel like.

Even though you can pretend to return to 3D, you would no longer be content in that arena for you are among the millions shifting yourself and earth.

Finalize your earth dream if you have not done so. Do not fret about how and when that dream will materialize. Such will happen just as we predicted you would successfully climb your mountain and roll down your hill.

You have completed every task asked of you by you and the Universes in a few short years. And you will do the same with your dream. The difference is you are learning to be and not do. This first major earth dream creation (in your mind) is a testament to being instead of doing.

Your current frustration is that there is nothing you seem to be able to do to create that dream. This frustration and resulting fear are merely part of your former 3D life.

There is nothing you need do other than clarify your dream and listen to your inner-being. The rest will fall into place easily. For such is the lesson of your dream creation process. You no longer create through doing – being in joy is more than enough.

Trying to do something to create your earth dream will slow your process. Enjoy your life. Shift your perceptions from fear, frustration and anger to joy and all will fall into place easily and effortlessly. For indeed, this piece is a notable step into your beacon of light for others role.



Deeni 13th October 2015 9:26 am

Thank You, Brenda.

This was a lovely message, and Divinely timed as usual.


Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

Pambailey 13th October 2015 10:11 am

Thank you Brenda! Perfect timing (again :) ) Love and blessings, Pam ?

Simeon 13th October 2015 12:24 pm

Beautiful and on-point....Thank you! :thumbs:

debs go lightly 13th October 2015 2:26 pm

Dear Brenda, thank you for this wonderful message! My dream has faded a little, so I'm off to buy sparkly magic wand to bolster it up a bit!

Lots of love to you and thank you for all the joy you bring to this world, Debs xxx

Brenda Hoffman 13th October 2015 3:53 pm

Dear Deeni, Pam and Simeon,
We're being it - actually evolving from doing to being. Kudos to us and all those who follow.

I'm constantly amazed at how diligently we have to focus on new us to allow ourselves to shift from fear to joy and love. It seems like it would be so easy - like the difference between being on the perfect vacation or working many hours overtime for a job/company we don't like.

Guess it brings to mind the quote (and it makes me laugh to think this is not a recent quote!), "To be or not to be, that is the question."

And now our assignment - if we so choose to accept - is to create our earth dream by just being. It doesn't get more fun than that!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 13th October 2015 3:56 pm

Hi Debs,
A sparkly magic wand works for me! Yesterday, I played with a friend trying on wigs. A new experience for me that felt like dress-up when we were kids. To playtime and sparkly wands for all!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

kitegirlcoach 13th October 2015 8:46 pm

I think the "being" part of the dream for me lately is being ok about turning away from friends and family who are a drag. Before I think I stayed in order to be "nice" or to try to help. The guilt is lessening now. I have limited time on the planet and want to spend it with people who either want the help or are inspiring and open to being inspired. I still love those I turn away from and imagine their potential to lift up out of their worries and disapproval of me. They will get there when they are ready!

The big dream is still vague to me though. How much can I do for the world? What are my most natural gifts to use in the process? How will it all fall into place? I ran a course once which I still often use for helping people find their dream job. They end up moulding all the bits they want in a job without giving it a job title and, sure enough, within 2-6 months they always have it. I've done this for myself but nothing has surfaced. (sigh) Patience...

Peter fox 14th October 2015 4:54 am

Hi Everyone! Great dialogue going on here! Just being is definitely the way and,for me, both Brenda's and Annabelle's second paragraphs sum up the
situation. Brenda- " I'm entirely amazed at how diligently we need to focus". Annabelle expresses the same difficulty where the ego-mind is still asking
questions and wanting to know what will be. Herein lies the paradox- we have to continually practise this focus of attention just so that it becomes so
natural that we don't have to practise it anymore! But is this really such a paradox after all? In every walk of life the most successful are those who
practise what they are already talented at. I sense that both Brenda and Annabelle are both extremely talented at being enthusiastic,joyful and fun
people to be around and this is all you need to be- anything else(if anything else is necessary) will flow natuurally from this simple state of being. Yes.
Brenda, Shakespeare knew a thing or two. Just be= I am. We are getting there faster and faster. Go Team! Love to All....Peter.

earthchild 14th October 2015 11:52 am

Hi Brenda! Great article! and right on. Perhaps we also have to remember that the Reward not necessarily is outside ourselves, but within. And I totally agree about not fitting in 3D and we are not meant to in any way, but what is 3D meant to learn from us? Thanks also for being so human in how you express yourself. Olivia

Brenda Hoffman 14th October 2015 12:49 pm

Hi Annabelle!
Patience and more patience. And isn't that stance so frustrating at times?

You've already taken a huge step of no longer wanting to take care of others. We were trained to be nice in 3D - especially women. Knowing that others will get there when they're ready is so empowering. Kudos and more kudos for understanding that others are as powerful as you.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 14th October 2015 12:54 pm

Hi Peter!
Does our ability to focus on joy and being not indicate how far we've come in such a short period? I'm so proud of us all. We're actually shifting from fear to love - especially self-love - despite society, as a whole, not yet grasping what this shift is. We go about our daily business in a world still enmeshed in so many 3D activities and yet we're brave enough to claim new us and not discount those who aren't. Go TEAM!!! is so wonderfully accurate. And yes, love to all.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 14th October 2015 12:59 pm

Hi Olivia,
You're so right that the reward might be inside for many - we're all unique with unique dreams and joys.

Those now of 3D who wish to join us in transition will. But they will likely do so more rapidly if we shine our beacons of joy brightly and the rewards we display seem to them more like miracles than just the power to be. We're their examples of love and joy. How fun is that!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

earthchild 15th October 2015 5:47 am

Hi Brenda

Thanks for your words.. But I was wondering too if those in 3D aren't meant to be there to learn their own lessons? that we are not meant to take them away from their lessons or their reasons for being there?!

To Annabelle... Oh yes, I was also there feeling a lot of guilt because I had to be myself and not people please and take care of others. I wasn't actually doing them a favour by neglecting myself, on the other hand I feel that I was preventing them from learning their own lessons and things they had to face in the actual situations they were in. .. The guilt was the worst part and it took me some time to get over. You are doing a great job in taking care of yourself. Olivia

Brenda Hoffman 15th October 2015 8:51 am

Dear Earthchild/Olivia,
Yes, caretaking and victimization are of 3D. But everyone needs to discover that for themselves, as many not yet transitioning are completing 3D earth lessons they wanted to complete prior to this earth life.

It's not our role to force someone to be of the light - or to slow down our transition waiting for them to do so. Our role is to be a beacon for those looking for the light. As you discovered once you moved past your 3D guilt.

We've been trained for eons by society to value others more than ourselves - hence your guilt. Now we're learning that we're as valuable as everyone. An exciting, but a sometimes difficult concept to accept when societal guilt or shame enter the picture.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

earthchild 16th October 2015 3:15 am

Dear Brenda

I absolutely agree. The guilt of course has to do with how it has felt that others have expected us to be a certain way to fit in, save them and suppress ourselves. And then we finally find out that we need to be who we are and not suppress ourselves anymore for others sake. And you are right too that women in 3D more than men have been trained to be nice and take care of others. It is a challenging journey and hard when we find out that we can't live our lives for others, and selfishness in that regard is fine and we then have to experience how others in 3D feel that we let them down. I sure have had to learn and get totally past guilt as you say.

Thanks for all you say, it makes total sense and great to know that others go through the same thing.

With love,

Tiff 16th October 2015 1:39 pm

Well, once again it's good to have confirmation that I'm not alone or going crazy. Thank you, Brenda. This is so on point.

Big Hugs :thumbs: :)

GAF 18th October 2015 7:10 pm

earthchild - "But I was wondering too if those in 3D aren't meant to be there to learn their own lessons? that we are not meant to take them away from their lessons or their reasons for being there?!"

People have to get to "Enough already!", get their fill of 3D. "Fed up" closely precedes great change.

We OFFER them light. As Brenda says, we can't force anyone.

It does us no good to attach to what others do with what we offer and we need to take care of ourselves first and foremost (and set boundaries). As the flight attendant says - put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone with theirs.

And as many of you are saying or implying - completing our own healing / inner work & shining our light has greater effect on others than most of what we can "do" & the higher our frequency & consciousness, the more light-infused is our doingness.

I have to now offer a book suggestion - "Awake & Aware - Top Priority: Self" for more on getting things in the right priority. "If you can't love yourself, how the hell ya gonna love somebody else?"

Gaia Ascension Forerunner

earthchild 19th October 2015 6:38 am


"People have to get to "Enough already!", get their fill of 3D. "Fed up" closely precedes great change. "

I do understand what you say, but what if people are not ready to get "enough already" until they are ready? What I mean is most people in 3D and us as well have set up things we like to learn on Earth, but many people out there are still enmeshed in 3D living and don't look within themselves to understand the very things they have to learn about themselves. They still observe the outer world and don't see how things are reflected within themselves. In what way can they then get "enough" if they don't look within themselves? or come to a realization of Self?

Things have to change in them from the inside out, it is not enough that other people shine their light on them.

Another thing that came to my mind after reading Brenda's words was. Can we stay in joy and love permanently as lightworkers or forerunners and as humans? What if something very unexpectedly happens in the outer world that forces one to change? I experienced that during these eclipses. Olivia

GAF 19th October 2015 7:13 am

They will get enough of 3D, of the outer world, the programmed way of doing things... even if they don't understand all that. And THAT has the potential to drive them inward. You just said it yourself - "What if something very unexpectedly happens in the outer world that forces one to change?" And what would that be? It may take something different, a different level of intensity for some. It might even be something on the "good" side of things that actually slaps someone awake.

What our light is is an offering, a showing of another option. WE are a refection of people too. We demonstrate what they too can be.

Being in joy and love doesn't mean not having emotions... or doubt or frustration or weariness. Being in joy and love is not as if we are holding our breath.

You have neither the Power nor Responsibility to change others. Do and be what is yours to do and be! THAT is what you have anything resembling control over. You can argue the effectiveness for others, but I'll tell ya, it's really the only way. Not just them seeing you, but the energy shift.

GAF 19th October 2015 7:25 am

And earthchild, I have had the same pondering at times about lightworker types that you are having about 3Ders, perhaps even folks like yourself, wondering if any / many of you will actually "complete", not just be "awakened", not just be on path, but actually complete healing... and yet, here you are, asking the real questions... most importantly, asking them of yourself, for ultimately it will be you who provides the best answer, no matter how long it takes for you to get to that point.

And I'll bet you were all sucked up in 3D at one time too, at least to some degree and yet I'm sure you're not like you were once. Shift happens. Sometimes we make that shift and sometimes we just need to let it unfold, sometimes it's both - make the energetic shift, then let the outer unfold... as it so slowly does in 3D. *yawn*

Now, no where in this have I said that this planetary ascension thing, complete with sleepy, recalcitrant humans, is fun. lol And yet I can still laugh.


GAF 19th October 2015 8:16 am

earthchild, you seem to be very concerned with 3Ders. Do you seize any and every opportunity to inject enlightenment and empowerment into EVERY topic of conversation... with EVERYONE? That's how it's done. Not just online preaching to the choir, but out there in the trenches, tapping into not only Joy, but that other soul-centered quality called Courage. You think people won't go inward, won't tap into self? Then suggest that to them, to do just that.

I'm not saying to make a point to say things, just let it flow in the moment.

And ultimately, THAT is what all this BEingness is about, to just be you in any and every situation and circumstance. That then becomes so second (first really) nature that you wouldn't even hesitate to say something, every time. You want them to have a chance, then give them one... but don't invest / attach to what they do with it. Plant the seed and let Life water it for them.

But some of what the point is here in all this discussion is to not hold yourself back for others. That's no good for you or them.


GAF 19th October 2015 8:20 am

And I feel the urge to just emphasize this:

Responsibility = the ability to respond... to life, to everything and everyone, in the moment.

earthchild 19th October 2015 11:12 am

Hi GAF. I actually don't go out there and talk about spiritual matters unless I sense people are interested. Don't spend much time online, but Brenda's message caught my eye

GAF 19th October 2015 1:50 pm

How could people be "interested" in things they are not even aware of? You pretty much asked that yourself.

How will they learn of these things? From you. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Why be concerned about them and yet unwilling to spread some light into their world?!

Have you read Brenda's new post? It could fit right into this discussion.

Brenda Hoffman 20th October 2015 5:51 pm

Hi Tiff,
Thank you.

Sometimes it does seem like, so much to learn, so little time, doesn't it? And then, as if nothing is happening. Brave and dedicated souls all!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 20th October 2015 6:02 pm

Hi GAF and Earthchild,
What a lively and enlightening discussion! I suppose you already realize that you're both correct. GAF your personality is different from Earthchild's and so your method of interacting with others both of 3D and New Earth would be different. Other than my blog/BlogTalkRadio show, I don't go out of my way to tell people about channeling or this awesome transition unless I'm asked. But I have a physic friend who tells everyone all the time. You are who you are - and how delightful is that!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

GAF 20th October 2015 7:32 pm

Brenda, I don't have a problem with anyone being different. It's not about "being right" and someone else "being wrong." Goodness sakes. lmao

When it comes right down to it, I could give a sh*t if earthchild listens to any of MY words. It's THEIR words that matter... to them.

Sometimes we can help others hear their own words, which are often people's biggest clues and are packed with more knowledge / wisdom / answers than they might first acknowledge.

earthchild knows the answer to their own question. On one hand for earthchild there is the concern "How will others wake up?" and on the other hand doesn't want to be proactive about assisting in other's awakening. earthchild is the one that earthchild has been waiting for! earthchild IS the answer!

And part of earthchild knows that.

Gaia Ascension Forerunner (GAF)

earthchild 20th October 2015 10:41 pm

Hi! I think you misunderstood me in what I said, Gaf. I don't have ANY concern in when others will wake up. On a soul level everyone is already awake and has an individual path to walk. I am respecting that.

earthchild 20th October 2015 11:10 pm

To clarify what I said. There are lots of people who look outside themselves. You cant force them to look within, not put others first until they are ready to see the light themselves. If I expressed an concern with that, it came out wrong

GAF 21st October 2015 1:08 am

earthchild, hallelujah to what you just said. And that's what I meant also.

And yet, is it really so outrageous, so out in left field, so absolutely "no way!" for you to suggest to people to do just that - go inward?! "Hey honey, has it occurred to you to maybe go inward, ya know, concerning this issue?" That took so little effort for me to type that. It would take even less for you to say that aloud to someone. And yet one little line like that can turn people's whole lives around.

I'll tell you right here, right now, there is one whole hell of a lot of people have played a role in my awakening and healing and some of them didn't wait for me to ask a question or take an interest in something I wouldn't have been aware of until they said it. And I too have volunteered info and also responded to their "indirect asking". Never once has that been a bad experience. I find that once you bring these topics up, people just LOVE it. It's like they're expressing, "FINALLY, someone who thinks like I do" or "... someone who actually TALKS about this stuff." (continued)

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