Where’s My Earth Dream?

Dear Ones,

You are probably becoming irritated by constant channeled reminders of who and what you should be. You have not yet created anything of worth in your estimation. So you do not want to build up your hopes yet again only to have them dashed as day after day goes by without much change in your life.

Granted, you likely have an insight here and there, even your small creations every few days. But nothing like your big dream promised by so many. Why not just admit to yourself and others that nothing is going to change? That your dream is like the sad little man behind the wizard screen in the Wizard of OZ?

Perhaps you need to remember that Dorothy of the Wizard of OZ had the ability to return home when she wished merely by clicking her heels together. Yet, she was certain throughout the book that someone, something outside of her (the Wizard of OZ) was her savior, her way home.

So it is for you. You have the skills to create what you want when you want. But there is something within you that tells you that you cannot. Such a statement is not meant to punish you or for you to feel guilty, but for you to note your inner messages (Glinda, the Good Witch of the South) of how to overcome those pieces holding your creation skills hostage.

Because it is time for you to create what you most desire in this New Earth, your messages are arriving fast and furious.

Some of you are receiving them as your greatest fears – encouraging you, almost forcing you to address pieces you have not thought of for some time. For this race, if you will, to create by or near the end of 2015 is forcing you to address that which you have not yet wished to address.

These fears are smaller for most of you than was true for those you addressed during the dark night of your soul. They are fears you have pushed aside as just part of your being.

You did not need to address these fears to shift to 5D, but now that you are in your creation mode – and you are – you are discovering that addressing these fears is the only way you will bridge the gap from fear to creation.

For these fears are about you not feeling adequate or complete in some way – not loving yourself completely. “I’m a wonderful, loving entity, but I have these limitations.” are words that constantly play in your background. Limiting your creation skills because they limit your ability to fully love and accept yourself.

Perhaps you wonder how you transitioned to a 5D person with these self-love limitations? These limitations were not enough to stop you from learning how to love yourself – something you now wish to deepen.

Just as when you started this self-love transition, loving yourself was merely a phrase you easily repeated but could not yet understand for you remained enmeshed in fear. Now that you have transitioned beyond that, you are addressing those fears that limit your creation skills.

Some of you are concerned that you will never complete your clearing. Such is not true. You have cleared more than anyone, including you and the Universes, thought possible. Now you are transitioning to yet another layer of new you that all thought only possible through earth death and return to earth in a new body.

You are moving more rapidly in so many directions than any thought possible.

Early in 2015, we prophesied that you would roll down your hill to the joy below. And so you did despite adding rocks and stones no one including you envisioned as a possibility for clearing in this lifetime. Yes, it does seem as if you clear and clear – for that is exactly what you are doing.

All assumed you would have the energy to climb your mountain – your dark night of the soul – in this lifetime. Yet, you transitioned far beyond that. So as you continue to shift into self-love/new you/New Earth you create new streams of being designed ‘on the fly,’ if you will.

Even though we knew you would create your dream by or near the end of 2015 – for we can often see a future you cannot – we had no idea how you would create your dream. You en masse decided how best to do so the most rapidly.

So it is you are reviewing and clearing fears that were not strong enough to limit your movement from 3D to 5D, but strong enough to limit self-love and acceptance. And so it is you wish to address those fears so that when you create your earth dream by or near the end of 2015, you will propel yourself beyond what you now expect.

It is as if you are creating faster rocket fuel daily. Knowing that you not only wish to bring New Earth into being – which you did – but that you wish to live in that New Earth without fears of any kind. And the only way you can do so is to eradicate those pieces that stop you from fully being you. So it is you are clearing and clearing.

Many of you have opted never to return to earth – and part of your clearing is so you never need to do so.

You have cleared your major self-love pieces. Now you are clearing pieces that limit your creation skills for that is the skill you are now addressing.

In 2016, you will address those pieces that limit your ability to incorporate others into your life and love. But that is not something you need to address now.

Suffice it for you to know that the pieces you noted as fearful the past few days, are those pieces that limit your creation skills. You will remain in 5D even if you do not clear them. But you will not create at the level you wish – especially if your dreams are as large as you were encouraged to create – until you clear the fear pieces that have popped up the past few days.

You are your own fairy godmother, guru, genie, wizard or any other label you wish to use. Listen to your inner fears as they pop up and you will know the limits you placed on yourself that negate your big earth dreams.

For many, those limits do not seem to coincide with your dreams even though they do in ways you cannot yet envision. Allow yourself to address – and if you wish – clear those fears so you can create your big earth dream by or near the end of 2015. So be it. Amen.


benners 10th November 2015 3:18 pm

Thank you Angels and Brenda for this timely message. This past weekend was one of the most challenging for clearing toxic and negative energy. I absolutely feel like it's been clearing, clearing, clearing, yet where is the big change I was hoping to have in place by the end of the year, the one I started working on all the way back in January? This gives me hope and affirms what I've been feeling and that is that change is very near...fingers crossed it comes in before 1/1/16 :)

Brenda Hoffman 11th November 2015 12:09 am

Hi Banners,
I can't remember channeling such specific dates as I have the past few weeks. Even though time will tell for us, like you, I feel something different in the air. I also find it so interesting that other channels seem to be reporting similar information. My sense when I channel by or near the end of this year is that that date is important not only to us, but for the Universes.
Blessings, Love and Creative Sparkles,

spiritdiver 13th November 2015 12:20 am

Hi Brenda,

Yep everything you mention resonates. From late last week, and today intense feelings of frustration in so wanting to be /create big. Associated palpitations of the heart, in it cresting but not coming through as yet. The exception was yesterday, 11:11 an incredible feeling day. Perhaps the light downloads spoken of also contributing to fast heart?

Today some personal issues to do with speaking my desires with compassionate action, yet in power in needing to feel accepted in that while retaining personal boundaries (children!). But this is familiar clearing, all year! Creatively being OK, with me I guess you could say, may be tied to issues of lack of selflove in my past. I am mentally beyond that now, but it is coming up feeling it physically. Quite intently now, even though I am (seriously) not emotionally tied to it. I know of my inner worth. Through experience i found these deep patters, even though mentally, emotionally may be resolved, the physical habit seems the last to dissolve. I am guessing due to the physical being the densest layer to work out/through?!

spiritdiver 13th November 2015 12:18 am

Thank you Brenda for all you share, and also in my responding to your gift you helped me to move closer to a feeling of greater calm and peace.

In appreciation and love,

Angelika Lina 15th November 2015 4:47 am

Hi Brenda,
I was so relieved to read this message. It just feels like clearing and clearing and like I'm running in circles not really getting anywhere. Just getting the odd glimpse or two of improvement. The relationship / interaction with others in 2016 especially, brought up an aha moment. I seem to have isolated myself a bit excessively as I can't seem to cope easily being with others, which is odd as I do enjoy company. My mind however messes things up, rather I've so far allowed it to do so. I've got a saying on my wall: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence than, is not an act, but a habit." by Aristotle

I understand it, but I'm still in the grove of some of my old habits. Just had an odd thought ,ie it's holding me in its deathgrip. Maybe that means that old part / grove is dying? Sure hope so.

Love & blessings

Brenda Hoffman 15th November 2015 4:36 pm

Hi SpiritDiver,
My sources have always listed physical shifts as the last piece of any issue you are addressing. You're probably right that such is so because it is the densest layer. This week has been exposing a number of issues for me also - issues that seem to clear or be better understood in hours instead of weeks. We're shifting so rapidly it's difficult to keep track of what's happening when - at least that seems to be true for me right now!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 15th November 2015 4:43 pm

Hi Angelika,
As I noted to SpiritDiver, I too seem to be addressing so many issues. Whew - very active time emotionally. AND I have little need to be with others even though, like you, I like people a great deal. People seem to drain me now. I can barely keep my eyes open today - obviously something is happening to me internally. And so it goes as we shift so dramatically so rapidly!

Not to worry or even think that your mind is messing you up. You're where you're supposed to be per your inner-being. Allow yourself to be - including alone. When you're ready you'll come out of hiding - which might be tomorrow or months from now. I'm allowing myself the same grace. This is us learning to respect and love ourselves even if our actions don't seem logical.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

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