Whine or Create?

Dear Ones,

Many of you complain to the Universes that the 5D or beyond skills we promised you are not coming to fruition, that we or you made a mistake.

Even though such is not so, that is what you wish to believe. For without that belief, you will need to expose yourself to the masses. Something you have avoided for numerous 3D lives.

For when you were still enmeshed in other frequencies and dimensions and yet of the earth, you attempted to expose your inner-powers with unpleasant results. The physical punishments you endured are rattling throughout your earth memories encouraging you to not try again.

So despite having skills that could alter your current life in minutes, you elect to utilize your 3D skills.

Those who care for infants or others who cannot care for themselves will shift in time as those caretaking responsibilities change or you move to another phase. You are in a brief holding pattern.

Today, we address those afraid to move beyond their 3D world despite 5D or beyond skills. You fall within this grouping if you feel guilty, sad, or angry reading that last statement. For you remain fearful of exposure even though you have adjusted your being for eons to do so during this earth life.

You are the 5D beings complaining about how difficult your life is and that if only this or that happened, you could fulfill your role. Much as you did lifetime after lifetime in 3D. Blaming anyone but yourself for your seeming failures or anger.

Blaming others is a 3D response that is playing out dramatically now. For just as outer-directed power is failing, so is the ability to blame others. As one of your 60s and 70s earth comedians proclaimed over and over in jest, “The devil made me do it.”

If you crossed the 5D Rubicon – and you did – to create what you want when you want it – and you can – how can you blame anyone for your life? Yet, throughout 3D earth society, blame is attached to everything from the stars, to neighbors, political leaders, the times, the media, and on and on.

You perhaps think that others not yet of 5D or beyond continue to be enmeshed in 3D beliefs, actions, and blame. Such is true. But you are not among that group. So there is no reason for you to fall into the blame game – even of yourself. For your new standard, your new direction is of acceptance and love.

Such does not mean you must commiserate with those who remain of 3D or even attempt to understand their need for blame and shame. For you are no longer of 3D in any form including blaming others for your life. You are free.  A freedom that carries responsibility for yourself and your feelings.

You cannot believe life is acting upon you and yet be of 5D. If you have responsibilities you feel are cumbersome, how are you changing your approach to those responsibilities or the responsibilities? You have the skills to do what you need to shift your life from fear and blame to selfhood.

But to do so, you must claim your being in all its glory. No more do you need to complain or whine that your life is not as wonderful as you would like. No more can you blame others for your discomfort without some sort of uncomfortable result attached to that blame. And no more can you expect someone to rescue you for you do not need rescuing.

Such is why we of the Universes no longer whisper in your ear to do this or that to fulfill your dreams for you are more skilled than are we because you are of the earth during this transition – something we have not experienced.

Of course, we follow you and provide you with comfort, but we no longer have the ability to direct you as we did when you were of 3D.

Think of us as your earth great-grandparents and you as a middle-aged adult with adult children. There is little we, as earth great-grandparents, can offer you other than love and ongoing support. For your world is very different from what we experienced decades earlier.

You are the ones forging ahead in a new world with a new being.

You are creating a new earth with new directions and new beings. Something many of you forget in your attempts to marry 3D, 5D and beyond.

The one piece that cannot be shifted or even negotiated is that you are responsible for you – not any guru, family member, community leader, politician, or governmental body.

Who are you? Not who you should be or who others think you are, but who are you? The you responsible for your actions and reactions. The you responsible for your growth and evolution.

Do you wish to remain of 3D fear? If so, continue to blame others and whine about your life. Do you wish to claim your 5D and beyond being? If so, proclaim yourself free of others’ actions, reactions, shoulds, and have tos.

If something in your life is not right, change your actions, perceptions, needs, or direction. This is your time of finding joy.

Joy cannot be found through or by others for it is your joy.

Some of you whine (and whine is the correct word) that you are so enmeshed in a group, family, or other activity that you cannot release yourself. Ah, and so it is you refuse your creation skillset.

You are a creator of the first degree. Not only of multiple frequencies and dimensions but of new earth in a new being. You have prepared for eons. It is time for you to fully accept your power despite your fears, angst, and your 3D need to blame anyone but yourself for your life.

You are a magnificent creator being. It is time to accept and explore that part of your being – something you cannot do until you accept yourself and your power. So be it. Amen.


Sunshine 15th April 2019 11:33 am

Love is all there is, having had a death experience, I know this. However, on Earth we have cause and effect. For over 11 years now, I have heard mostly negative and often violent voices and vibrations stemming from past lives and general lower vibrational traffic. It is my knowing of love that has kept me strong and always living in love with optimism and faith. I have worked ceaselessly on my evolution 24 hours a day out of necessity and worked with mentors and teachers. I have also helped many along the way, written metaphysical books and spoken . Always the inner world continually violent but me always trusting source. Then a serious disease is diagnosed which I am told is because I have coped with this continual attack upon my senses. Not wanting and trusting conventional medicine I am now borrowing money to fund my functional medicine treatment. Naturally I have had to step back from my work so the debt keeps rising. Just perhaps the Universes need to step up to meet remarkable human beings like myself who do not blame or maybe 5d is not all its cracked up to be on Earth?

Mik 15th April 2019 4:33 pm

Thanks so much Brenda. Yes, Wine please, to celebrate who we are....lol :angel:


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