Who Should be “Saved” on 12/12/12 or 12/21/12?

Dear Ones,

What do you believe is going to happen on 12/12/12 or 12/21/12?

Your beliefs create your reality.

Those who die or transition from earth create the environment they believe is true before their earth transition. Some believe they belong in a hell-like setting – so they create that. Others that they will be floating on clouds playing harps (But never snare drums or acoustical guitars!). So it will be.

But this state between earth and reality does not last long for most. The newly transitioned soon realize the joy of exploring new areas.

The same is true of what you believe is going to happen on 12/12/12/ or 12/21/12. Perhaps you believe you will ascend to a different plane. Or that those who remain in the third dimension will disappear from earth.

Such beliefs are as limiting as the beliefs of those who expect a boring eternity playing harps.

Maybe you fear you will create your earth transition or death with your current ascension beliefs. Such is not the case. Your higher self will not allow you to transition because of your 3D beliefs. Anymore than the Universes allow you to spend much time floating in the clouds before tapping you for your next exciting adventure.

Or perhaps you disappointed that a parallel earth will not be created, that you will not ascend or that rockets and fireworks will not occur. For many, 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 will not be much different from any other day.

Of course, those of you interested in opening your being to other dimensions, might have indicators that such is happening. Perhaps a buzzing in your head, a headache or similar non-emergency sensations that indicate something is shifting.

Can you imagine the global emotional pain of cutting the earth in two in terms of those who now wish to be part of different dimensions and those who do not? Who determines which entities have enough interest to exist on a different earth? Should such happen the first day of questioning a 3D life? Or the first day one believes in life after death? Or once the entity begins dimension skipping?

Do you see the difficulty in determining who should be “saved” or placed on a new earth and when? Do you understand how such a division would actually delay the development of all that you hope for and believe in? Those with a more scientific bent might be less likely to jump on the New Age/new earth band wagon leaving gaps in your global shift process. Or if only those of like thought were included, no one would question the validity of the experience – or more to the point, add spark to the development process.

Many are somewhat sanctimonious about what is going to happen to believers.

But then, there are divisions even within the so-called believers. Some believe the only path to a new dimension is meditation or a specific diet. Others believe that neither is important. Yet both groups are certain they are the ones who will be saved. Are such thoughts not similar to a 3D religious revival?

The new earth/New Age is freedom. The freedom to progress at a pace and into the life that feels most correct for you. But then, neither is probable for most on earth at this time for you are still forming and shifting your new beings. Granted, you Lightworkers might be a bit advanced in those areas, but what good would your processing and clearing be if you left those not at your stage of development behind?

All are equal.

You advanced Lightworkers merely accepted a different role than those not yet starting to awake. This transition is for all, not just a for the few who believe they know the truth.

Your role is not to move to another earth so you can congratulate yourselves on your abilities and early interest in this transition. But instead, to glory in your new skills and interests so that those who wish to awake to their new earth/New Age roles will have many loving role models to choose from. An extremely important statement for you all.

It does not matter that your inner-being declares meat inappropriate and another does not. It only matters that you are following your inner messages. Not media messages or your friends’ messages. But yours.

Your inner-being is the only guide you need to move into your life of joy. You are not wiser, nor less wise than anyone.

All of you are moving to the same endpoint – love. Most importantly, love for yourself. That is not possible if you believe you are better or not as good as someone else. Merely Old Age thinking.

A wondrous transition is occurring. Your role in this transition is provided to you by your inner-being. A role that is part of a larger tapestry than just those of you who are now interested or part of the New Age/new earth. You are role models, not gurus.

You are wondrous, but so is everyone courageous enough to be on earth at this time or to assist from other dimensions as earth and it’s entities transitions into a new spiritual awakening.

You are loved and talented, as is everyone. There are no class distinctions in this transition. To believe that only some will be part of a new physical earth, is to recreate the class distinctions that made living on earth so uncomfortable.

All who wish to be part of the new earth in this lifetime will be – whether it is before or after 12/21/12. So be it. Amen.


ToTwoTOo 12th December 2012 9:25 am

2012 is mental programming and mental conformity. "One" is also a mental conformity.

At least one "shift" is guaranteed; the 2012 programming is definitely going to expire. It will be done, gone and over. We will pass into 2013 and whatever has been cultivated over the past decade (or more) will spring and sprout.

Brenda Hoffman 12th December 2012 10:11 am

Dear ToTwoTOo,
I so agree - "Whatever has been cultivated over the past decade (or more) will spring and sprout"
Blessings and Sparkles,

k 12th December 2012 12:45 pm

The idea that all human forms are the same, is not accurate from what I understand. There are soul groups that create thought forms that sometimes bring to the group negative energies and perceptions. In my opinion, these thought forms will disapppear as the group becomes more connected to thier Higher Selves...the illusions will disappear. So, the murderer, rapist, thief etc. will disappear, otherwise it would not be a kind world to exist in. The dark energies will dissolve and with it the thought forms in human and other forms will also disappear. So, it is important to keep our thoughts and feelings as pure as possible, so we will not be responsible for creating these dark entities.
As far as eating meat, I think it is important that we understand that we are responsible for what happens in the world.Our eating meat creates slaughter houses where innocent animals are brutally killed, so we can have that meat on the table. Anyone who, with a compassionate heart, has witenessed the events in a slaughter house would be inclined to find alternative sources of protein.

k 12th December 2012 12:54 pm

So, who will be saved? When we realize that most of what we see is illusion. People turn the TV on, listen to hate talk shows and the terrible news, the drama shows where people scream at each other or ridiculous stuff. All illusion and mind control to keep those with souls in a state of anger and hate. Most of the people who bring hate and anger to me are illusions, they do not have a soul and thus do not have a conscious, when the veil is rendered those human forms that hate and try to use me will disappear because they are not real and I do not need to worry if they will be saved. Those with souls will see through the veil of illusion and be free of the evil thought forms.

k 12th December 2012 1:12 pm

So, when Neitzsche advised in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, if you do not find love in a person or a place....pass it by. This piece of literature helps us understand that if it is not love, it is illusion and we have the right to chose to not be a victim or fall in to Zarathustra's last greatest sin "pity". To chose to look beyond the illusions of hate and greed, to pass it ALL by and turn the focus to the world outside of Pluto's cave, to a world of love and light. There will be some with souls who can not turn their eyes away from the flaming spectacle of Abraxas...to see beyond the illusions of polarity and they when their time comes they will also grow tired of the illusions and they will turn to the written wisdom left by the many mystics and understand that the darkness is illusion and not everyone we encounter is real.

kiwimuzz 12th December 2012 2:05 pm

Well 12/12/12 has passed in New Zealand and nothing happended, I am starting to believe it will just be another day on 21/12/12. I have been following this site since 2010 and trying to seek this other place even mediatated but nothing, am I not good enough. It is very disheartning to go on this site for years antisapating the change to find nothing at all not even a little bit of anything so life just continues monday to friday 9 to 5 oh well thanks for giving hope but it was just that, hope.

Mik 12th December 2012 3:20 pm

Harps,,trumpets,,your right old school,,,,I will be rocking my solar powered lazer beam guitar,,,touring the cosmos ,,and rockin the paradise,,,

Hey, just be in your heart,,,,we create our experience,,so open the platinum palace within,,nobody can do it for you..
and ease on down the road,,,
And love those splinters as they come to you,,,dont let them keep you down,,,hopeless,angry,they are waiting for you to touch them with your compassion,,thats all they want,,love,,compassion,,acknowledgement,,work with them,,they are you,,,and so you expand,,as you breath them in,,,in peace,,and gratitude,,,see what they have to say,,,and give them the love they truly need,,,that you truly need,,only you can give yourself what you need,,,
so be generous,,with self,,give it your all,,,

Keep it simple,,my friends,,,,and en joy or bring joy,,in joy,,,save yourself,from yourself,,,and love it all,,,
thats healing,,,


Brenda Hoffman 12th December 2012 4:15 pm

Dear K,
Not everyone is interested in moving beyond 3D now - or maybe even for the remainder of time they are on earth in this lifetime. But that doesn't mean we need to encourage, reinforce or be part of their 3D world.

In the 40's and 50's smoking was considered extremely sophisticated - even physicians were promoting the health benefits of tobacco. In just a few years, smoking has become unpopular - at least in much of the United States. I'm guessing something similar will happen to those who insist in promoting a 3D life of fear. Not many will pay that much attention to them. Nor will they be part of mainstream society. I think of them somewhat as a subculture that survives among those who wish to remain or finish 3D lessons. But not part - certainly not a fearful part - of those who move beyond 3D.

Brenda Hoffman 12th December 2012 4:26 pm

Dear Kiwinuzz,
I'm so sorry you haven't felt any flashes of insight or change yet.

Maybe, just maybe this shift is a bit like puberty. Some change physically more rapidly than others. I so remember a friend in high school who wanted to develop as rapidly as other young women. Nothing. Then she had her first child and whoa!

I've channeled on several occasions that this shift will be in waves - first scout masters, then pioneers, then settlers - as was true in the American West.

Of course, you can always opt not to follow Spirit Library and similar blogs - but if they make you feel good or give you hope - how bad is that?

Please know that I don't always get sensations on days listed as important in this transition. But sometimes I do on supposedly ordinary days, call my friends and they feel nothing.

Don't give up hope - you may be changing a great deal more than you realize or acknowledge. Or you might be in another wave. All is not lost.

Brenda Hoffman 12th December 2012 4:29 pm

Dear Mik,
I'm liking "Rockin the paradise" especially if it's "Proud Mary" Tina Turner version....or "Mustang Sally"
Blessings and Sparkles,

Ela Rae 12th December 2012 5:25 pm

LOVE IT!!!! For about a year now I have continued to see in the "lightworker" community and "new age/ascension" folks a similar theme that this is the way, we are saving the world, vocalizing who may or may not be worthy of ascension, how there role is paramount, omnipotent...With those expressing this view I feel like it is the same as the deep religious dogma associated with Christianity, that Christ is the only way, judgement, labeling, criticizing.

It is my belief that we are all ascending, all evolving in the way that is just perfect for each of us. All of us letting go, healing, growing and evolving in divine perfection of our soul. Some fighting and resisting more then others (like I used to do! LOL) Ascension is not a right for certain groups or in certain way...Ascension, unity, love evolution is each and every one of ours divine birthright!

Much love and gratitude to you Brenda on this magical journey!

Brenda Hoffman 12th December 2012 6:25 pm

Dear Ela Rae,
I also believe (and channel) that we're all evolving in the way that's perfect for us. And what a beautiful multi-emotional tapestry we're creating!
Blessings, Sparkles and a Magical Mystery Tour!

k 12th December 2012 8:30 pm

I would like to add a comment on the issue of eating meat. If one does not think they can go without meat, it would be best for them to remember the Kosher Laws. The animal needed to be raised in a human manner and slaughtered in a certain way. Most of the animals that end up on the tables are not humanly raised and certainly not humanly slaughtered. The vibrations of what we eat become a part of us...so do we want the vibrations of an animal who suffered to become a part of us? Can people really understand what I am saying? I am not being self righteous, I am trying to point out cause and effect. If we participate in the inhuman treatment of an animal, does that show up in our "karma"?

k 12th December 2012 9:55 pm

I do not judge one person better than another, but I do discern what is of the Light and what is not and now after these years of solitude and introspection, I decide with great discernment what I will allow in my life. I chose to focus on love and light, and if that vibration does not come up to measure, I pass it by. I does not matter if that person is to be saved, what matters to ME is my realtionship with God and my Higher Self. I can walk alone, I can walk in the void and now I can walk in the darkness because it cannot hurt me now..victory, freedom, what matters to me, is what I have in my little world and the outer world is not for me. I turn my eyes away from the flaming spectacle of Abraxas....like Carl Jung in his Seven Sermons to the Dead, I chose Light and love that can only be found when we know our God and ourselves. This path, few survive in the physical form. Many die and I came close, but I made it, and now I see the Light of my Higher Self more clearly...that love and peace.I can see darkness for what it is, I can see truth, and I am willing to fight for the Light.

Brenda Hoffman 12th December 2012 10:20 pm

Dear K,
Like you, I elect to let those who thrive in fear and anger pass me by.

Ela Rae 12th December 2012 10:22 pm

Yes! :angel: Beautiful it is! :smitten:

ToTwoTOo 13th December 2012 1:52 pm

For you, K.

Have you watched this? It was so awesome, I watched it 4 times. Yes, 4 times.

Gary Yourofsky

LordJesusChrist 17th December 2012 3:48 am

The Good Force be with you!

Very nice message, Brenda! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! And thanks be to God because we are saved thru Christ in this manifestation of a New Heaven and a New Earth!

Live forever and prosper!

Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:smitten: :) :coolsmiley :angel: :thumbs:

Brenda Hoffman 17th December 2012 6:49 pm

And may you live, love and prosper forever also!!
Blessings and Joy,

eaprin 18th December 2012 4:30 pm

Dear Kiwimuzz, and all who read this,

You burden yourself by seeking excess knowledge-wisdom comes through the experience if life-do not judge or yea be judged-accept all for who they are-know they have their purpose-let go-let everything be as it is-give continuous love to mother earth and all her inhabitants.....


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