Why Hoard it or Give it Away?

Dear Ones,

Likely, you cannot sense any global connection with the phrase, “we’re one.” Even though the phrase is something you contemplate, your news and personal experiences do not reinforce your need to actualize it.

You hear the phrase, we’re one and agree with the concept; yet, you believe such will never come to fruition in your lifetime. For those pieces that seem to reinforce accepting all without concerns for gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or creed are being removed – you believe – one by one.

The “we’re one” earth structure needs to be rebuilt and reconfigured solidly instead of precariously as was true for the first build.

If that belief had been created on a solid foundation, the current nonacceptance and anger would not exist. But then, many of your structures are wobbly regarding action instead of token words.

You believe those who do not enforce or encourage love for all are very different from you. In truth, they are antagonists created by you, en masse, to ensure that you understand the need for solid structures.

“Follow the money” motivates your world much more than we’re one.  Your interest in following the money is an offshoot of your societal concerns.

Perhaps you discuss your interest in helping other countries, races, religions, etc. but if given a choice between millions of dollars or helping others to live a life similar to yours, or next door to you, which would you choose? If you had to think about your response, realize how deeply ingrained your need is to validate success with money.

Such a statement is not to chide you nor to inform you that money is evil, but instead for you to understand how you en masse have directed your efforts for some time. Human love waned, as monetary success overtook the need for closeness to one another.

Now you are angry because love for all is your mantra. But if you were without food or shelter, your monetary needs would likely outweigh your love of others. And if you were monetarily very successful, would you be willing to give those resources away if someone promised that all would be loved if you did?

Most likely, you will respond that you would equalize monetary rewards if everyone on earth with financial resources would also. So it is you cannot understand how we’re one will ever come to fruition.

What you forgot in those thoughts is that love does not have a monetary value. That being penniless is not any more loving than being extremely wealthy. Individuals create wealth and resources appropriate for themselves.

You believe loving others means giving your lifestyle and personal rewards away.

That concern shifts you from we’re one to “I better take care of myself before I share my love (personal lifestyle) with others.”

Such is a 3D belief that has little to do with 5D and beyond. For you do not give away your fish, as it were, you teach others how to fish. That is what we’re one truly means. For you to give your creations away because others are not capable of creating the same is much more about a master/servant type relationship than allowing others to be themselves.

Now you are thinking that accepting someone who is a different religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. has very little to do with monetary rewards. We beg to differ. For those with financial resources are not held to the same standards as those without. You can likely name a number of financially successful people of different races, religions, creed, countries, sexual orientation, etc. who are not concerned about crossing any barriers held by those with less financial success.

Still, you argue that it does not matter to you if someone of the opposite sex, a different religion, sexual orientation, different race, etc. lives next door. Which is possibly true. But overall, you question the wisdom of welcoming those different from you believing that somehow they will take your financial resources, lower the value of your property, or expect too much from you emotionally.

Your 5D parts clamor for we’re one. Your 3D belief is that those of lesser status will take away from your being.

You are starting to shift – slowly, but still shifting. For love does not carry a price. Nor does teaching someone how to fish. You are no longer part of the master/servant lifestyle. Even though that model continues to be displayed in the media and perhaps your personal lives, such is not who you truly are.

We strongly suggest you review your beliefs allowing yourself to acknowledge your 3D biases.

You are the builders of the new structures in whatever way feels most joyful. For some, it is knowing anything is possible. For others, teaching someone to fish, and for still others, it is to protest or destroy those structures they wish to re-create.

You will know your role by what gives you joy. Nothing more and nothing less.

But before you can recreate any structures, review your beliefs to determine how closely those structures are tied to monetary rewards. Monetary creations are neither better nor worse than any other creation. So there is no need to hoard your money nor is there any need to give it away.

It is your choice based on your new 5D or beyond being. Allow yourself to decide without reverting to 3D beliefs. So be it. Amen.


kitegirlcoach 29th May 2018 9:00 pm

Such a touchy subject for "spiritual" people - look at all the views of the article and so few comments. Great call, Brenda. I think there are too many who still see money as evil or that they need to give it to someone else in need even if they then become the one in need once it's gone. So many messages I've read over the years have been to encourage us to create our own golden life and then teach them how to fish or to create the cashflow they need or want. This is a lovely perspective to add to those messages. Yes, we're one. Yes, others can learn (or be reminded) how to do what we can do. Yes, other others can do it better than us and we can learn from them. Let's all move it in the right direction together.

elarae1313@gmail.com 30th May 2018 7:21 pm

I have found over matter if months the unity, oneness that is so often spoken about by this community, had been here all allong. It is only my growth, of my journey that had changed. I look over the state of the world. The "good" and "bad". But it is with new understanding, awerness. We are, already one. All of us playing out our roles, lives as Is right for us. Once arrived at a place of unconditional love, I see, with a smile, all that is playing out. I observed the inherent perfection of the dance. The beauty. No matter how much money, education, beliefs, I see every day, peolpe doing right by each other. My poorest families in rural SC as I travel as hospice nurse, have, so often the greatest abundance and love. I see the oneness, the dance, unconditional of my ex-husband on his own journey that may appear dense or old energy. But in truth is not. Just his journey. I am not articulating this very well, been a long day seeing patients, but, it is in the dark and light, the good and bad, the love and hate, it is in the dance of duality, that Oneness is found. It is already here.

Nitebloom 31st May 2018 8:44 am

This is part of the new 7th ray...those in power and involved in finance must be from the awakened sector....or rather we need to integrate into the social fabric of all institutions. Change comes from those in power much quicker than the opposite. It's up to us to integrate/infiltrate/ inject higher spiritual ways into existing systems.
I personally had a negative approach to Money...or those with it, during my wild 20's. Much has changed and it's all just energy in the end. I have realized much and a path has emerged. Regarding 3D-5D another label for something, we cant grasp....WHy must we label ....is it to acknowledge? A simplified border around things unknown. So we may know where we stand..in the black or in the white. We are a mathematical species...we are more computer like then well ever realize,,,,the human experience..droid m,ixed with hormones and endorphins.


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