You Crossed the New You Rubicon

Dear Ones,

Much has shifted the past 24 hours. Early yesterday (June 26, 2016), we applauded your new, rapidly progressing, self-love abilities. Later yesterday, you internalized a self-love piece that seemed far in the future.

You are now claiming your inner-power externally.

Even though that concept has a different meaning for each of you, the piece that touches each is that you are no longer willing to be with anyone who does not share love or joy with you.

Those interactions you once thought inevitable will shift to something new or disappear.

And those you thought were joyful, but fleeting will expand. Not because you are focussing on such, but because your frequency changed yesterday from, “I hope.” to “I know.”

That knowingness remains in the early stages, so you will not necessarily feel the depth of that shift today or even tomorrow. But you will once you realize your interactions have changed. That those who were once important to you are no longer if they choose to remain in the 3D karma loop.

You are claiming yourself from the inside out – resulting in new interactions and expectations for yourself. You are no longer willing to cater to the needs of others at the expense of yourself.

Of course, this concept has been rattling around your inner-being for months. The difference is that the energies you internalized yesterday almost force you to react differently than before.

You decided months ago not to be a caretaker or victim. Even though both roles slipped into your being here and there, you removed yourself from those situations in the most congenial fashion possible by focusing on your new intentions. As of yesterday, you no longer wish to appease those not interested in letting go of caretaking or victimization.

That piece will be displayed quite definitely in the next few days. You will hear clamors of, “Help me. Take care of me. Why are you so selfish?” All clamors that until yesterday, you felt a need to respond to or smooth over so that others did not see new you.

You were almost ashamed of new you for it was so different from 3D you. You wished to remain in the 3D loop but shift a bit here and there internally so you could remain part of the majority.

Such is no longer your goal. For indeed, you are a new Superman, who no longer feels the need to hide his identity with a meek Clark Kent persona.

Maintaining your secret internally is no longer a viable option. Not because you wish to proclaim to the world who you are, but that you no longer have a need to hide. Almost as if you ingested courage pills yesterday. You are who you are – whether that be 3D, 5D or 10D.

Those who wish to be of 3D now will be so in great force. As is true for you in 5D and beyond. Yesterday was a division day. Not in terms of physical violence, but accepting who you are.

Hiding is no longer an option. For it is time for others to know you in all your glory. Just as it is time for you to know the same about you. You have been tiptoeing around your shifts as a Cinderella sweeping out chimneys, while in truth you are a king/queen/god/goddess of the Universes.

Why did you decide en masse to display your true beings? It is so that those on the brink of determining 3D is no longer their home base have another more comfortable place to be. Such would not be possible if you continued to hide your new being.

Does that mean you stand on a soapbox on the corner declaring your new being? Do you print millions of posters to proclaim your new beingness?

No, you merely live your life as feels comfortable within your being.

So it is you are beginning to fully accept and love the being you are instead of attempting to be a little 3D and a little 5D and beyond. The Rubicon, the line has been crossed. Such happened yesterday.

You might feel a bit foggy, tired, nauseous or any number of physical sensations requiring a bit of downtime so that your being can fully assimilate new you.

Some of you reading this message will not feel anything. Nor will you note any difference in your interactions. Such does not mean you have not crossed your Rubicon, merely that you have fewer changes to make than those clearly noting the difference.

Previously, our channels often stated, “Allow that to be.” Such statements are not now required because you can no longer do anything different.

You are truly a different person both internally and externally.

You are indeed the forefront of this amazing transition. And others will catch your glorious light that has become brighter than that which you can contain within yourself.

This transition has shifted from an internal to external/internal transition. You are the first product of that shift.

Shine your light brightly. Knowing you are only responsible for yourself. So be it. Amen.


Leonardo Mancilla 28th June 2016 9:29 am

Beautiful piece once again, dear Brenda. I did notice this shift very early today, when I woke up a bit after 5 am. I am also seeing a shift in abundance "attitudes". A new sense about the "urgency" to manifest abundance and, instead, knowing that abundance is here and available and that it will manifest the minute I choose to live it. Amazing shifts, indeed. Thanks for your loving guidance.

Many blessings, Leonardo

Brenda Hoffman 28th June 2016 9:59 am

Hi Leonardo,
We did it! In the blink of an eye in Universal terms and the past few years in our terms. Despite all - we did it! Now we are learning to live as you so aptly stated, "abundance is here and available and it will manifest the minute I choose to live it." YES1
Blessings, Lots of Love and Creation Sparkles,

debs go lightly 29th June 2016 5:15 pm

Dear Brenda, this is wonderful and I'm so grateful for the information to help figure it all out, thank you. I experienced the 'shift' on the 26th and had moments of putting myself first and then internalising it to a "knowing" deep within. Amazing feeling. But the body - had awful nausea, sweating etc last week and then yesterday a huge migraine, head pain. Oh boy this is fun eh! Poor old body needs a lot of love. It is exciting though and sticking up for myself 'angry me' (there has been a bit of that...) seems to have relaxed into trusting me, much more joyful me. I do see the spiral repeating itself until I 'shift' and now perhaps if it comes round again I will handle it more gracefully, trustingly, joyfully!.

I know others are experiencing unpleasant body symptoms too. Much love to all and a prayer that physical transitions are as grace-full as possible and with minimal discomfort. Beautiful love and healing energy abundance do your thing :) Love Debs.

gretchendreisbach 30th June 2016 12:27 pm

Hi Everyone,

I don't want to fight anymore. I don't want to fight anymore Everyone. I AM A LOVER not a fighter. This has been such a big part of My Lifetime of
Grief, is that I don't want to fight, ever.

This battle between Beloved Soul/Self and Ego Friend, has taken its toll on Little Gretchie, and Physical and Emotional Gretchie.
Just as Parent's fighting takes its toll on their Most Precious Children.

I LOVE ALL OF ME! ALL OF US! I still get scared. I Forgive Me. I still feel pity. I Forgive Me. I still have a hard time trusting. I Forgive Me.
It All comes from DEEP COMPASSIONATE LOVE of SELF, UNconditional LOVE.

I don't care about moving away from 3D aspects. I LOVE 3D aspects because they are ME. I Believed that the end result of All of these "lessons"
was UNITY, not just a new form of separation. I don't care about All of the promises made for Future. I CARE ABOUT NOW.

There is no "better than" or "less than". Higher Self isn't better than Physical. 5D isn't better than 3D.





debs go lightly 30th June 2016 3:45 pm

Oh Gretchen I felt your words so deeply in my heart the tears came, thank you.
I believe that we may always have feelings like anxiety, fear, sadness, but now we know what to do,
and they gently dissolve as we love them.
We have clarity, our hearts can 'see'.
Thank God for every single soul on this beautiful planet, we are indeed one.

Thank God for you Gretchie :) Much love and happiness from Debs xxx

gretchendreisbach 30th June 2016 4:16 pm

Thank God for You Debs Most Precious My Sister!

I have tears knowing that I have a Friend on Earth Planet!



Gretchie D.

spiritdiver 1st July 2016 1:30 am

Whooooa! What was that? Who was that? What an energy!

ru·bi·con; an act of winning a game against an opponent whose total score is less than 100, in which case the loser's score is added to rather than subtracted from the winner's.

Perfect! And i felt same, all around, in dymamic inter-change, and in movement in me like a giant wave.

First the undertoe, pulled on me so hard, so deeply. Drawing, washing what felt like all the physical energy I have out of me. Completely drained, I could hardly move, but kept on, pushing through. Sometimes against others i found particular strength, as needed. But never the elements, the invisible love and support around me, that was felt in trust, as flow. I did not go under only due to this! :smitten:

Here comes the new energy just as you describe, starting to build. Rising up in the background, is rounding the top. Almost to feeling its cresting now. This moment found! commences! a sense of peace. Creeping up to a delightful view. And Sunshine! The drying, warming. New glistening skin. Then its the exhilarating, smooth, joy-filled ride in.

With love to you Brenda! Everyone!

gretchendreisbach 2nd July 2016 10:26 am

Wow Brenda Most Precious, Your Blog Talk today is SO On Point!

I chose My Earth Security Dream in January of 2015, and when Higher Self chose to postpone it 18 months, it has created
quite the separation as far as trust goes.

Does anyone want to hold hands? Would You hold My Hand Debs My Friend, or anyone else?
Cyndy Beloved, You have mentioned that You live in the same area as I do, would You want to come in and walk by the river with Me Friend?

I AM reaching out as You have referenced previously Brenda, as My Gretchie cannot squeeze out one more drop of clearing, which Family
told Us a month ago was complete, but it wasn't for Me, oh geez everyone I expected Heaven To Be FUN!

Joining with Soul/Self Absolutely GLORIOUS!

I have reached out to Others in My building and in My Community, and now I Am Reaching Out To You Friends.

I don't want to give up everyone, I HAVE Believed and Trusted and LOVED for So Long,
When does it work Family? When does it work?

Love, GGD Who Wants Her Happy Life So Deeply and Profoundly, and Who SO DESERVES IT.
and I Did Create It Self

debs go lightly 3rd July 2016 12:55 am

Hi Gretchen, hang in there friend, we are all in this together.

It is a confusing time I think, because as Brenda's radio blog mentioned, a lot of things are compounding.
I don't know if it helps, but I feel that I started to create my dream, then it all clagged up on me. I realised that I haven't been ready for the things I wanted, and lots of internal shifts had to happen first. My body has been the difficult thing, where a lot of my fears resided. I needed to feel really confident in my physicality in order to get out into the world and do the dream things.
Soul gave me a massive reminder today: that I am creating my reality, all of it is coming from me.
I believe deeply that when I let go, joy comes, that my dream is already created, it is just catching up to me in the physical.

Gretchen I'm glad that you don't want to give up. Keep loving you. You create beautiful paintings, you create!

Much love to you, Debs.

cyndy 3rd July 2016 12:17 pm

Debs, love your sunshine.
Nik, love your "breathing the present"
Perhaps no more hanging in there ,no more hanging on.
It is starting to move as there is a new moon tomorrow. A new moon brings energy for what wants to be propelled into creation and life and then opening pathways to bring it through.
Also, helps with Mars going direct.
“The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there’s no ground.”-Chongram Trumpa
Gretchen see you on the path.

gretchendreisbach 3rd July 2016 6:30 pm

Thank You SO Much Beloveds Debs and Nikos For Your LOVE and Kindness'
Received! :smitten:

How FUN for Me to meet One of Our Light Clan/Tribe Members Cyndy Today!!! (in the Physical!)
Where the Mighty Mississippi River Most Precious runs STRONG and POWERFUL in Minneapolis!
Thank You SO Much Cyndy for meeting with Gretchie D. LOVE YOU FRIEND!

The Best Part of Fun Is Having Others To Play With! :)



Gretchen Grace

Brenda Hoffman 5th July 2016 8:54 pm

Hi Nikos,
Blessings, Lots of Love and Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 5th July 2016 8:55 pm

Hi Nikos,
Laughing - thank you!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 5th July 2016 8:57 pm

Hi Gretchen,
Fun or what! You and Cyndy connecting and guessing inviting us all to a virtual Minneapolis party. YES!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Creation Sparkles,


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