You’re a Pied Piper of Joy

Dear Ones,

Many of you celebrated your transition this week. Many did not. Such is right and true. For indeed, not all could transition into another dimension at one time, nor would wish to.

Those of you sensing or feeling differently are the first large grouping to complete this transition. Think of a seed reaching maturity and bursting forth into the sunshine. Some of you experienced that. Others merely planted their seed in December. And others are contemplating whether they wish to do so.

This channel will address those whose seed has burst forth into a glorious new being.

Do you look, act or feel different? Perhaps, perhaps not. Yet you are more accepting of 3rd dimension actions and activities.

That last statement is difficult for many to understand. But then, we are not addressing those who reside in duality.

Those of you who have transitioned accept duality, but are not interested in it. You are observing – not participating and most likely, not judging.

Duality is what it is. You accept that and know that others will feel the same in the near future. You probably used to be enmeshed in political debates or “he said she said” conversations. While you might still take part in such activities, you do so without the rage or interest you once had. As if those discussions/beliefs were playtime activities – just as you pretended to be a doctor or a fireman as a child.

It is not that you will become instant dimensional beings or that you will ignore those who wish to remain steadfast in their 3D world, but instead, that you are more of an observer.

There will be times when those of the advanced Lightworker team will re-engage in 3D traumas and chaos. When you do, you will feel that such activities are wrong for you – not for others, but for you.

What if those around you continue to barrage you with 3D fears, chaos and trauma – if they attempt to return you to their 3D world? Of course, that is always your choice. But you will not feel right doing so. Do you remember how you felt when you did something your parents told you not to? Most of you had guilty, sad feelings. So it is now for those of you advanced Lightworkers. The difference is your feelings are generated from within – not society, family or friends.

It is not that you need to isolate yourself or surround yourself with only those who have transitioned into 4th or beyond dimensions. But that you are the New Age adults of this transition. You wish to experience a world that does not include the duality that has been your life for eons.

Will you be thought of as odd? Perhaps. But that will not matter to you. For if you are surrounded by those who wish you to return to their 3D world, you will find a need to move beyond that group. A bit like those of a political party feeling uncomfortable around those who adamantly advocate for the opposite party.

Some of you feel you are alone in your beliefs, that those in your life believe the 3D world is all there is.

You are not alone. If you are physically surrounded by 3D beings, you can expand your connections via the internet, books, classes and like-minded groups in your community. There are many resources to help you better understand yourself and this transition.

That is not to say you need to negate those of the 3rd dimension. Instead, you will merely observe, but no longer wish to take part in the duality that is their life. You will find others who feel and respond as you do. This transition is a group activity. Unlike other Masters who have assisted earth in earlier transitions, you have many earth equals, spiritual or not-of-earth assistants and a rapidly increasing number of earth entities who wish to move beyond 3D.

You are the new earth. You are the trendy ones. You are not alone now and will be less so with each day, month and year. Think of the first entities to believe the Vietnam war was not correct for the United States. The beliefs of those few ended the United States participation in that war. Something similar, but more awe-inspiring, is happening now.

A few of you, in relation to the world population, are feeling differently. Others will wish to know why you no longer find 3D habits and behaviors interesting. As they do so, they will wish to learn more about this transition. And so it will continue in the next few months until the majority of earth entities transition into new dimensions.

It is a process that is well underway. The capstone was the energies of love and joy you shared on 12/12/12 and 12/21/12. You laughed at the fun of it and marveled at the experiences.

Others will follow. Not because they have to. Not because it is stylish. But because it feels so wonderfully joyful not to judge themselves or others. Not to follow the shoulds of society. Not to be someone they think they should be, but to be themselves in all their new glory.

Go out and play. Do not be afraid to interact with all people – whether of 3D or other dimensions. You have an internal sense of what is right for you – not for anyone else but for you.

Now that you have placed the capstone on the New Age, your internal sense is operating at full strength. If you feel uncomfortable with someone or something, ask yourself why. You will have your answer and a direction. And as you follow that inner-voice, you will find yourself in more and more joy. A joy that will be tantalizing for those who are enmeshed in 3D or are just beginning to shine their light.

You are the future. You are a glorious beacon that will draw others to you to determine what makes you shine, what makes you laugh, what gives you joy. You are not a guru. You are not a rule maker. You are merely you laughing and skipping down the street like a pied piper of joy. So be it. Amen.



Connie 51 26th December 2012 1:22 pm

I don't know if I'm a pied piper of joy. I know I have changed and do not see the person I was except in faint peeks when it is mirrored back to me. And I'm so very Grateful this is true. Yes there are moments I truly want to start skipping, twirling, and singing at the top of my lungs. And I'm holding the intention that I may yet be physically able to do just that again in this grand life. If not my heart is doing all this things. And that is why my poor mind keeps saying look you must worry about this. WHY I SHOUT BACK, I CANNOT CHANGE ANYTHING WITH WORRY! I AM FREE FREE AT LAST!!! Come on mind let's play and imagine all the JOY when at last most everyone I meet is brimming with LOVE PEACE and JOY Thank you so much for this message! I'm smiling inside and out. Just what I needed in this NOW moment. Blessings

Lou84 26th December 2012 4:40 pm

Enjoyed the message thank you. I am just struggling at the moment with 3D. My boyfriend does not believe in anything spiritual and I have been resisting arguing with him but it is so hard to stand back and observe. I cannot finish with him at the moment but we will be separating towards the end of 2013 because he has a job lined up in another town and I am not moving.
My mum is an alcoholic and no longer want to be around her when she is drunk. There is depression all around me and all I want to do is move to another planet and be filled with joy, even though I love these people. I do not want to give into 3D ways anymore, your right I feel guilty when I do.
I just want Joy, Love and Gratitude within and around me, I hope by making this known I will attract it to me and I can make the transition and not become affected by 3D noise.

Thank you, this has been insightful for me. Love and Light xxx

Brenda Hoffman 26th December 2012 5:18 pm

Dear Lou,
So much is going on in your life. You must be exhausted. Isn't it almost strange how just one day being around people who drain your energies in whatever way just no longer works? Kudos for daring to be yourself despite all that is going on.

Yes you can make this transition...and you will with sparkles and joy even though it may not feel like that's possible yet.

Blessings and Joy,

Brenda Hoffman 26th December 2012 5:21 pm

Dear Connie,
Isn't so odd that it sometimes seems difficult to move from pain to joy??? And isn't it delightful that we're actually doing so! As you so aptly stated, "We're Free at Last!"
Blessings and Sparkles,

LiveLoveShine 26th December 2012 8:15 pm

Thank you for this wonderful message! It's reassuring.... though I know the ultimate truth (my truth) is in my heart, a little validation feels good! :thumbs:

Brenda Hoffman 26th December 2012 11:01 pm

Dear LiveLoveShine (great name!),
I so agree that a little validation feels good. Thank you internet and all other connections to Lightworkers!
Blessings and Sparkles,

Baloneypants 27th December 2012 1:31 am

Thank you Brenda! I really enjoy your messages. Your last few messages helped me during the times of releasing the final low vibrations over the last week or so, which became incredibly intense as the gates opened, I wasn't sure if I would make it at times! Whew.

It saddens me to see people disheartened, thinking that nothing 'occured' on the date, that they somehow 'missed it,' or that there is a problem with their own personal path or choices. This cannot be more untrue, because all paths, and choices, are perfect, and full of love. A door opened on the 21st, it will always be available to walk through from now on.

If anyone wants to accelerate their growth process, all that is needed is to -always- love, -always- forgive, and then... love some more. The benefits of doing so should be self-evident. :smitten:

Marvil 27th December 2012 3:26 am

For Lou84
I just want to tell You that You are not alone! We are here ;)
There's a good saying:"This too shall pass." Brenda mentions beautifully this "observing". What's best- You are able to do this through "eyes" of Your beautiful heart. It all starts with You and You are worth all the love and abundance in the Universe! What concerns this 3D i see that You have some quite tangible choices and when sitting peacefully in Your favorite place, You suddenly know what to do ;)
Many Hugs to You and Just Be!

Lou84 27th December 2012 8:39 am

To Brenda thank you for lifting my spirits and letting me know that I will make the transition. You have given me the motivation to simply observe rather than react. I have faith that I too will be a Pied Piper of Joy!

To Marvil, how lovely of you to reach out to me. Yes that saying is very helpful 'This too shall pass', as it brings me back to my present moment and the stillness in my heart, knowing that all is well and all is in divine order and what is not, will come to pass. I do have choices that's true, sometimes I forget to just stop and find the stillness within, as there will be my solutions and joy!

Thank you both so very much, I feel loved, heard and uplifted.

To everyone ...Love and Light xxx

Brenda Hoffman 27th December 2012 9:15 am

Dear Baloneypants,
Indeed, we opened something fabulous this month. Doesn't it feel wonderful! I can't wait to see what the next few months are going to be like.

Some people just aren't quite ready yet. Give them time - part of their heaviness and fear is probably their internal clearing process - something those of us who felt the shift have already completed.

Kudos to those of us who experienced the shift and those who soon will. Brave souls all!
Blessing and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 27th December 2012 9:21 am

Dear Lou,
We're in this together - just not all at the same time. It's absolutely wonderful that you're allowing yourself to be. Perfect.

One of my blogs stated something to the effect that we're all on stage with different dancing parts. Some start the dance recital while others - of equal value and importance - wait patiently on stage for their turn. I loved that analogy.
Blessings and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 27th December 2012 9:25 am

Dear Marvl,
Thank you so much for helping Lou..and others. Through the wonders of the internet, we are one world community. And I'm guessing there will be a time in the not-to-distant future when our communication systems won't require a mechanical device like the internet!
Blessings and Sparkles,

Ela Rae 27th December 2012 9:51 am

Dear Lou84 I wanted to offer my understanding to your situation and what I know to be true. I married my twin flame on Christmas of 2011. Both of us Pisces. I have no doubt we are anchoring in and going to live a full expression of our christ consciousness. He was wide open and so powerful when we got married. At the beach for example he easily connects with the ocean and can send huge waves at me to knock me down. I then can just connect and still the water around him..hehehehe. After we got married it all changed. We began traveling to mind body spirit expos for me to teach and doing healing/energy work. He clamped down on ALL things spiritual. It is like he purposely goes to the other extreme to deny who he is. He claims all things spiritual are my reality not his. Their are many reasons and layers to the whys. It scares him, the power that flows and exists btw the two of us. He is almost almost 20 years younger and is a husband and step dad. We are polarized at this time. He sleeps days, I sleep nights. Spirituality IS who I am, it is NOT his life. (I will continue with next post

Ela Rae 27th December 2012 10:16 am

Dear Lou continued...He is my greatest teacher. He may not be expressing spiritual beliefs, but he loves me unconditionally. He accepts me and my beliefs as part of me. He does not try and change me. I am the "spiritual" one yet I can judge and try and convince him why he should embrace who he is. He may deny spirituality yet he is living that through his heart and love for me. He is as connected as I am. I can lay in bed with massive pms cramps and he can lay a hand on me and my cramps disappear in a few minutes. So I AM learning to love him as unconditionally as he loves me. I am learning to accept him as unconditionally as he accepts me. I do not need him to claim spirituality as his path. He is living it already through his heart. And if some day he steps into his power as an energy worker...he will be amazing. But if his only expression is to live from his heart for me and my kids, that to is ok. But I fight it at times and I know how challenging it may be. My thought is, if he loves you, try not a judge. ALlow him to love you. For love truly is all that exists anyway! Love ELA

COBALT 27th December 2012 11:34 am

:smitten: Enjoy your magical ride... Happy NEW year!

Marvil 27th December 2012 11:36 am

Dear Brenda,
Thank You for such simple but refreshing article.
It's kinda funny that You mentioned internet in Your answer. It has been one cool decade in my life building and maintaining this wonderful miracle. Some years ago i unfortunately burned out and quit this job. Since then i tried to get back on track, doing and using many different spiritual practices. The more i push and struggle the more i see that this old world doesn't want me back (or i'm done with it). I tried to start projects of my own and but big nothing looks back at me. "You are in powerful space", told one smart lady when heard my story. I feel that i'd like to give my contribution but now its hard because this 3D world is not suitable for me anymore. I too feel that i don't belong here anymore. At least one lovely thing is this opportunity of thanking people like You and all readers here. It happens that i can say or think of something what has helped others but me. What could this weird, silent place be where i float and how to get out of it?
One Big Hug and quadrillion Blessings :)

Brenda Hoffman 27th December 2012 1:54 pm

Dear Ela Rae,
What a great lesson/example for us all. Thank you.

Brenda Hoffman 27th December 2012 2:01 pm

Dear Marvil,
Please don't feel as if you have no place or connections on earth. You may just be in an environment where you are a bit ahead of your time. I don't know your age but in the early 1960's yogurt was considered a radical and "way out there" food. Now kids commonly eat yogurt in school and yogurt claims so much shelving in grocery stores.

And don't worry about contributing - just be you and you are contributing all you need to.

Your feelings of disconnect will pass. Allow yourself to be without worrying about where/who you should be.

Marvil 28th December 2012 5:18 am

Dear Brenda,

My age points toward middle age crisis (40) as people like to say :) Today i my friend was visiting me and we talked again about new directions. I told him that look, here's your things on your plate and its so easy to put them together as your puzzle. Then i changed direction:"let's look at my "stuff" now". Since i don't have any seemingly clear direction (i kind a have to suck them out of my pen...) it's like building road in the air. He finally replied thoughtfully that i could try to organize such gatherings and talk about stuff like this. Yes it seems that i am my own Rembrandt, ahead of time. Seem's that i miss heartfelt human contacts...
Maybe my lesson is to learn patience, self believe and trusting Universe. The less i identify with all "material" as a story to be true, the easier is just to be. The "me" lessens and maybe it's like fear of death- i could become nothing, "no thing"...

Brenda Hoffman 28th December 2012 10:09 am

Dear Marvil,
I love the phrase "You're a Rembrandt ahead of your time". A very wise friend indeed.

No one is a "no thing" including you. We must transitioned into new beings. Our physical body especially needs to rest a bit.

Allow yourself to be. Enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy the beauty around you. The rest will arrive when you are ready.

Blessings and Sparkles,

Lou84 28th December 2012 10:44 am

Dear Ela Rae that is a beautiful and inspiring message, thank you, I will allow my focus to be on his love for me, rather than the indifference's of beliefs. We do create more of what we place our focus on. My focus now is on love. Thank you.

Dear Brenda, I like your analogy, we are all in this play together, I am waiting patiently for my big part, but at the same time admiring and learning so much from the dancers on the stage, all the more I am now more aware that I am observing this from my I am presence. The drama is simply that and I can chose to become affected or just enjoy the show and feel from a neutral stance.

Thank you all, I feel I am growing spiritually and am beginning to transcend. I lost my way and you have all helped me back on path. I didn't think the insights from these messages would go this deep.
All my love
lou xxx

Brenda Hoffman 28th December 2012 5:03 pm

Dear Lou,
The beauty of transition is that we are in it together. No one has all the pieces but thanks to blogs, the internet, friends, discussions, books, etc we can share what we have learned.

How lucky we are to be on earth at this time blazing this wondrous trail.
Blessings and Sparkles,


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