You’re Don’t Need to Return to Battle Trenches

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you started your New Age/new earth journey filled with blissful innocence. You expected your transition to be completed with ease in a few days or months.

Instead, it is a process consuming more time and energy than you thought possible when you first decided to transition from fear to love. “How difficult can it be?” Indeed.

You are now bemoaning your advancement or lack thereof. At this stage of completion, neither seems exciting.

An apt analogy is that you are a World War I soldier in the trenches of France and your unit has claimed a few feet of mud – at the cost of friends and your peace of mind. Fighting for your country seemed exciting before you arrived. Now you cannot wait until the war is over. The ups and downs, the physical discomfort, and the lack of anything you wish to talk about merely test your soul. You no longer care who wins as long as you can go home.

Such is not true for all of you in the transition ‘trenches,’ but it is true for enough to provide this overview – and a bit of hope.  Know that millions have joined you in your movement to joy.

Many of you can now only see a short distance in front of you. You have no idea how many, if any, are behind you.

As of last week, the numbers transitioning into the New Age/new earth expanded by millions. You are no longer alone or one of the few. Will you sense these new ‘troops’ immediately? No – you are so battle weary that you merely put one foot in front of the other. Perhaps our thoughts are too dramatic for your current reality.

What we are speaking of is similar to a commander receiving new, untested troops for a military drive and deciding to use battle weary troops instead. It is possible – but why?

Why would a commander force exhausted, but trained troops to continue when there are millions waiting impatiently for their turn to glorify themselves and their country? The battle weary troops know there is little glorification in the process – merely one step in front of the other until the end/ light is visible.

You are the battle weary troops. You have fought, yes fought to find your place in this wondrous New Age transition. Even though you had no idea where you would end up other than a vague promise of joy, you gathered your courage and continued to move forward despite questions, concerns and yes, fears. You felt isolated, sometimes odd and yet slugged through many physical or emotional traumas.

All of this sounds quite depressing, does it not? But that has been your reality for some time. You moved forward with the promise of joy and an inner sense that you must.

This, in your earth historical perspective, is not much different from enlisting in the military believing that your country is worth the effort and the pain.

Perhaps you are horrified that we use a military analogy to describe your New Age/new earth transition. You have joined this transition movement to find peace and love. Is that thought any different that than that of soldiers who fought for the same when earth was in 3D realms? You have ‘fought’ many similar battles in the past, merely in the physical realms.

It is time for you to give up your military analogies. This transition is no longer a group activity. It is a solitary movement into what feels best for you. You are not needed to train new troops or to fight their battles. Your only role is to continue to move into joy and love.

We have made dramatic statements because many are now joining the Lightworker ‘bandwagon’. And they fully expect you to care for them during their traumas, fears and yes, battles. For you are the ‘good guys’ who will take their hand and lead them through the worst – at your exhausted expense.

You do not have the energy to care take. Nor do you have the need to be a victim. Stopping your nearly complete transition to help those along the way sounds noble, but you do not have the energy to do so. Nor do those who follow need someone to rescue them from themselves. For that is what you would be doing. They need to discover their own beings. That is not your role. Of equal importance, you do not have the energy to train or care take anyone now.

You advance Lightworkers are exhausted. You need to experience joy – not the pains of others as they evolve through their deepest fears.

Some of you may wish to train or teach newly minted Lightworkers. If it feels joyful to do so, by all means do it.

The majority of you have other pieces you wish to explore. You have no need to further explore your own pain, fear, anger – or that of someone you love. You are tired. And rightly so. You have moved through your fears and you need a rest before you decide to move to your next realm of exploration. Such does not include moving to the back of the line as friends and loved ones beg for your assistance so they do not have experience all that you did.

They will not move into the New Age/new earth until they explore their fears, but you know that. They fully expect you to give them the shortcut – to care take them.

Your role as an advance Lightworker is to move ever forward – perhaps leaving a trail of wisdom and energy in your wake, but certainly not to return to the front to fight the new Lightworkers’ battles for them.

Your trail of wisdom and light might include written materials or just allowing others to be in fear as they move through their ‘dark night of the soul’. You cannot do it for anyone – anymore than you can learn to read for someone.

It is time for you to move into joy without concern that your brother, mother, friend or lover will not make it through their transition. That is their concern – not yours.

We will close for now with words of love and healing for you Lightworkers who have fought the brave fight. Allow yourself to rest knowing that those who follow have a great deal more information – and yes, many more role models than you did. Rest a bit before your next big adventure knowing that you do not need to return to the trenches ever. So be it. Amen.


Sandra Smyre 29th April 2013 8:28 am

OMG!!! Brenda, your Guides knew there was someone or ones out here in the trenches feeling lost and scared. This journey needs to lighten up--guess I need to lighten up. I'm in a stuck place and looking diligently for direction. Calling all Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters--hope it works(it hasn't failed yet). Blessings to you and your courage for speaking to the many who don't want to appear afraid or confused. Putting on my "happy" face is taking a real effort these days. Please "keep on keeping on" for you help so many! In LoveLight, sandra :smitten:

Brenda Hoffman 29th April 2013 9:38 am

Dear Sandra,
It's ok to feel frightened, angry or whatever. This is your journey. Even though we're moving into joy, change is most often frightening.

And please don't feel that you need to complete a large project to be a "good" Lightworker. Maybe smiling at people who look lonely is your role and only role.

It's going to be OK. You're a god/goddess and a Lightworker - how wrong can you be??????
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

COBALT 29th April 2013 9:57 am

Hi Brenda!

Gosh, what a nice message. I remember all the times I have known that I was in the "trenches", and wondered how long it would go on. :)

Super Sparkles!

Brenda Hoffman 29th April 2013 10:36 am

Dear Cobalt,
So let's get out of the trenches - enough already!!!
Super Sparkles Back at Ya,

Deeni 29th April 2013 10:58 am


And So It Is!

Love and Light to You Brenda, and All.

seuer 29th April 2013 11:36 am

That was the best analogy that explains what i've been feeling lately. So many of my friends seem to want to stay in what was and very few are trying to move forward. And the close ones always would ask me "Why do you have to put yourself through so much just to find happiness?". I never really had a reason, just that I knew I was fighting for something. That I was doing something. Reading these words help clarrify that I'm fighting for myself now, for who and what I want to be, The person I am meant to be. About the friends I mentioned; the ones who I know have shed old ways, I still care and love them, but, do not worry about them. It's the ones who aren't moving on from the trappings of the material and "Image" world that I worry for. I love them just the same, but I've been finding I can no longer try to help and carry them forward. As you said, "battle weary", that's exactly what I am. With everything I've felt and fought through in life, I'm relieved to let it go. Thank you Brenda for the loving words!

seuer 29th April 2013 11:40 am

I'm with you Sandra, sometimes you never know where to turn. But Brenda got it right about the battle weary. Best way to describe it in my eyes. I hope you find/recieve the guidance you are seeking.

With love and blessings

blj 29th April 2013 1:27 pm

I am tired and waving the white flag! but also I am grateful for the amazing life that I have built with my husband,who is on the same Journey. We are dog tired and feel like we were just passed thru the eye of a needle. It is nice to read this and to know that it is ok not to try to help everyone now when the world is getting a little "crazier", especially when you're a fixer by nature. we'll see, but first my hat is off to all the lightworkers and the tremendous efforts :thumbs: I'm very excited to be recharged and create which seems to be almost instant these days. One of the perks of being on the frontline I guess!

k 29th April 2013 4:22 pm

Zarathustra's last greatest sin was pity. I became furious...totally out of balance, last week as I again encountered the fear energy in a person I was about to let into me life. My instinct, my lion, forced me to look past what I wanted to see and understand the underlying energy. It was again pity that was leading me into wanting to fix, but each of has to face our own demons. Like little boys wanting a new toy from their mothers to make them feel good. They feel good for a short while and then that emptiness they thought that toy would fill is still there, so they ask for another toy. The mother out of ignorance buys another toy. She does not stop to realize the toy is not what the little boy needs. It is a love that he will have to learn on his own by fighting his own demons. The mother keeps doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, but breaking the habit can come only when she has wisdom. My fear of being drawn back into the insanity of repeating, caused my lion of over react, but sometimes it take one extreme to balance out the other.

alendra 29th April 2013 9:30 pm

You say that people like me don't need to stop and lift up loved ones in their fight for their souls--you also say that I need never visit the 'trenches' again...pretty harsh and dramatic statements. I have two questions for you: A) what if you have some sort of bond with a soul that goes waaay beyond the incarnations on this little old planet...and this bond dictates that it's really your duty to help the other out...especially since there's this strong instinctive feeling between you that you both share, that, you kinda totally 'owe' them? And B)How, quite simply, do you *know* that advanced lightbearers on this planet now will not *ever*** rough it, again...? Forever's a long time!

kay 29th April 2013 11:31 pm

Dear Brenda. I always benefit from your willingness to put your beautiful self out there. Sure, as we said last week, I could get on without your insight, but it's just so nice that you're here. You and Cobalt (a name I'd love to use in a fairy story I'm writing, if it's okay with you) and Baloneypants (another name I'm just dying to use, for the smile factor, if it's not copyright infringement!) and Zorro and Sandra and Cindy and Marvil and every last one of you. Just so glad you're here.

The tests and challenges seem to be coming at us right and left. At least for me, but I think it's all of us. And we're already bone-tired. But it's messages like this that remind us of who we are and how powerful we are and how well we've done and how far we've come and how it's all really okay.

Please don't give up on what we're creating together, Sandra, blj, everyone. I'll give myself the same advice. Happy gardening, Brenda.

Brenda Hoffman 30th April 2013 7:00 am

Dear Deeni,
You're so right. And So It Is - finally!!!!!!!

Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 30th April 2013 7:08 am

Dear Steven,
I know. I know. For whatever reason, I've felt stronger than most emotionally for as long as I can remember. Many leaned on me and I allowed it. Until I didn't want to do it anymore. I still slip into care taking once in awhile - this is a process - but now I can observe myself doing so and just say no!

I'm so pleased that this channel helped you shed your burdens - moving into joy might now be a great deal easier since you're no longer feel the need to carry others into joy. And those who are not interested in the new earth most likely will be in a short period of time.

Rest. Play. Relax. You're earned your R & R and then some!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 30th April 2013 7:14 am

Dear Blj,
How wonderful that you and your husband are at the same place!!

I so agree about the hats off to all Lightworkers. We've done the nearly impossible. From various channelings I've received over the years, we didn't think we could transition this far or this rapidly in one physical body - and neither did the Universes. Kudos to us all!!!!!!!!!
Blessings and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 30th April 2013 7:19 am

Dear K,
This transition is a process. Of course, you take it from one extreme to the other - to find your balance. Everything we've learned until now - for eons has been about fear and pain. Shifting that in one month is fairly unlikely. Who knows - maybe some in the future will shift that rapidly but for us advance Lightworkers we're just feeling our way along as we create a path for those who follow.

One of the key differences is that you now know what you want and are not blindly repeating Old Age patterns.
Blessings and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 30th April 2013 7:26 am

Dear Alendra,
No channel fits everyone. If you feel the need to bring someone along - that's your role.

Yes forever is a long time. I just write what I hear in my head when I put my fingers to the keys. My channels - as is true for all information provided by all Lightworkers - are only true for you if they resonate. This channel didn't seem to resonate for you and that's fine. There is no longer a "one size fits all" mentality - fortunately! You have the freedom to be - as do we all!
Blessings and Sparkles,

Bluebelle235 30th April 2013 7:28 am

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Joy >i<

Brenda Hoffman 30th April 2013 7:32 am

Dear Kay,
Like you, I'm amazed what we've achieved in such a short time - despite living in the 3D world during this amazing transition process. "We've come a long way baby!"

I'm not sure if I'm accurate - only time will tell. But it feels like we've been through the worst and we're on the "down hill" slide. Not that there won't be new awakenings but that we've completed the most difficult part.
Blessings and Sparkles,
PS Aren't some "handles" or names just delightful! Baloneypants is an instant giggle name for me.

Rainbow Princess 30th April 2013 3:34 pm

Thank You So much for this message - I really needed to hear this! I am so tired, like so many of us, and I like the idea of freedom from caretaking - no more passengers, Yay! :thumbs:

Bless You and everyone

Love to All :smitten:

Brenda Hoffman 30th April 2013 3:39 pm

Dear Rainbow Princess (yet another great handle!),

So many, including me, are tired. Freedom to be without holding back or moving forward faster than we want is delightful isn't it?? So unlike our Old Age life patterns.

Blessings and Sparkles,

Isabella11 30th April 2013 5:05 pm

I cannot agree with you more, "tired of carrying" I am pure exhausted. I have to say No! more than ever in order to be okay for me. Brenda, Thank you for this message as it came just at the peak moment for me. Kudos to all that has worked so hard :smitten:

Brenda Hoffman 30th April 2013 8:06 pm

Dear Isabella,
Pure exhausted describes so many of us. And no is now an important part of our vocabulary!
Blessings and Sparkles To All,

angelika 2nd May 2013 9:26 am

Hi Brenda & everyone who's replied, I can echo pretty much all that's been said.


"Battleweary You would love to experience joy not the pains of others as they evolve through their deepest fears."

More times than I care to mention I get caught up in my old patterns and believes. A while ago though I thought: I wonder how much of this stuff is actually mine and how much of it I collect from those around me? On that note I asked the angels to put me in a bubble of sorts so that I can feel the difference. The next day was so much better, stuff still happened, but I felt more removed from it. Alas, I was only granted that one day. Maybe my Higher Self wants me to find my own way to achieve this?

I'm just so greatful to know I'm not the only one going through this (sorry guys & girls), I was beginning to believe that I was pretty crap at this ascension business and wasn't really changing much. Were is all this joy hiding - I want lots of it : )

Sparkles & Hugs to all

Brenda Hoffman 3rd May 2013 1:17 pm

Dear Angelika,
So many of us return to our old patterns and beliefs - we have eons of Old Age belief patterns to sort through. This new earth transition is a process - unfortunately! We all want that magic wand of instantaneous shift. But our physical bodies could handle the energy.

So we're transitioning as rapidly as we can - which sometimes feels sooooo slow, but is more rapid than either we or the Universes thought possible before we entered earth.

Kudos for all we've done - and a knowingness that we're much different than we were, but not yet as different as we will be. And most are finding joy in different places than anticipated - yet another learning curve.

Think of us as realizing that letters form words and words create sentences. Once we've put it all together, we'll fly through Universal literature - just as we did at 5 or 6 years of age!

My hat off to us all!!!
Blessings, Hugs and Sparkles,

Sandra Smyre 5th May 2013 4:01 pm

Hi again Brenda! Just opened the Sunday recap and decided to read the responses from you post. I hope you can feel what a difference you make in so many lives. You create a forum for all of us to share, and respond back to us and others can respond too. This lifts my spirits and I can feel the 5thD energy so beautifully. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. In LoveLight, Sandra :angel:

Brenda Hoffman 7th May 2013 11:03 am

Hey Sandra!
Thank you! I thought I responded to your wonderful note days ago, but I must have erased instead of sending.

I also love how we're experiencing this transition as a community.

Thank you so much for your shining and loving Lightworker beacon - helping and supporting others along the way!

Kudos to us all!
Blessings and Sparkles,

betsy. 19th May 2013 7:37 pm

"It is time for you to move into joy without concern that your brother, mother, friend or lover will not make it through their transition. That is their concern – not yours." Wow. So very true. This really resonates! Thank you so much, Brenda. Much love to you!


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