You’re in Uncharted Emotional Territory

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you have experienced the loss of someone close to you or even part of your body. Following the loss, you probably allowed yourself the accepted brief respite and then expected your being to bounce back to “normal” full speed ahead. Your current loss is deeper than has been true in the past. In truth, you are experiencing loss on so many levels that bereavement is almost a constant, but unacknowledged companion.

Perhaps a loved one transitioned. Perhaps your body required medical or personal attention. Perhaps you lost a job or ended a relationship. All of which have been part of life on earth for eons and all of which have an acceptable mourning format. But none of you have experienced the loss or transition of your being that is now occurring.

Your mourning is much deeper than you can imagine. It goes beyond the loss of friendship or a loved one. It is the loss of yourself. We have told you that you would add splinters to your being and thus become more whole than you were before the transition. And so you have. But as you have done so, the original you that you are familiar with has disappeared. You are a new entity. With that change comes a shift in your emotions and reactions to pain.

You are moving into or have moved into joy. So your emotions are painted a different color. And even though that thought is exciting, it is also a bit frightening. You no longer have a framework of how to react. That which used to make you angry, may make you laugh. That which used to make you sad may make you smile.

You are moving into uncharted emotional territory. Which is neither good nor bad - just different. And that is what you find so difficult. You no longer observe your being and its emotions with certainly. What was exciting yesterday might feel boring today…or the opposite. Just as you are changing, so is everyone around you. Not everyone is changing at the same pace or in the same direction, but everyone is changing.

Some are finding the need to stand firmly in the Old Age. Others are looking for joy. And still others are just confused about how their life and being is shifting. These words frighten many of you. Even though you are Lightworkers who requested the shift to joy, the reality may be more frightening than you imagined. You may find yourself smiling at something that used to make you cry and note that those around you are horrified at your reaction. Or you may feel sadness deeper than others and not comprehend why others do not feel the same.

It is one thing to contemplate change and quite another to immerse yourself in it. You are in the immersion stage. While some of those dear to you have decided not to change at all. Discordant vibrations are becoming more and more evident.

What are you to do? Do you ignore those who do not react or believe as you do? Do you try to “enlighten” them? Or do you stand on a soapbox and point out the error of their ways? That is your choice. But the moment you try to force anyone into your belief patterns is the moment you return to the Old Age. That last thought is not to frighten you, merely to point out that freedom of choice has never been as important or evident as it is now.

Allow yourself freedom of choice. Perhaps you are horrified by some of your reactions. Are those reactions from your heart? Then they are right for you, even though those reactions are different from what society expects. Allow others to be who they are meant to be…and allow the same for yourself.

Force was an Old Age technique used to produce continuity and sameness. Those rules of force, those needs for sameness no longer apply. For each of you is shifting at a different pace and, sometimes, in different directions. No one is right nor wrong. Just unique individuals finding their joy – as they move into the New Age. Or individuals finding more pain – if they opt to remain of the Old Age.

Your direction is no more correct than any other direction. Nor are you better or worse than others. Perhaps the person who remains in pain has issues they wish to clear in this lifetime. Group thought no longer applies. Let us return to your process before we close. There are no longer right or wrong actions – only those actions that come from your heart, your inner-being.

But because you have added many new splinters to your being in the last few months, your inner-being is no more predictable than a new scientific concept lacking research. You are no longer the you that you have been familiar with all these years. At the same time, you are still you because the old you is incorporated into the new you.

Think in terms of a cake batter to which you add nuts and chocolate chips. The cake remains a cake, but it is a different cake than was true before the additions. Will the cake taste better? Most definitely for those who love nuts and chocolate chips. But not for those who prefer a simple cake.

And so it is with you. You are adding so many vibrant flavors and colors that the old you is sparkling. But that sparkle also means you are different. Relish the difference. Embrace the difference. This is what you have dreamed of for eons. As for those who prefer cake without sparkles, it remains a cake. A different cake – perhaps to you a boring cake – but a cake.

And so it is. Amen



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Brenda Hoffman

An intuitive since birth, Brenda formalized her channeling skills with her internationally noted book, A Glimpse of Your Future. This prophetic classic describes your role in this transition, as well as answers questions such as why baby boomers were instrumental in introducing the New Age and what earth will be like in the year 4000.

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