You’re Sparkling in Your Life Between Lives 4D Review

Dear Ones,

Your new segments may magnify your memories and your being the next few days. Such is so for several reasons. Not only are you adding segments to your totality, the energies of the Universes encourage you to address issues that shift your love to fear or hate.

You probably already tapped into those pieces of your earth being that encourage you to deflect your love of self or others. As you expand your being by adding segments, you will also explore issues related to the memories or experiences of your new segments.

This information is not for you to throw your arms up in disgust at your seemingly never-ending cleansing process, but instead to understand why you might be addressing or thinking of unpleasant memories you thought you shifted to a neutral or loving place.

These new, perhaps unpleasant memories will be fleeting for you did not experience them in this lifetime or physicality. They will be more like a disturbing movie that is difficult to forget for a few days. Do not become frightened by memories that are a bit disturbing and/or you do not understand. For many of your segments have different memories or experiences than those within your earth physicality.

Think in terms of three people viewing the same scene. Each has a different memory. Much as three historians write three different accounts of the same incident based on their interests and viewpoint. So you might return to a past memory with a different perspective or find yourself disturbed by memories that seem to have no basis in reality.

At the same time, you might see or sense differently as you drive along a familiar road or talk to a lifelong friend.These shifts in perspective and emotions merely indicate you are welcoming new segments with added perspectives and capabilities.

Will some of these new memories, visions and senses include happy sensations? Yes indeed. But you are not clearing happy sensations – you are seeking them, so you will add these happy sensations to your love repertoire.

The seemingly new unpleasant memories/sensations will not last long. Perhaps you will be angry for no apparent reason. Or you will look at someone in a new and somewhat unpleasant fashion. Allow those sensations to pass through your being without fear that you are regressing or doing something wrong.

You might then question what happens to unpleasant memories between lives. For you have read and channeled that life between lives is most often a review of those pieces you do not wish to carry into another life on earth or other locations. You are completing that review on earth in this lifetime – a new concept for you and the Universes.

For if life between lives is of the 4th dimension and earth is now moving through and, at times, beyond 4D, would it not make sense that you are experiencing some of that which was previously contained in those places and times between earth lives?

Those of dimensions beyond 3D never reverted to 4D between lives because they cleared those issues previously. The 4th dimension is merely an earth and similar location holding/re-training program.

For those who no longer wish to experience a 3D earth life or another 3D location, there is a different re-raining program aligned to learning skills to help adjust to a non 3D environment.

Perhaps you are wondering what happens to those – like yourself – who ventured to other locations and then decided to revert (that is the correct word) to a 3D life if just for a few years. You returned to 4D between life locations to review where and when you wished to enter earth in this lifetime. For most of you needed to enter earth with 3D and ancestral memories. All of which are accessible in 4D. Following your earth death in this lifetime, you will automatically move to a more advanced location to process all that occurred when you were of earth in this lifetime.

What happens to those loved ones who die before or during this transition? Those segments that were of 3D are or were processed in the expected 4D fashion. Those elements/segments of 4D or beyond are/were processed in some dimension beyond the 4th.

Death transitions of whatever type are always processed in a learning environment. Such is not possible if the environment is of a lesser dimension than the one just left. Of course, not all segments in all lives are of one dimension. Meaning each segment gravitates to that place that broadens horizons.

You are completing something similar on earth at this time. An unheard of and untested experiment you are navigating extremely well.

Instead of berating yourself for returning to some unpleasant memories, give yourself a shout of joy for daring – yes daring – to complete a process that only occurred between lives on earth and beyond in your previous lives. You are indeed extremely brave and courageous beings allowing yourself to grow at a phenomenal never attempted pace.

You are not moving backwards, you are moving BEYOND at warp speed. So be it. Amen.


Peter fox 13th February 2014 2:05 pm

Dear Brenda- what another extraordinary and unanticipated development
in just the last 24hours. After voraciously eating up your messages(and
most others) for the last twelve months today I have little desire in trying to
understand your message. I mean this in the nicest possible way,of course, but I simply feel nothing much more than the desire to "melt" into a lovely state of "no mind". The journey contains so many paradoxical twists and turns along the way I wonder if anyone else is sensing this or are we all really now going our entirely unique ways whilst becoming more together! Maybe some of that, a bit of it or none at all! I really do sound mad don't I, but I've never felt clearer, better or more expanded in my life!
And as for that word which used to irritate me at times so much- potential-
Now I love it for what it truly promises! Enough!! Lots of Love. Peter.

Peter fox 14th February 2014 5:45 am

Hi Brenda! 1558 readers and no comments. Silence really does speak
louder than words. Isn't this utterly sensational!! Love. Peter.

Brenda Hoffman 14th February 2014 9:59 am

Hi Peter,
I was thinking the same. So many are shifting that its starting to become a, "so what else is new?" event. YAY!!!!!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,
PS Happy Valentine's Day! And hoping the floods in your part of the world aren't a difficulty for you and yours.

Deeni 14th February 2014 10:32 am

Brenda, Thank You.

I have recently experienced anger, that just seems to pop up so very unexpectedly, and rapidly.

It also passes quickly, but it leaves me questioning if I really am moving forward, or just repeating my past.

Forgiving, in such instances, is almost as immediate as the flare up. Which, obviously, hasn't gone unnoticed.

Your message was Divinely timed, and very much appreciated.

Thank You, again.

Much Love and Light to All. : ))

Peter fox 14th February 2014 12:05 pm

Thanks Brenda- we live very near Oxford and many have been affected
who live closer to the River Thames than us. Thankfully we are ok. Seems
various parts of the US are also facing some extreme climatic conditions.
We are all "releasing" including Mother Earth! Happy Valentines to you too! Peter.

Brenda Hoffman 14th February 2014 1:18 pm

Hi Deemi,
Emotions and moods have shifted for me so rapidly this week - that I forgot. How bizzare is that?

Yes, I've been angry, sad and just about every emotion possible up and down - which wasn't helped by being housebound most of this week because of a snowstorm.

And even though I pride myself on a fairly good memory, I forgot that a number of people on other sites where my blog is posted reported wide mood swings earlier in the week.

Very unusual mood shifts for all - and for me, memory patterns. Plus an appliance in our house that seemed to repair itself. As I was trying to explain the difficulty to a repair person today, I discovered it didn't need repairing. IT WAS BROKEN in some time or format Sunday. All better today.

You're not shifting backwards - you're just moving through another part of the transition. As is true for so many.

Blessings, Sparkles and a Loving Valentine's Day to you and all,

Brenda Hoffman 14th February 2014 1:31 pm

Hi Peter,
I love the Oxford area. Absolutely beautiful. And so close to the Cotswolds - another favorite.

Both Dave and I are avid BBC show watchers so often see images of your part of the world.

We were part of that winter weather coverage as we only live 3 hours from Atlanta, GA. Hoping that England will revive as quickly as is true for the southeast US this week.

Yes, Mother Earth is transitioning as dramatically as us. Internal/external shifting/cleansing.

Which returns me to a thought I have so often - what an absolutely amazing global/Universal transition we created.

Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 15th February 2014 10:46 pm

Dear Peter and all Who Live in England,
Even if you're not directly in line of the flooding and winds, you have my heartfelt regrets that such is happening to your beautiful country.

The US news reported tonight that England is experiencing the worst winter in 250 years. I know earth is transitioning as are we - but I can't imagine the fear and confusion such weather would have on most.
Blessings and Love,

Peter fox 16th February 2014 2:59 pm

Dear Brenda- Thank you for your concern and kind thoughts- much appreciated. After quite a "battering" both on Friday and yesterday, today
it has felt as if spring is in the air-quite amazing! What a difference a day
makes(or this too shall pass).
Really looking forward to what the new week brings.In the last 24 hours or
so have experienced a profound awareness of the power of love and the
fact that this unlimited power is centered right in the middle of our hearts.
What a glorious feeling - here's to a great week! Love. Peter.

Brenda Hoffman 16th February 2014 3:32 pm

Hi Peter,
Here's to a great week of love....and spring!
Blessings and Love,

Tiff 17th February 2014 10:48 pm

:laugh Wow. So awesome. Thank you, Brenda. Much love.


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