You Won’t Understand the New Earth Using Yesterday’s Spirituality

Dear Ones,

Last week we discussed that chakras are a classification system directing you to a particular part of your physical body. That classification system is expanding, but not in the way you envision. Most likely, you expect diagrams and color schemes for the new chakras. Such is not possible.

As we stated yesterday during our radio channel ( Creation Energies), you are discovering the new chakras or parts of your physical/spiritual being most important to your New Age role. Such a statement is frustrating to many of you for you are once again waiting to receive a “one size fits all” classification system.

You have created “one size fits all” academic, medical, legal, political and countless other social systems. Now that the New Age has arrived, you will note fewer and fewer humans willing to participate in those societal driven classification systems. Even though you have been preparing yourself for these outer-directed societal shifts for months, you might have forgotten that just as outer-directed Old Age social systems are changing, so too is it true for your Old Age spiritual systems.

Your standard seven chakra classification system was wonderfully right in the “one size fits all” Old Age. Such is no longer the case. You are a unique person with new spiritual needs and interests. Some of you are extremely interested in helping others transition from the earth plane. Others in combining science and spiritual realms. Others may wish to create new techniques with their spiritual skills. Or countless other interest areas.

Does it not make sense that those interested in helping others transition would tap different earth/spiritual skills than is true for someone combining science and spirituality? The core chakras you are familiar with will remain valid. But those seven chakras are your starting point, not your end-goal.

Each of you needs to go within to discover the new and/or enhanced chakras right for you. There  is no manual describing the new chakras that is appropriate for this transition. To think otherwise is to return to the “one size fits all” classification systems of the Old Age.

For those of you content with the seven chakra system used as a healing modality for decades, that system continues. Granted, some of those original chakras may now have enhanced meaning for you and more study manuals will probably be created – but those seven continue to be an Old Age classification system.

You have the knowledge within yourself to discover the new chakras that best suite your New Age life and role. We have noted on several occasions that past lives are not important in the creation of your New Age/new earth. So too is it true for the chakra system defined many decades ago – a system that touches only a small part of the new chakras opening daily for you Lightworkers.

The new chakras are unique to those of you discovering them. Although Paulette and Ken may share one or two new chakras, they are not opening all the same chakras. Much as some people prefer mystery novels and others historical fiction.

Perhaps you feel we are wasting valuable channeling information helping you understand that your new chakras are no longer easily labeled throughout the world – that there will be no manual describing all the new chakras. Our chakra discussion is a starting point for helping you understand the spiritual shifts you are undergoing.

It is easy for you to understand that your political systems are evolving. Even though living through such a social system change is not easy, it is understandable. Your spiritual realms feel more concrete. You expected to ride the social/earth changes with your known spiritual skills. We are introducing that shifting from group thought – outer-directed energy, interactions and behaviors – to unique, inner-directed beings negates spiritual information created in the Old-Age.

You cannot understand the 5th dimension, the new earth, the New Age with Old Age spirituality. The key to understanding the New Age is within you via your inner-being. What spiritual issues are interesting to you? DNA shifts? Color therapy? Life before life on earth? Inventions? Creating new communities? Trust that whatever is interesting to you will create the need to explore new connections. Perhaps you find the new chakra at the nape of your neck or an area outside your physical body interesting. Do not worry. Your inner-being is programmed to direct you to your new chakras – whether inside or outside your physical being. And if you expand or shift your role, you will discover yet more new chakras.

We wish to remind you that chakras are a classification system – a method of locating specific parts of your being.  Chakras are not the energy centers, they are your energy centers locators. It is time to trust yourself. There is no guru who has all or even most of the information you wish to explore. So do not be surprised if someone or a book intrigues you this week but not the next. That is as it should be. Think of yourself as a college student who finds various classes interesting searching for THE area of study that feels like cotton candy.

You are exploring. Allow yourself to do so. At the same time, allow yourself to know that no one knows your direction and needs better than you. You are your guru. Lightworkers accept your power and glory. You have the skills and knowledge within your being – you always have. You just wanted to learn some Old Age lessons before you clicked your heels together like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ. It is clicking time.

Does that mean you should not explore materials other than your own? No.  Merely that those resources are just that – resources to stimulate your New Age thinking and feeling. They are not your answer, just assistance you need at that moment to delve further into your being.

So be it. Amen



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