Your Spiritual Growth is Now at a Phenomenal Pace

Dear Ones,

Today is a day of cleansing. You have heard something similar in the past few weeks. But as is usual when we highlight something that appears to repeat what you have already learned, we wish to emphasize this cleansing for a reason. You have learned that your receptors, your common intake instruments will evolve from the third dimension of reality to the fourth, fifth and perhaps even sixth dimension.

Today your cleansing is to prepare you for the fifth dimension. Those of you reading these materials have already moved to or through the fourth dimension. Let us describe the difference dimensions. Then we urge you to rest during this important transition.

Do you remember when your infant first learned to roll over? Were his first attempts to do so not extremely difficult for him, but did he not continue to practice until he had achieved that goal? Then do you remember that same darling infant surprising himself when he learned to crawl? And finally, the look of utter astonishment and pleasure on his little face as he took his first steps?

Your dimensional skill upon entering this earth in this lifetime was the ability to roll over. In the past few months, you have learned to crawl. Today, you are taking your first baby steps unaided. No wonder your tired and a bit out of sorts.

Perhaps many of you, like Brenda, cannot feel or sense anything out of the ordinary – other than exhaustion. That sense of “nothing new here” will soon pass. Your new abilities, just as is true for the infant who learns to walk unaided, are a bit uneven but they exist.

You will note your new skills in a variety of ways. Your ability to read others will be much more finely tuned. And they you – that is, those of your friends and relatives on the same path. Your ability to create will be at a higher and more rapid level. And your understanding of yourself and your world will be much greater.

Will you grow wings and become angelic? Not likely!! But you will automatically place yourself in environments that best meet your new needs. A bit like an infant is amused for a very long time with one rattle, while a six-year-old is not the least bit interested in any rattle. In essence, you are maturing rapidly in your dimensional abilities.

Will you move beyond the sixth dimension in this lifetime? Perhaps. But we will venture to guess that you will have so much fun exploring the fifth and sixth dimensions in the next few days, months and years that you will not find the need to move beyond those skill sets.

Do not fear that you will no longer be the you that you are now. You will merely be you with more skills. An infant does not become a different person with each new skill set he learns, he just becomes more comfortable in his environment and the exploration of that environment.

Your role is to explore the hidden territories that are you. And once you are comfortable doing that, blending and creating with those people on earth and in heaven who have common interests. That is all the New Age is about – learning new skills and blending with those interested in the same areas.

The New Age is not frightening, merely a time of exploration and jubilation.

You needed to learn how to grasp your rattle and roll – or as Brenda likes to say, “Learn to rattle and roll.” Skills you have worked on for eons and are quite comfortable with. You learned to move about your room/world with some difficulty we might add, by rolling over and over. And you learned to amuse yourself by watching your hand shake up and down listening to that incessant rattle of fear and pain.

You recently learned to crawl in the fourth dimension. Now it is time for your first steps.

Is it possible that you will decide never to crawl and merely start walking? Yes. Or that you will wish to crawl for a very long time? Yes. Or that you will decide to run, skip and jump in this lifetime? Yes. Or is it likely that you will become a skilled gymnast in this lifetime? No – but it is possible.

As you obtained each new skill as an infant, your world expanded both internally and externally. The same is happening to you now. It is as difficult for you to remember how you felt as an infant before you learned to roll over, as it will be tomorrow or the next day how it felt to have the limited spiritual skills you were born with in this lifetime. You are growing spiritually at a phenomenal pace – far more rapidly than you understand. The net result is that you will become the angels on earth you have long discussed and dreamed about.

As you create a new you, you are creating a world of joy. Allow that to be. Shortly, we will begin helping you explore your new skills. For as is true for any infant, you will soon want to climb the stairs, learn how to run and wish to ride into the sunset on your tricycle.

It is enough for you to know that you are continuously mastering skills that will move you far beyond what you thought was possible even ten years ago – and that you will learn these skills easily and almost effortlessly.

Exhaustion is a side effect that you may be feeling today or for the next few days – but is that any different from your infant daughter as she plops herself on the ground after taking those first five or six exhausting steps? Within a month, she was difficult to monitor as she zoomed from room to room without your help – often to your dismay!

So it will be for you. Today you are exhausted. Tomorrow, next week or next month, you will be zooming about with your new skill sets. One of which is that you will be better able to read/understand the inner workings of others and they you.

So be it. Amen



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Brenda Hoffman

An intuitive since birth, Brenda formalized her channeling skills with her internationally noted book, A Glimpse of Your Future. This prophetic classic describes your role in this transition, as well as answers questions such as why baby boomers were instrumental in introducing the New Age and what earth will be like in the year 4000.

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