Getting From Here To There

Many Greetings! My Beautiful Beings of Light. It is so wonderful to be here with you this day. Thank you for reading the messages each month. My Beloveds just your participation in reading the messages raises both your vibrations and those around you. 

The Creator sends you Unconditional Love and glorious wishes for a fantastic day. Close your eyes and feel the special vibrations that come to you each month as you read this message. Feel the closeness as you tune into the higher vibrations. Sense the sensations throughout your entire body My Divine Beings of Grace. Stay with this emotion for as long as it feels comfortable to you. Sit and be in silence for a few more moments just allow yourself this small respite; your bodies are so stressed and strained My Beloveds. Just be still and feel the silence, calm and harmony when you are in this space. 

You are tired My Beloveds, but Peace is on the horizon in the distance there. Close your eyes and image in your minds spiritual eye a tiny white speck off on the edge of the horizon. Picture it in the middle of your vision screen; see it now as a tiny white glowing speck. Know that this is the seed that you planted of Peace starting to take root to come into being.

Getting from Here to There My Warriors of Light is the challenge for the coming minutes, hours, days, months and yes several years yet to come. The Miraculous part My Divine Beings of Grace is that you are bringing this into existence. You are materializing this Peace within each moment that you do not accept the status quo and that you do not accept the violence that lingers.

You are creating this Peace and pulling it forward every time you do not elect or participate in the same old same old just because it feels more comfortable.

You are stepping out of the box, if you will, My Divine Beings Of Light and we are so proud of you. These are the voices of change that must be heard to move closer and closer to the Heaven on Earth that you desire to build here on the Earth Plane.

It is getting you from Here to There that will be the concentration point. This requires taking bold steps and making broad strokes with your paint brushes.  

Staying in the comfort zone of the past isn't going to help move this along. Projecting and staying in future isn't going to propel you into Peace. Peace must be built within the NOW and through one moment at a time.

Your job is to follow your inner guidance and begin visualizing that speck every day with your eyes closed. Daily go into your quiet space and close your eyes visualize the horizon and see that tiny speck grow larger and brighter every day.

Your job My Divine Beings of Grace is to bring in and materialize through your visualizations, Peace. You have to be in the NOW to accomplish this task My Beloveds. You can't be hanging out in the past or fast forwarding into the future, you must be in the NOW.

Picture all of your other spiritual brothers and sisters each doing this exercise every day putting that incubating "Peace" energy out into the Universal Divine Womb of Creation. Collectively through the participation of the ALL, Peace will be birthed through your divine intent and purpose.

Allow this Messenger to take you on a mediation journey. 

Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for a while. You may either sit or lie down whichever is more comfortable for you. Cover your physical self with a light blanket if you chill easily. You want no distractions during your meditations so always make sure the physical vessel is comfortable. 

If it helps you to visualize by identifying your ego with a symbol or as an object please do so.

Direct your ego self to perch on your left shoulder. Instruct your ego self that it is only to be an observer on this journey it is not to participate.

In your imagination ask through prayer for The Creator to send you down a protective Ray of White Light by praying "My Creator I AM asking for a protective Ray of White Light to enfold me and lift me up so that I am experiencing the very highest of vibrations during this journey into my inner most depths of understanding and Being. I am protecting myself from anything that is not for my highest good on this journey. I am thanking you My Creator for assisting me by sending this Ray that is now coming down through the corner of the area where I am meditating. It is entering into this physical form, permeating all that is within this Beingness's presence, I AM." 

The Creator has answered and has gifted you with an Iridescent White Ray plus a Clear Translucent Ray along with a Pink Ray for this journey. The Rays are entering into your body through the soles of your feet and moving up through your physical vessel; permeating throughout all of your energy fields & physical vessel and into all corners of the actual area that you are meditating in; then it is exiting through your Crown Chakra. The Rays are returning to The Creator and cycling back down through you again and back to The Creator in a continuous circular loop. These protective therapeutic rays are in a continuous motion while you are in meditation. 

You are now divinely protected at this moment and nothing can even communicate with you that is not for your highest good without your permission.

Breathe in deeply My Divine Light Beings and feel the lighter relaxed feelings of being protected & divinely guided into this meditation. Breathe in deeply and know that you are breathing to the Pulse of The Creator. Listen to The Creator's spiritual heart beat and feel the unconditional love that courses through you each time you think about this moment.

Breathe in deeply allowing and seeing within your spiritual imagination your Guardian Angels and Guides join you and take your etheric hand to direct you into your Spiritual Heart Chakra.

At this time invite in all the Spiritual Guests that you would enjoy having accompany you on this journey.  

Your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and special invited guests are now within your Spiritual Heart Chakra. You locate and turn the door knob of the Golden Door that says "To My Highest Guidance Within" you cross over the threshold knowing that you are on a spiritual growth adventure. 

You find yourself in a white marble corridor. Guided by your Angels you step into the elevator. The door closes as you observe that there are no buttons on the elevator control panel this time. You look a bit puzzled until the Angels ask you to turn around. What you had not realized was that on the other side of the elevator was the door you were looking for, not the up or down version that you were normally expecting from an elevator. The Angels laugh and remind you that you must now step out of the box, so to speak. They continue, what works will be what is outside of your normal comfort zone, not what you are doing by rote actions.

As you step through the entrance on the other side of the elevator you sense a rather barren environment. You look all around but see no green trees anywhere. You see lots of rocks and sand and brush balls but no green grass or tall swaying trees. Not to say this wasn't beautiful in its own right, it simply was not what you were accustomed to. 

You walk a ways out on to the path and see a Giraffe lumbering up towards you. Wow! You think to yourself you have never been this up close and personal with a Giraffe before. This is really neat you say to your Angels.

The Giraffe reaches you and says "My name is Jeffrey and I will be your transportation today." You respond with "Thanks, I've never ridden a Giraffe before".

Your Angels bring you a very tall ladder with soft pads on the sides an top and lean it against Jeffrey so that you can climb up. You notice that there is a very tiny crevice between Jeffrey's neck and the back and you see that a tiny saddle has been placed there for your riding comfort.

You climb into the saddle and wave to all your spiritual friends and family below. You look down and find that you are quite serene and emotionally okay with the height of where you are sitting at.

Jeffrey starts on a journey down the path and out into the vast beyond. Jeffrey tells you that you've been so stressed that a little play and a new adventure will do wonders for your attitude.

You smile and agree. You tell Jeffrey that you realize that your attitude has a lot to do with your altitude or Vibrational height as you sometimes say.

Jeffrey laughs, he likes that visual picture.  

From Jeffrey's back you can see for miles and miles in all directions. You realize that Jeffrey is a magical Giraffe because according to the little odometer fastened to Jeffrey's saddle he is covering millions of miles with every step.  

You ask Jeffrey about this and he tells you that it is necessary to get you from Here To There. Jeffrey asks you to look in the far off distance, as you do you see a large light spot growing.  Jeffrey explains that the light spot grows with every new member that joins and adds their light to the creation of Peace. 

You sense an immediate desire to join in that quest. You close your eyes and see that tiny spot on the horizon beginning to grow brighter and brighter. When you feel it is time you open your eyes and the light spot has once again grown because you joined with all the others in their desire for Peace.

Jeffrey congratulates you on your choice. You ask Jeffrey if you will soon be there so you can witness the light spot in person. Jeffrey responds that you will, in the blink of an eye.

You watch as the light spot draws closer and closer. You see coming in the distance the green grass and trees gradually coming into view. You also begin to see what appears like millions and millions of specks moving in the distance. Jeffrey explains that these are all of the Souls that have chosen to bring in Peace. This is a gathering that you have been invited to Jeffrey says with a great sense of pride. Jeffrey confides in you that he volunteered to be your transportation service so that you could join in. 

Gee you thought to yourself this is going to be a really big event. Jeffrey can read your thoughts and acknowledged that it is the largest event of its kind.  

Jeffrey tells you that he only has a few more steps to take and you will be there with all the others celebrating the emergence of Peace.

Your heart begins pounding as you anticipate being part of this monumental miracle for all of mankind.

You are drawing closer and closer and now there you are. Oh my there are so many people you tell Jeffrey and your Angels. As you arrive you see in front of you this hugh light spot. It is glowing more brilliantly with each moment as more and more take part.

You dismount from Jeffrey with the help of your Angels and all your invited guests, Angels and even Jeffrey find a spot on the ground and just sit. The moment you put your body down on the grass you feel an instantaneous surge of Love energy filling your body. All that are around you turn and wave as they recognize you as one of the many that volunteered to bring forth Peace. They say in unison "Welcome, Thank You for helping us".

They all turn as there is a presence that is coming before the group. An immense wave of light energy rushes passed you as you turn to look straight ahead with all the other travelers.

What you see is this brilliance of light and patterns of Love Energy, swirling around an Essence you cannot define. You close your eyes for a moment and recognize this energy immediately. This is The Creator you tell your Angels and they nod yes in response.

The Creator steps onto a platform and begins to speak to all those within the group. Most of the communication is in sound, symbols and colors but there are a few words being spoken as well.

The Creator speaks "Thank you, Thank You, Thank You, My Beautiful Children, this is the moment that you've all worked so very hard to reach. Remember we spoke of this moment together when you volunteered for the Earth Plane assignment before your incarnation into the Earth Plane field of matter. This is the time that Peace will be birthed. Everyone close their eyes once more and with a focused concerted effort everyone visualize Peace once more so that all that are present can welcome the new Peace that they have been bringing forth for quite some time." 

All do as directed and when everyone opens their eyes again, they see that the light spot has grown so very very large, but wait, it is breaking open. As they all look at the light spot, the light breaks open. As you watch there is this blinding light that is emanating from within that space. You look up and see the symbol of doves everywhere. You feel the emotions and feelings that tell you that Peace has finally arrived. The feelings are indescribable in words. You just feel the feelings of Peace as hugh tears of joy roll down your checks. You sit with this joy and emotional sereneness for as long as is comfortable.

The Creator speaks again "Thank you, this is a job well done My Beautiful Children, all will share in your service. Return to your homes now My Beautiful Children and know that you have contributed to the major re-emergence of Peace on to and within Planet Earth, good job, good job. All is well and is within Perfection My Beautiful Children you have accomplished your missions."

The Angels begin circulating among the crowds passing out gifts of Peace medals from The Creator for their involvement and gift of Peace to the Earth. Everyone pins their medal on and feels the sense of pride for accomplishing their very difficult mission.

The Creator departs after hugging each participate and telling them how much they are loved and appreciated.  

You feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment. Jeffrey stands back up and the Angels help you once again up into Jeffrey's little saddle for your return back home. 

You can't stop smiling and feeling that you have done something so incredibly big. Jeffrey perceives your thoughts and congratulates you on your efforts.

You notice something astounding on the return. The barren area is filling with green grasses, trees and millions upon millions of flowers of every variety.  

You are back to the spot where you started before you realized it. Your Angels help you down and you bid Jeffrey goodbye for the now. You thank him for taking you and stroke his neck and back. 

You instantly find yourself back in the White Marble Corridor.    

You catch a glimpse of your glowing Essence in the mirror to your left before your Angels lead you back across the golden threshold door into your Spiritual Heart Chakra and then direct your spiritual Essence back into your physical form.  

Wiggle your fingers and toes and when ready open your eyes. Go about your day remembering that your Angelic support staff is always at your service working with you to help you reach your highest most appropriate potential.  

Beloveds you are blessed beyond words and loved beyond measure more than any Earth Plane language can ever express. 

I Am Archangel Michael, The Creator's Messenger, of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace.


majicamelman 8th March 2009 3:52 am

outside of the box is the gift, the present

uno 8th March 2009 7:03 am

Hey I'm new in this and I'm very alone and confuse. I like very much reed your beautiful wards.
Thank you very much.

majicamelman 8th March 2009 8:13 pm

2 things , breathe and trust yourself


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