The Yellow Room

Greetings and Salutations My Beautiful Beings Of Light. Welcome to the monthly message. It is always so wonderful to see each one of you click on the latest message to read.

The frequencies and vibrations are going up and along with that of course the stress on those that are below those frequencies and vibrations are intensified. The day will dawn My Beloveds that there will be no one below the Vibrational waves. That day will come, but it is a little ways off in the distance. Begin to visualize that moment My Beautiful Beings of Grace so that it will start to manifest out in the etheric ethers.

The Creator has gifted you with your own etheric Yellow Room. Close your eyes and see it in your spiritual mind's eye. Make your image of this room anyway that is perfect for you. The walls are yellow. A beautiful soft warming yellow. This room is your symbol of hope and the dawning of peace. This Yellow Room  is within your own inner crystal palace that houses all that you are My Beloveds.

Sitting in this room will feel like a giant cyber hug from The Creator. It is filled with Love like no other. It is filled with Hope like no other. This is the place to come when you feel defeated for the day. When you feel at your lowest points go into the Yellow Room to re-energize. If you just need a quick lift go into the Yellow Room.

Everyone needs a safe place and this is yours My Beloveds. The windows of this Yellow Room look out onto a golden meadow that is in total harmony and peace with All The Universe. Come in, sit a while and center on your own serenity.

There is a comfortable old chair with the softest of covers that just invites you to stay for a while and relax. Sit in that chair, it feels so good to relax. It feels so good to be in harmony and balance with ALL THAT IS.

Invite in your Angels and Guides and enjoy their company as you sit and unwind from the rigors of the day.

Allow this Messenger to take you on a mediation journey.

Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for a while. You may either sit or lie down which ever is more comfortable for you. Cover your physical self with a light blanket if you chill easily. You want no distractions during your meditations so always make sure the physical vessel is comfortable.

If it helps you to visualize by identifying your ego with a symbol or as an object please do so.

Direct your ego self to perch on your left shoulder. Instruct your ego self that it is only to be an observer on this journey it is not to participate.

In your imagination ask through prayer for The Creator to send you down a protective Ray of White Light by praying something like this "My Creator I AM asking for a protective Ray of White Light to enfold me and lift me up so that I am experiencing the very highest of vibrations during this journey into my inner most depths of understanding and Being. I am protecting myself from anything that is not for my highest good on this journey. I am thanking you My Creator for assisting me by sending this Ray that is now coming down through the corner of the area where I am meditating. It is entering into this physical form, permeating all that is within this Beingness's presence, I AM."

The Creator has answered and has gifted you with an Iridescent White Ray plus a Irritant Yellow Ray along with a Green Ray for this journey. The Rays are entering into your body through the soles of your feet and moving up through your physical vessel; permeating through out all of your energy fields & physical vessel and into all corners of the actual area that you are meditating in; then it is exiting through your Crown Chakra. The Rays are returning to The Creator and cycling back down through you again and back to The Creator in a continuous circular loop. These protective therapeutic rays are in continuous motion while you are in meditation.

You are now divinely protected at this moment and nothing can even communicate with you, that is not for your highest good, without your permission.

Breathe in deeply My Divine Light Beings and feel the lighter relaxed feelings of being protected & divinely guided into this meditation. Breathe in deeply and know that you are breathing to the Pulse of The Creator. Listen to The Creator's spiritual heart beat and feel the unconditional love that courses through you each time you think about this moment.

Breathe in deeply allowing and seeing within your spiritual imagination your Guardian Angels and Guides join you.  The Angels take your etheric hand and direct you into your Spiritual Heart Chakra.

At this time invite in all the Spiritual Guests that you would enjoy having accompany you on this journey.

You are seeing this within your imagination. Your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and special invited guests are now within your Spiritual Heart Chakra. You locate and turn the door knob of the Golden Door that says "To My Highest Guidance Within" you cross over the threshold knowing that you are on a spiritual growth adventure.

You find yourself in a white marble corridor. You remember the helicopter ride from your last visit to your crystal palace and ask your Angels for their assistance to arrange for the helicopter to take you there.

Your Angel picks up the spiritual telephone on the entrance table next to the mirror and asks for the helicopter to come pick you up. To ask is to receive your Angel tells you.

You hear the whirring of the helicopter blades outside and follow your Angels to the helipad just outside the door.

You hop aboard and greet the Angel pilot. Off the helicopter goes. Below you see meadow, brook and bridge then the mountain in front of you where your crystal palace sits.

The helicopter lands on your Serenity Garden helipad. Your friend, the white unicorn, Jake walks up to escort you to your crystal palace down the path a ways.

You and Jake catch up as you both walk on the path. Jake reminds you it has been a while since your last visit.  Jake also tells you a lot of construction has been going on within the palace itself. Jake tells you that the Garden and the palace have been eagerly awaiting your visit so that you can observe all the new areas and wings that have been added since your last visit.

Your Angels pipe in that you have been in a spiritual growth spurt since your last trip. All the growth adds to your palace. More and more places and adventures await you each time you come.

You smile and remember the last visit. It was such a fantastic experience, as they all are. You must remind yourself to come more often. You always come away refreshed.

You reach the golden door that has your name on it and you open it and step inside. Your friends the colored floor dots have been awaiting you. They are created from the crystals above where they are infused and made of refracted light as it dances on the floor below.

You step into each color and greet it. They in turn greet you back and share messages with you as you walk through their color. It is always such a pleasure to be welcomed back each time.

Your Angels begin to guide you through the palace as you observe the new wings and rooms that have been added on. Wow you tell yourself this place has really enlarged. You smile to yourself because you have been doing a tremendous amount of spiritual clearing and releasing work.

Your Angel reminds you that you are always a work in progress so the palace will always be a work in progress.

The Angels direct you down the new corridor and show you the Yellow Room. This is the room where you will be working today, your Angels chime in.

You open the door and cross of over the threshold. You just love the soft yellow glow of the walls. The room is furnished with all your favorite things and nick knacks.  The recliner chair in the center of the room is beckoning you to have a seat in it. The cover is soft and worn an lush as you slide into the chair. As you settle in you feel a wonderful embrace from The Creator. This chair has been imbued, per the Angels, with the embrace of The Creator. Come here any time you need that hug or simply feel depleted or defeated and this room will lift you up, your Angels continue.

The Angels relay, this room was created to bring you peace and hope. Look out the window they advise. You do as directed and see a golden meadow that leaves you awe struck.  You see rainbows everywhere. There is nothing about this room that can bring you down. It has been created to uplift you from where ever you are within your Essence, your Angels advise.  

You just sit in the chair feeling in such peace. It also has a wonderful feature that allows the tension, stress and frustrations to just dissolve as they leave you completely. The tears of release trickle down your cheeks as this room helps you to let go of all those negative moments that you have let yourself go through. It feels so good to just sit here and be.  You thank The Creator for this wonderful Yellow Room and gift of release. It is so appreciated and needed in your current incarnation.

You feel the diamond gift in your spiritual heart expanding as the tension and negativity are drained from your body. It feels almost like it is blooming, you tell your Angels. Your Angels smile and tell you it is blooming, it has grown a new baby diamond.

Wow, this is exciting you tell your Angels, a new baby diamond, yes!

The Angels explain that this Yellow Room is useful for many things and diamond incubation is one of those.

You are so proud of your decision to go into meditation and come on this journey.  It is always an exciting adventure to read the messages and do the meditation work with each one. You continue to grow and develop in so many ways. Thank you for the messages you relay.

The Angels tell you it is time to return. You reluctantly get out of the chair and follow them back out into the corridor. You walk back into the main room and then into the entrance corridor. You say good bye to your colored dot friends for this visit promising them you will return soon.

You walk out the crystal palace door where Jake has been waiting to walk you back down the path to your helipad.

You pull yourself up into the awaiting helicopter and the Angel pilot lifts off and whisks you back to your original location. You step out of the helicopter and thank the Angel pilot for the flight.

Your Angels guide you back through the door. You instantly find yourself back in the White Marble Corridor.  

You catch a glimpse of your glowing Essence in the mirror before your Angels lead you back across the golden threshold door into your Spiritual Heart Chakra and then they assist your spiritual Essence back into your physical form.

Wiggle your fingers and toes and when ready open your eyes. Go about your day remembering that your inner Wisdom and Angelic support staff are always at your service working with you to help you reach your highest most appropriate potential.

Beloveds you are blessed beyond words and loved beyond measure more than any Earth Plane language can ever express.

I Am Archangel Michael, The Creator's Messenger, of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace


MaryO 29th July 2009 11:28 pm

Thank you so much for this,


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