Upgrading Your Spiritual Software

Greetings! Greetings! Greetings! My Beautiful Beings of Light. Your brilliance is blinding within this moment in NOW. Your work and inner journeys have expanded your possibilities. What a joy this is to watch. Within each moment you are literally moving Heaven to Earth, so to speak. That is why you volunteered and why you came My Beloveds.  You are accomplishing your missions whether you understand them or not.

Close your eyes and accept this glorious Love Vibration from The Creator in celebration of your accomplishments. Be proud of yourselves you have earned it My Beloveds, you have earned it.  

Allow this Love Vibration to permeate your entire Essence from Head to Toe and within all your levels, dimensions and within all aspects of your Beingness within all directions of Eternity and Infinity.  

Breathe in deeply By Divine Warriors of Grace and know that your efforts are appreciated and utilized within all dimensions.  Breathe in deeply and know you are being held within the Heart of The Creator.

“But Archangel Michael” you exclaim, “The Earth Plane is a mess”.  

Ah!!! but My Beloveds you must rise above the current picture. Your current vision is based off of old outdated pictures that remain within your spiritual perception lenses.   

Those old pictures are not allowing the lenses to adjust themselves. They are still focused on the past moments and thus can not see the current alignment within the perception of the NOW. They are not seeing the baby steps of improvements that each of you have helped to bring forth. 

In other words My Beloveds you are painting old pictures on your current situations without looking to see if there are new downloads, if you will, to upgrade your present spiritual software.

You My Divine Light Beings are always being updated and upgraded whether you are aware of these downloads or not.

Some of you are quite aware of these downloads others are not consciously aware of them at all. It matters not, simply understand and know with out a doubt that you are constantly evolving and having downloaded software introduced to upgrade your spiritual circuits and perceptions. 

Have you ever had this slight tingling feeling in the area of the top of your head or around the circle of your head, usually above your eyes and ears? Have you ever lost a few seconds of awareness from time to time? Have you ever perceived that packets of information were being sent to you and don’t really understand a bit of what was transmitted?

It will be rare that you will ever understand the symbols or communications that are coming in My Divine Light Warriors. Simply accept them as updates that will unfold and plug and play, if you will, when the correct moment in NOW transpires. They are coming from The Creator, your Higher Selves and Your Angels. They are personalized and customized just for you. They are only for you and your current mission no one else.

We keep telling you that you are the only one with your puzzle piece and no one else can fill that special space with your particular part but you, My Beloveds, it is true. You are that special and specialized.  Embrace and accept it, this is your mission. You have earned the praise, you have worked hard to make the changes take place that are out in the ethers coming forth one tiny change at a time. 

Allow this Messenger to take you on a mediation journey to help you remember how to clear the lenses of perception.

Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for a while. You may either sit or lie down which ever is more comfortable for you. Cover your physical self with a light blanket if you chill easily. You want no distractions during your meditations so always make sure the physical vessel is comfortable.

If it helps you to visualize by identifying your ego with a symbol or as an object please do so.

Direct your ego self to perch on your left shoulder. Instruct your ego self that it is only to be an observer on this journey it is not to participate.

In your imagination ask through prayer for The Creator to send you down a protective Ray of White Light by praying “My Creator I AM asking for a protective Ray of White Light to enfold me and lift me up so that I am experiencing the very highest of vibrations during this journey into my inner most depths of understanding and Being. I am protecting myself from anything that is not for my highest good on this journey. I am thanking you My Creator for assisting me by sending this Ray that is now coming down through the corner of the area where I am meditating. It is entering into this physical form, permeating all that is within this Beingness’s presence, I AM.” 

The Creator has answered and has gifted you with an Iridescent White Ray plus a Deep Green Ray along with a Red Ray for this journey. The Rays are entering into your body through the soles of your feet and moving up through your physical vessel; permeating through out all of your energy fields & physical vessel and into all corners of the actual area that you are meditating in; then it is exiting through your Crown Chakra. The Rays are returning to The Creator and cycling back down through you again and back to The Creator in a continuous circular loop. These protective therapeutic rays are in a continuous motion while you are in meditation. 

You are now divinely protected at this moment and nothing can even communicate with you that is not for your highest good with out your permission. 

Breathe in deeply My Divine Light Beings and feel the lighter relaxed feelings of being protected & divinely guided into this meditation. Breathe in deeply and know that you are breathing to the Pulse of The Creator. Listen to The Creator’s spiritual heart beat and feel the unconditional love that courses through you each time you think about this moment. 

Breathe in deeply allowing and seeing within your spiritual imagination your Guardian Angels and Guides join you and take your etheric hand to direct you into your Spiritual Heart Chakra. 

At this time invite in all the Spiritual Guests that you would enjoy having accompany you on this journey.  

Your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and special invited guests are now within your Spiritual Heart Chakra. You locate and turn the door knob of the Golden Door that says “To My Highest Guidance Within” you cross over the threshold knowing that you are on a spiritual growth adventure. 

You find yourself in a white marble corridor.  You see a moving sidewalk in front of you and your Angels tell you to hop on. You seem to travel down this corridor for miles and miles and then suddenly the sidewalk stops in front of what appears to be an aircraft carrier hanger. Just like the ones you might see at an airport.

Your Angels go to either side of the hanger doors and with their remote controls punch in the codes to open the hanger doors. There in front of you is your own plane. It is sleek not to large and not to small just the right size, perfect in every way for you.

The Angels use their remote controls again and this time the door to the inside of the plane opens and extends a walk way for you to board your plane.  You realize that on the right side of the plane is your name written in script all along top half above the windows. See the scripted letters in bold red paint. This is your plane, the Angels assure you.

You walk up the ramp steps and there is the cockpit awaiting you. The Angels direct you to sit in the chair directly in front of you and tell you that this is your pilot’s seat, settle in and get comfortable. 

Wow!! You tell yourself you didn’t realize that you knew how to fly an airplane. This is really exciting.

You take a seat behind the controls. It feels natural you tell yourself. You look around for a moment and the memory of how to do this is all coming back to you now. Within 5 minutes you feel comfortable and quite confident that you can fly this aircraft.

The Angels tell you to take it out on the runway. You start up the engine and taxi to what you think is the runway.

You blink and try to focus but stop and realize that something is quite off on this path you are trying to take. Your Angels smile and tell you that you were automatically going to where you thought the runway was the very last time you flew the plane. They continue to relay to you, that for you, it has been quite a number of life times ago. So for you to go forward you must clear the windshield of the old picture to bring in the picture of the new direction.

Oh! You think to yourself, that was a long time ago. You look for the windshield wiper switch on the control panel and click it on. The windshield wiper blades go back and forth and some water type substance comes out and thoroughly cleans the glass in front of you.

As this process is going on the image of where you are to be going begins to come in clearer and clearer.

The Angels tell you to now taxi the plane to the current pictured runway. You do as directed and bingo there it is just as crystal clear as can be.  This is better you tell yourself. You assure yourself that you can now do this. 

You being to taxi down the run way and come across the same situation with your compass settings. Your Angels remind you that within each moment there will be corrections since you are constantly changing.

Your Angels tell you to put an intent out there for The Creator and The Universe to constantly help you keep the most current points of focus and direction on your inner spiritual lens so that you will always be going in the most appropriate current direction.

You head the plane down the runway and take off. There you are flying in the Heavens. Oh you love to fly so much. You are beaming from ear to ear.  You realize after being up for a while that it is time to land again. You put the intent out, You click on the windshield wipers again and thump the compass so insure the more accurate coordinates to land the plane. 

Your Angels remind you when in doubt ask for assistance to clear what ever is the old lens of perception and refresh it with the current immediate picture that you are to be following.  

They suggest simply see this as the windshield wiper clearing your windshield, or a paint brush going over it with a fresh coat of paint.  

You think about this for a moment and realize that you’ve needed to do that a lot lately. You’ve been growing and growing but trying to always take the same old worn path over and over again. It has finally dawned on you that you must periodically clear that lens to be able to go in a more current direction to fulfill your mission.

You now understand that this is applicable in all areas of your life, you are never the same in any given moment, you have always changed, evolved and grown.  

This flying experience has been such a relief for you. You realize that you don’t need to constantly repeat something, it simply needs to be repainted or cleaned in order to put the new twist of change on the direction. 

You realized that you’ve grown since you‘ve gone through this experience so instead of just jumping out there and going down the wrong way again, you click on the windshield wipers one more time to clear the way.

There you tell yourself that is the most appropriate route to the hanger and off you go in sheer perfection. You reach the hanger and park the plane. You go back down the ramp stairs and find yourself back on the ground in front of the moving sidewalk again.

You hop on the moving sidewalk and continue to think about this clearing process and how that is going to assist you each moment to find the most accurate view of the current NOW situation or location. Before you know it you find yourself back in the White Marble Corridor.  

You catch a glimpse of your glowing Clearer Essence in the mirror before your Angels lead you back across the golden threshold door into your Spiritual Heart Chakra and then direct your spiritual Essence back into your physical form.  

Wiggle your fingers and toes and when ready open your eyes. Go about your day remembering that your Angelic support staff is always at your service working with you to help you reach your highest most appropriate potential.

Beloveds you are blessed beyond words and loved beyond measure more than any Earth Plane language can ever express.

I Am Archangel Michael, The Creator’s Messenger, of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace.


k 5th January 2009 12:22 am

Yes, the new year will be a year of freedom, releasing the bonds of this world and moving beyond. I am going to go home, my work is done. It is done.

Geethanjali 5th January 2009 9:11 am

Thank you Archangel Michael.I have been feeling your presense more strongly each passing day.The fact that you are protecting my loved ones, me and the whole of the earth has set me free in ways unimaginable.I have got freedom from worry and anxiety as each moment unfolds who I am ,in millions of different ways.
Thanks to all the channels too for bringing in the messages from the masters-messages of hope,love, joy and freedom, messages that help us remember our true nature and help us BE All That We Are.
Life is now one big adventure and each moment is about expressing my divinity.
With Light and love IAM


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