Carrie Hart

Carrie Hart

I was raised in a non-religious family and for the majority of my life, had no particular interest in spiritual exploration. Yet spirit came to me, unbidden.

One day I found myself in a bookstore, walking down the Religion & Spirituality aisle I had always avoided.  My hand reached out to a book called You Are Psychic, by Pete Sanders. I immediately sat down on the floor, right there in the aisle, and started reading.  Finally, I realized I needed to read this book, bought it, took it home and devoured it in one sitting.  And thus began my adventure into spirit, as I tried out the exercises and discovered a latent talent for intuitive hearing, the ability to ask a question and have the answer come in words inside my head.

I began to sit in the garden every morning, ask questions and get answers from what I called "my angels."  I then started getting messages for my girlfriends, and found that  they contained great advice with a new perspective I had never had.  And one day in 1995, while seeking advice for a friend in trouble, the answer came in a voice with more gravitas.  I asked who was speaking and got the answer:  “I am Quado.”  And now my spiritual journey began in earnest.

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