The Wolf Speaks of Oneness

The Wolf Speaks

As the wind blows and swirls around me, I am the wind.  As the moon shines above me, I am that moon and my howl is a howl of joy to be alive, standing on this mountain top, one with all that is.  As the snow banks pile up around me, I am the snowflake and the bank of snow.  As the summer sun beats down upon me, I am the heat and the sun and the parched earth, and I am the river that flows through and refreshes.  I am completely one with all that is this earth.

And the meaning of my life and the meaning of your life is to be one with this amazing experience as it actually is and unfolds, just taking it one step at a time, one day, one night, one event at a time, allowing everything to be as it is, sniffing the air to catch the perfume of the spring flowers and cuddling up with my fellows at night.

It is all amazing.  It is all a part of this life.  Every moment.  I am deeply within each moment as it passes.  I am keenly observant on all levels.  And most of all, I am one with mother earth, feeling her flowing within me.  Like a mother indeed, she nourishes me still, as I continue to move within her womb.

Quado, do you have anything to add?

The wolf is complete in his wisdom and knowing.  The meaning of this life on earth is to live it, to take each step in deep connection, feeling the earth as she flows within you, allowing that energy to become one with your own body and soul.

Embrace this energy of oneness with the earth and the wonder of this gift of life, embrace it with your heart and soul with each breath you take.  Give thanks for the wonder that is your life.


Judi J 1st May 2010 7:50 am

Wonderful. It truly is so simple. It is we the two leggeds that are so intent on making it difficult. We tend to miss the true meaning of the experience.

lisa marie 1st May 2010 9:47 pm

I am one with this message. I am one with the lovely rain I hear pouring out my window. and I am one with the sun whose embrace I wait for while it hides behind that wonderful ominous grey cloud. :laugh


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